6 Best Wooden High Chair Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Wooden High Chair

Your little ones deserve the best of everything, the best baby swings, bouncers, cribs, and of course, the best wooden highchairs. Why wooden you ask? Because they have multiple health benefits, are sturdy to use, and are visually very appealing. …

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The Best High Chair for Twins | Top 5 Picks

Best High Chair for Twins

Having twins means twice the blessing, twice the love to share, and twice the fun. But it also means double the feeding and cleaning when they transition into their solid food eating phase. Highchairs are a must for your little …

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When to Stop Using High Chair?

Removing Tray from IKEA High Chair

It is undeniable that keeping babies still when they are young is a rather difficult task, especially during meals. To help parents deal with the constant stress of worrying about their children falling over and hurting themselves, manufacturers came up …

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How To Tell Age Of Chair?

Cosco High Chair

Chairs are something that has been in our lives for centuries now. Back in the day, chairs signified a sign of power and respect. Therefore only the upper class of the society and the head of the family used to …

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How to Make a High Chair Banner?

High Chair Banner

Most of high chairs are generally made specifically for babies of around six months of age to sit on. The long legs of these chairs help keep your baby at the same level as your table-top so that you can …

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