7 Best Bean Bag Chairs | The Ultimate Buying Guide

The Best Bean Bag Chair

“Move along! I also want to enjoy its fluffiness.”

“It’s not fair. You never liked bean bag chairs anyways. What changed?”

“Well, I can see your funny little face and figured this must be crazily comfy.”

If you manage to buy the best bean bag chair available out there to keep your kids busy, you might get to hear this type of conversation now and then.

Now, we’ve done the research to spare you the trouble of browsing long hours. All you’ve got to do is go through this article real quick. We have the loveliest products for you. Check them out.    

7 Best Bean Bag Chair Reviews

The products are perfect in their ways. It wasn’t easy to rank them. So, you can be the judge whether we've placed them appropriately on the list or not.

1. Sofa Sack - Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

When a renowned brand shows up with comfort and beauty in one product, you got to have a look at it and see if it’s worth the money. We did so, and here we are saying that it’s the best option out there.

The incredible chair is devoid of any bean, though. And that’s the most amazing thing about it. It’s the memory foam that went into making it. Thus you get comfort.

Moreover, I was mesmerized by the abundance of color options. Your choosy little ones will have no choice but to adore more than one, be it aquamarine, chocolate, or any other.

What about the durability then? Glad you asked. The chair contours your weight wonderfully, which makes it a long-lasting possession. And manufacturers have been brilliant in choosing the foam stuffing along with velvet encasing it. What’s more, you will appreciate the double stitching the furniture comes with.

I love the dimensions too. Yes, one cannot be happier to sit comfortably 24 inches off the ground. Such height makes it perfect for kids and adults to enjoy. At 36x36 inches, the size of the chair is also perfect. Moreover, it’s pretty lightweight. So, moving it around is going to be fun.

Now, only if one user didn't find it "extremely difficult" to break up the foam. Also, another customer complained of the inconsistency of the product's quality. And the material was flattening another user too much.


  • Memory foam offers extreme durability
  • Multiple eye-catching colors to choose from
  • Contours your weight wonderfully
  • Foam stuffing along with velvet encasing it


  • Difficult to break up the foam for one user

2. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Are you looking for a fluffy bean bag for your living room? Then check this one out, for it comes with a huge sack. This is crazily big, I know.

Apart from the vast space to cuddle, you have memory foam as the material to cherish. This material is known to retain the shape of the chair for a considerably long time. Therefore, if durability is your concern, then be so no more.

Now, the best feature of this item is the cover it comes with. If you like your stuff soft when touched, you will be overwhelmed with joy upon feeling its softness. Also, we are dealing with a machine washable cover over here. So, the convenience is there. Moreover, it will resist stains.

However, one user was annoyed when he received a cover full of tears. Another user would’ve loved more foam in it. And he wasn’t alone in thinking this way. Nevertheless, when you get a chair with a cover that resists discoloration, you should consider buying it.


  • The memory foam retains the shape of the chair for considerably long
  • The extreme softness of the cover
  • Resist stain remarkably
  • Resists discoloration


  • More than one user would’ve loved more foam in it

3. Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair

If convenience is something you long for, you should love the next product on the list. Firstly, you will be delighted to find it stain-resistant. Then the water resistance it shows will impress you. Finally, there’s the easy cleaning method it requires. Only pick up a clean and damp cloth, and the rest will be fun.

A special feature I want to talk about is the handle it comes with. You might not find it to be significant first, but you will do when you have to carry the bag from one room to another. And even a child can move it around, thanks to the lightness it offers.

Moreover, to ensure durability, manufacturers have decided to double stitch it. And a good job they’ve done. Also, there’s a pair of safety locking zippers sealing the bag for additional safety. And yes, it’s pure beans this time, if that’s the material you are looking for. Also, it’s refillable.

Now, one user had to deal with the busting of seams twice. And the seller replaced them both. Another user found it under-filled. After a while of using it, the chair became too flat for him. And this is an opinion another buyer shares. Moreover, another one couldn’t fluff it up no matter what.


