How to Use Zero Gravity Chair And Benefits

Are Zero Gravity Chairs Good for Your Back

The most important furniture item you can buy for someone with a busy schedule is a zero gravity chair. Although the name suggests it has something to do with space, it is actually just a chair that helps improve well-being by minimizing stress.

They were essentially made for astronauts, but due to its fantastic benefits it has to offer both our physical and mental health, it is now available to anyone. It is designed to evenly distribute your weight across the chair.

By the end of this article, you will be familiar with how to use a zero gravity chair on your own. Keep scrolling and find out more!

What Are the Benefits of a Zero Gravity Chair?

A zero gravity chair is not only an attractive addition to your living or office room; it also has numerous benefits. They are:

Benefit 1: Good Posture

The main role of this chair is to make its users feel weightless. Your back will be fully in contact with the chair so you can feel an intense massage. It keeps the spine in its neutral position instead of putting too much pressure on it. All your pressure points and tension areas are taken care of.

Benefit 2: Proper Circulation

Physicians across the globe agree that the zero gravity position is the healthiest way to sit because it boosts smooth circulation in your body. This is especially required for people with back pain since it gives much-needed relief. 

Benefit 3: Muscle Relief

In many cases, we are straining our muscles by not sitting or standing properly. The zero gravity position provides muscle relief and heals any previous discomfort. Besides, it stimulates blood vessels, which make pumping blood to different parts of the body easier.

Benefit 4: Minimize Stress

As our lives become more and more fraught with stress, we need something that will relieve us of all the tension. All the functions of zero gravity chairs are curated to serve this purpose seamlessly. Give your eyes a break from staring at a screen and take some moment away from work to sit on this chair.

Benefit 5: Increases Lung Capacity

It effectively improves the functions of your lungs as the muscles become more elastic. You can then inhale more oxygen in a shorter amount of time.

Benefit 6: Relaxation

Using a zero gravity chair undoubtedly sends your mind and body into a state of sheer relaxation that is second to none. Moreover, it helps prevent injury by improving the spine.

Benefit 7: Portable

This is perhaps the most practical benefit when it comes to the day-to-day use of a zero gravity chair. It is easy to fold and carry anywhere. Furthermore, it is a great addition to any part of the room or outside it.

How to Use the Zero Gravity Chair

These chairs are designed to assume the natural shape of our body to provide full lumbar support. Sitting in front of the desk for long periods of time can be damaging to your spine due to the slow but repetitive forces of gravity. Thus, they are ideal for people with a hectic schedule or health issues.

Here are the steps to using a zero gravity chair accurately:

Step 1: Setting up 

First and foremost, take the chair out of the box. You will find that it is in a folded position. Next, try to locate the locking mechanism, which is under the front of the armrest. Make sure that it is in a “down” position, and you can loosen the tension on the screw to your own preference.

Now hold back the frame and the front of the armrest and separate them by gently pulling them apart. It is fully opened when the chair is in an upright position.

Step 2: Prepare the Pillow

At the end of the straps, you will find a couple of tiny holes. There is a bungee cord in the box. Use it to thread it across the holes.

Be sure to release the rear of the bungee cord so the metal end can rest against the holes in the pillow. Wrap the pillow with the cord and thread the bungee across the rest of the pillow. Once you have done that, adjust the pillow to a position that is convenient for you.

Step 3: Recline the Chair

It is almost ready for use! Lean back on the recliner with your back fully in contact with the back of the chair. Rest your hands on the armrest. Put your feet on the footrest bar.

Push the footrest bar forwards and upwards simultaneously until the chair reclines to your suitable position.

Step 4: Locking the Chair

Once you are sure of the reclined position, you can now lock it so it will stay put.

To do this, flip the locks under the armrest upwards until they are firmly locked. To check whether it has been locked, shift your weight slightly. If the chair remains in its position, you have successfully put together your chair.

Step 5: Dealing with Problems

Despite locking the chair, it might sometimes refuse to stay in one position.

For those times, check and recheck your screws on each side of the armrests. The problem usually arises if the screws are not tightened or when the chair has worn out.

Step 6: Putting It Back

Disengage both the locks under the front part of the armrest by pushing them downwards. The locks will be released within a few seconds, and you can then fold it to a smaller size.

In some zero gravity chairs, there is an option for a finger lock. Simply locking and unlocking it is enough to open and close the chair.

Step 7: Maintenance

If you use the chair on a regular basis, it will most likely get dirty. In order to keep it clean, use a brush to dust away any crumbs and vacuum cleaner for a deeper cleanse.

Do remember to clean under the pillow. You can also use fabric cleaner to disinfect the chair every once in a while.

Use Zero Gravity Chair Today!

You do not want to miss out on a chair of this caliber. It is a chair for everyone, whether they have issues or just want to experience some relaxation. Spending a few minutes each day on this chair can alleviate physical problems and enhance emotional well-being drastically.

Unlike traditional chairs, these chairs can be taken anywhere - outdoors or indoors - because its fabric is both waterproof and UV-resistant. Not only is there less strain on your spinal cord, your heart and lungs also work better when you use this chair.

Now that you know how to use a zero gravity chair, do not let stress and fatigue bring you down. Give yourself the pleasure of the ultimate comfort!

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