How to Make a Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair

Are you tired of your kid’s toys being scattered all over the place? Do you just want your house to be clean and spotless?

Well, then you are in the right place! We will teach you how to make a stuffed animal bean bag chair. It becomes very easy to store all of the stuffed animals inside the bean bag chair once you’ve made it.

You can either do it with your child or engage your children in this delightful activity. Better yet, call all your child’s friends from school and have them make this chair.

To find out more, read on!

Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair

What Are the Uses of a Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair?

Of course, there have to be ways you can utilize this object if you are going to put so much time and effort into making it yourself. Don’t worry; there are plenty of reasons why you might need a stuffed animal bean bag chair at your home.

Here is a list of those reasons:

Storage Purposes

If you’re tired of seeing stuffed animals and other toys strewn all over the house, this is just the thing for you!

This oversize toy is great for storage as it can contain all types of toys and not just stuffed animals inside it. Besides, you can put blankets and quilts in it too.


As if storing isn’t an amazing use already, it also makes for an incredibly comfortable seat!

Place it in any part of a room as an added décor, and you’ll have an extra seat. You can take it to the terrace or a picnic too if you want.


The products you’ll use to DIY this chair will last a very long time, so you need not worry about the quality.

Use hypoallergenic and flame retardant fabric for long term use since it’ll mostly be around children’s reach. In this way, everybody can stay safe and secure at all times.


This is a wonderful thing to gift anyone on a special occasion.

You could either make it for them or make it with them. It keeps the house neat and tidy, plus you also get an extra chair. What more could you ask for from a toy?

All Sizes!

This is not only a toy for children to play with. Adults, teenagers, and toddlers – everyone can enjoy this unique type of chair.

How to Make a Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair

Now that we have convinced you that this is indeed a good and practical thing to have around, we will guide you through the entire process of making a bean bag chair, step by step.

Step 1: Gather All the Items

There are a few items you will need to do this, and it is very likely that you already have most of it at your house. First of all, this chair requires two types of fabric – upholstery fabric and fabric scrap. Then, you will need Velcro, foam/batting, a sewing machine, and scissors.

Step 2: Cut and Size

Cut your fabric according to it what size chair you want to make. Make sure to cut both types of fabric in the same dimensions and in rectangles.

Step 3: Layer up

Place one side of the upholstery fabric over the fabric scrap and use pins to keep these layers together without any movement.

Step 4: Sew

The seam allowance of a sewing pattern is just the area between the edge of the cloth and the stitching line. Use a somewhat less wide seam allowance to sew along the length of the fabric.

After you’re done with the first round of sewing, go back on the long side again and finally, sew the rest of the edges that are still rough. Sew all the sides except one because the foam will be put inside through that hole.

Step 5: Foam

Now it is time to add the foam to the fabric combination. You can do this by pushing the foam inside the one opening in between the fabric that you left unsewn.

Step 6: Sew Again

This time, you can sew the opening through which you put the foam. Merge the fabric scrap and upholstery fabric together for a fine all-around product. We highly recommend that you do all the sewing on a table.

Step 7: Finish with a Hem

In case you don’t know how to hem, do not worry because it is quite an easy task. Fold-down almost an inch of the fabric and sew all the way across it. It is important for you to keep your patience for this step because it can take some trial and error before you get it right.

Step 8: Attach Velcro

Attach one side of the Velcro alongside the hem and the other side of the Velcro on the opposite side of the hem.

Step 9: Start Stuffing

Gather all of the stuffed toys and start putting it all inside the newly made bean bag chair. Fill it up as much as you want and clear the space.

Step 10: Seal and Enjoy!

Lastly, seal it with Velcro. Now you can sit back and relax on this new chair in your clean room.

Make Your Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair Today!

Now that you know how to make a stuffed animal bean bag chair, no one can stop you from having an immaculate room. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and DIY this incredible and useful chair.

This makes cleaning rewarding and fun, even for children. All you need are a few items and enthusiasm to make this chair. Once it is made, who wouldn’t want to sit on it and relax? You can inspire other children to make it at their homes too.

No more mess! Now you and your kids can enjoy a clean room any time of the day.

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