  • Delightfully stain-resistant along with impressive water resistance
  • Very easy to clean the cover
  • A handle to carry the bag from one room to another
  • To ensure durability, double-stitched along with locking zippers


  • A user found it inadequately filled

4. Cozy Sack 3-8 Feet Bean Bag Chair

If you cannot stand irregular fills, we have a product that will please you the most. Yes, this chair comes with very consistent filling all over, thanks to the smoothness of the strands used. And what’s also awesome is that unlike any cheap option, this chair comes with 100-percent foam devoid of anything hard.

Another worth mentioning feature is the durable liner. It protects the chair from any damage. When you deem it proper, you can clean the liner without any difficulty in removing it. And if there are any spills, you can always use a machine to wash the fabric.

The item comes with various eye-catching color options. And the size of it is also comfortable whether it’s a 6-feet one or an 8-feet one. Now, we were astonished to go through one particular review. The reviewer wouldn’t settle down for any other words than “blob” to describe the vastness of this thing.

So, the chair will be perfect for you if you like to share your happiness with your loved ones. Now, one user wasn’t ready to call it a bean bag chair. He was expecting something that will “conform and adjust to the pressure”, not a “heavy, lumpy, and impossible-to-adjust for comfort” chair.


  • Consistent filling all over, thanks to the smoothness of the strands used
  • 100-percent foam devoid of anything hard
  • The durable liner protects the chair from any damage
  • Incredible vastness makes you consider it as a blob


  • Heavy and lumpy for a user

5. CordaRoy's Chenille Bean Bag Chair

Here’s a big comfy bed you should love to sleep on. Wait a minute, wasn’t this article about chairs? Yes, we also got confused upon seeing the size of this giant chair. And the manufacturers have highly impressed us with the convertibility it provides.

What I also like is that the cover is easy to wash. You can machine wash it and then put it in a dryer to get the job done in a jiffy. As if that’s not wonderful enough, the cover had to be woven-backed and amazingly soft. And to turn it into a bed, you only need to remove its cover and then flip the inner cushion.

Moreover, it comes with a strong zipper that seems to be bigger than necessary. But when you start removing the cover, you understand the wisdom behind choosing such length for the zipper. Now, what about the foam? Well, it will support you nicely, at the least.

However, things would’ve been nicer if one user didn’t complain of inconsistency. The chair refused to expand even after 48 long hours, which wasn’t the case in his first purchase of the same product.

And multiple users have stated that the foaming wasn’t adequate. It flattened them. They didn’t dare to use it as a bed either.


  • Can be converted into a bed
  • The cover is machine-washable and easy to wash
  • A strong zipper with the added length
  • The cover is woven-backed and amazingly soft


  • Multiple users have stated that the foaming wasn’t adequate

6. Sofa Sack Soft Bean Bags Chairs For Teens and Adults

If you cannot stand the long wait before your chair turns into a perfectly fluffed bean bag couch, then this product should delight you. For, we are talking about only a day of waiting over here. Yes, apart from a considerably spacious surface, the model offers a fast filling time.

The sack will provide ample space for an adult to enjoy sitting on. What’s more, manufacturers have chosen the infamous memory foam to be the material of this item, hence the durability.

I also love the colors the product comes in. Any of these will give a lovely feeling to your drawing-room. Moreover, you will find the cover to be nicely soft. And if you love your stuff lightweight, then you are in the right place, too.

However, one customer thought that the chemical used in making the bag might be harmful to allergic patients. And his bag didn't fluff up in 24 hours. It took much longer. Another user found it flattening too quickly than he anticipated. He also had a problem with the softness of the chair.


  • A considerably spacious surface
  • Amazingly softcover
  • A fast-filling time
  • Quite lightweight to easily move around


  • A user found it flattening too quickly

7. Big Joe Large Fuf with Removable Washable Cover

We aren’t going to wrap this up until we have talked about this wonderful bean bag chair. The best thing about it is the awesome cover it comes with. A top-class fabric has been used in making it. Also, the choice of foam is quite appreciable. You will find the fluffiness durable enough.

What I also like is the little handle the item comes with. Often we find the sofa sacks giving the users a hard time moving them around. That won’t be the case here with the handle in place. What’s also worth mentioning is the easy cleaning this product demands. Yes, the cover is washable and easily removable.

Now, what’s the length of this thing? Well, you are looking at 4 feet of extreme coziness. However, it's important that you re-fur the sack frequently so that you are mesmerized by its cushiness every time. And like most of the options out there, this one takes a week in expanding to all its glory.

