How to refill a bean bag chair? Step by Step Guide

bean bag refill

Bean bag chairs are fun; they make a great addition to any comfortable room or lounge until they get worn down. It's true; bean bag chairs have a lifespan. 

Eventually, the seat won't offer the same comfort that it once did. Once this happens, your first thought may be to throw out your once-comfortable chair, but that doesn't need to be the case. With this instruction, you will soon know how to refill a bean bag chair on your own, and you can save and reuse your comfortable seat.

Step by Step Instruction

1. Ready your materials

First, you will need to get your materials. To refill your bean bag, you need a large amount of filling to replace the filling that has gone flat in the chair. There are several materials you can choose from for your bean bag. 

The best material for you depends on what you want. EPS beads are perfect because they are affordable and lightweight.

Others prefer compressed foam because it is more comfortable-- it gives your chair a memory foam feel. There are many other materials that are suitable as well.

2. Open the Bean Bag Chair

First, locate the zipper on the cover of the bean bag chair. Unzip and remove the cover entirely. Then, you should only have the inner layer, the layer that contains the filling of the bean bag chair.

Unzip this layer cautiously; you don't want the old filling to spill. Depending on what the old filling was, there are different ways to dispose of it. You can reuse or recycle many of the different types of fillings for bean bags.

More specific instructions are available for the different materials that bean bags are commonly filled with.

3. Attach the funnel

In order to pour in your new filling, you will likely need a funnel for ease of use. It doesn't have to be expensive; in fact, you can probably use a home-made funnel made from objects that you already have around the house.

Once you have your funnel, attach it securely to the empty inner lining of your bean bag chair. If possible, grab a friend or family member to help you keep the funnel securely set in the liner so none of your filling spills.

If some of the filling does spill, you can use a typical vacuum cleaner to vacuum up the material that spilled.

4. Fill the chair

Next, open your bag of new filling and steadily pour it into the empty lining of your bean bag chair. Here is when a friend may come in handy. When your bag of materials arrives or is purchased, you may notice that it is a large bag.

That is why it may help to have a friend to help you manage the large bag while you pour the loose material into the bean bag liner. As you fill, don't fill the liner all the way. A full bean bag is much less comfortable, and when the bag is all the way full, there is extreme pressure on the seams of the bean bag chair.

Your best bet is to fill the liner about two-thirds of the way full. Not to mention, this will allow you to save extra material for the next time you have to refill the liner.

5. Finish

Finally, it's time to zip up your liner. Some liners include zipper locks to keep the zipper closed when it is full of loose material. If your zipper has a lock, relock it. Next, you have your bean bag chair cover.

If it has been a couple of months since the last wash, you may want to throw the cover into the washing machine before you put it back on the bean bag. Once it's washed, you can replace the cover, and you are all done will refilling your bean bag chair. Congratulations.


Some tips you may want to consider while refilling your bean bag chair:

  • Keep your bean bag chair and the extra filling material in a cool, dark place, so the material doesn't get moldy or damp.
  • If you want to give your bean bag chair a facelift, purchase or make a new bean bag cover.
  • Make sure to dispose of the large bag that contained the filling material safely and quickly-- plastic bags can be dangerous for children and pets.
  • Refill your bean bag chair on a tile or linoleum floor in case the filling does spill; it is much easier to vacuum off a hard floor than carpet.
  • Remove static from inside of your bean bag chair by sprinkling a small amount of baby powder in with the filling as you refill your bean bag.


And with that, you'll have your favourite chair back in no time. No longer will you have to buy new chairs every few months when your chair loses comfort. Not only does refilling your chair saves your seat, but it also decreases waste and saves money.

Once you know the steps and tips on how to keep your bean bag, it's relatively easy to restore your chair to its former glory, and you'll be sitting in comfort in no time.

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