As for drawbacks, one customer found the stuffing to be inadequate. Also, another user thought that the filling wasn’t enough to hold you up. It flattened very easily. And another lady stated that it was lumpy for her.


  • An awesome cover; top-class fabric has been used
  • The foam makes the fluffiness durable enough
  • A handle to carry with ease
  • 4 feet of extreme coziness


  • One customer found the stuffing to be inadequate

How to Choose the Right Bean Bag Chair

To enjoy the utmost comfort, you need to choose your bean bag chair carefully. And that will be possible only after considering a few factors that play major roles in making a product great. We are going to discuss them elaborately so that there remains no chance of messing up with the purchase.

Size: Never Too Small

Don’t get bored seeing the factor we’ve chosen to begin the buying guide with. For, we’ve seen many a case where the whole purchase went bitter because the buyers couldn’t get the right size. Yes, you need to take this seriously unless you don’t mind a sore buttock every once in a while!

So, what’s the correct size for kids? Well, if you are raising only one cute baby, you should aim for an around 30-inch chair. Yes, this way, the little one won’t think of the bag to be too bulky. And if it’s for young adults, then a 40-50 inch chair should be perfect.

But if it was me, I would never settle down unless they gave me a good 60-70 inch bag chair. Why? I love to share my sofa sack with my beloved ones; that’s why. Yes, such a chair should provide enough space for two adults. However, if you buy anything over 70 inches, you have a good family time to cherish.


Yes, the question you should ask yourself is how you are planning to use the bean bag. You see, when the market offers you chair-come-beds, it’s too tempting to ignore. However, not many products will offer you such luxury.

And not everyone wants the chair to be anything more than what it is. Now, if you buy a chair that turns into a bed, make sure that the bed will be fluffy enough to make you happy.

Because when a product has some additional uses, it often turns out that it’s not very good at serving other purposes than the main one. So, do not be convinced by mere claims. Go through the customer reviews if you want to buy such a product with double uses.

Cover: The Beauty Factor

Bean bag chairs are not all about enjoying a warm evening sitting back. Rather, it serves the purpose of decorating the interior of a fine-looking house. And the main feature that plays an important role in beautifying the sofa sack is the cover. It needs to be delightfully gorgeous.

Now, we didn’t have any problem with the color options of the products we reviewed. They all were as elegant as they come. So, it shouldn’t be a big deal to find an eye-catching model.

Another crucial factor is the type of fabric. The cotton covers are very easy to clean. You will find some of them to be machine washable. The same goes for twill covers. Therefore, if you have pets inside the house that are nothing less than spoiled, then twill or cotton could be the best option.

As for leather covers, nothing can beat them when it comes to the loveliness of appearance. They redefine the interior design. And if you are a barbecue lover, you might want to choose a stain-resistant cover considering the possibility of spills and all.


You cannot even think about buying a bean bag chair if it doesn’t contain a nice liner. I mean, who in his right mind would be cool with removing the filling of the bag every time there’s a need for cleaning? No one, I think. And this is why you should check out if the item you like comes with one.


It all comes down to comfort. If the chair doesn't provide coziness, then what good is it? And to make sure that you have a pleasant experience with the sofa sack, you must look for an option that comes with adequate filling. For, no one likes the cold floor hitting their buttocks when they've spent bucks on the chair. Check out more filling info

The Benefit of Bean Bag Chair

You don’t feel like standing up leaving the warm, dreamy chair of coziness – if I were to state this as the only benefit, it would've sufficed. But I decided to talk elaborately on this matter. Once you get to know the benefit, there will be few things left on the green planet to hold you back anymore.

Serves Multiple Purposes

Because of their gorgeous and friendly appearance, you can use bean bags anywhere. Be it the dorm room or the office – nothing can beat the suitability a bean bag comes with. What’s also great is that they are of various sizes ranging from 20 inches-80 inches usually.

So, if you want to keep your little one entertained, a bean bag with a packet of chips will save you the day. Also, brands produce chairs for kids, teens, and adults, and sometimes name the products accordingly to make things simpler.

And when it comes to color, once you go through the options, it feels like you’ve opened a baby’s color book. Yes, that much diversity! Moreover, we’ve come to know that photographers nowadays prefer bean bags over their tripod stands. As surprising as it may sound, the chairs provide more flexibility!

Easily Movable

Bean bags mostly do not weigh too much. Thus they are easy to adjust and move around the house. Unlike sofas, you can pick the bags up and make a small journey up the stairs to admire a starry night. And you know the value of such convenience when your bones aren't that young.

Also, if you want your kids to have an active life, making them push the chair from one place to another for you sounds like a good idea.

Easy to Clean

We've talked earlier about how some products are fun to clean. That's because bean bags come with removable covers most of the time. And nothing can make the lady of the house happier than low-maintenance furniture, right?

Especially when you have a bunch of little flowers going wild inside the house, then buying easy-to-clean stuff is the way to go. And did I mention there’s no assembly involved!?

Relieves Stress

Yes, you read it right. Along with many other health benefits, a bean bag will make you want to sit for hours, thus reducing the burden of works. With furniture that is not flexible, people very often suffer from back pain and such. But, with this soft chair of cushiness, there will be no more body aches.

Difference between Bean Bag with Beans and without Beans

There are significant differences between the two types of beans; hence we find the brands choose the materials so diversely. The first difference lies in durability. You will find the bean bags with beans less durable than the other type.

And that’s why we recommend memory foam for those who want long-lasting couches. We’ve reviewed multiple products that come with materials other than beans, especially for people with pets. The ones with beans cannot withstand the scratching.

Another difference involves the customizability of the bags. With the ones without beans inside, you can customize the chair the way you like.

Also, if you are having trouble with insects around the house, you need to go for synthetic bean bags such as a polystyrene one. This way, there will be no growth of insects or bacteria. And this is something very important for people living in humid areas.

Now, which one of the two is more comfortable? The answer goes in favor of beans. Yes, they offer extreme coziness. This is because such bags expand nicely and fluff up perfectly. If you are buying a bag with memory foam, then you might not enjoy such comfort.

So, both types of bags have their benefits to offer. You need to buy the one that suits your taste and style. And no matter the type of material you choose, the interior of your house will look fabulous with the right choice of color.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best bean bag chairs:

Are bean bag chairs worth it?

I would say yes. Whenever you are not having any use of it, you can store it away easily. Also, the comfort it provides is extraordinary. And its lightness is too precious not to appreciate it.

Does Costco sell bean bag chairs?

Of course, it does. Not just any ordinary bean bags, you will find pretty big ones available for you. Costco also never fails to provide sizes and colors as the customers demand. So, if you are an old client, it’s time you paid a visit to your trusted shop/website.

How much does a bean bag chair cost?

The price ranges from 70-300 dollars, usually. While a small-sized chair will save you some bucks, a large one will provide you with ample space and cost you a little more in the process. And it’s only understandable that an ordinary chair won’t give you the satisfaction a premium one would.

Why are bean bag chairs so expensive?

You are right; sometimes, the product seems outrageously expensive. Brands usually make a limited number of items at times. It has something to do with designer products. So, to make up for the production expenses, they demand a bit higher price than anticipated.

Does IKEA sell bean bag chairs?

Yes, it does. And once you check out its store, you will be pleased with the beautiful pieces of bean bag chairs it has chosen to sell. However, compared to some other types of chairs, it has a small collection of bean bags. But it will be worth giving it a try if you can find a nice-looking chair there.

What kinds of beans are used in bean bags?

Here's a surprising fact – many bean bags have anything but beans as their material! Yes, we've seen memory foam so frequently that made us raise our brows at the name 'bean bag". However, some chairs are made of beans, peas, white, Lima, or kidney beans.

How much weight can a bean bag hold?

It’s difficult to tell the definite capacity. Depending on the size, the weight capacity will vary. However, as a rough estimation, I would say something around 200-220 kg maximum. Now, we’ve seen some massive bean bag chairs out there, which might be capable of carrying more.


That was fun. So, now that we have poured our valuable information in this review, you should be able to buy the best bean bag chair with confidence. And if you are still unsure, why not go through the pros and cons real quick once again?

However, I would suggest that you go for the Sofa Sack - Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair, for it’s a perfect combination of comfort and beauty.

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