About Us

It is a popular phrase that the average human spends one third of their day sleeping. Yet no one seems to talk about how much time we spend sitting down. Many of us have heard phrases such as “sitting is the new smoking”, but why is that?

Is it because we sit down too much and exercise too little, or is it because the chairs we sit in are not comfortable enough and aren’t built for our bodies and the things we like to do?

We think it’s a little bit of both which is why we try to cover all things chair at the SittingRex.com site. Not only do we review and rate new chairs, chair styles, and chair materials, but we also cover all of the activities that one can do in a chair.

When we think of chairs we usually think of something that you can put your body in and do nothing, but there are many activities one can do in a chair. Did you know that you can exercise in a chair? How about board games, how long has it been since you’ve played one of those?

We like to make sure that you have all the information you need to enjoy your life in a chair. Not only do we review chairs here, we review chair accessories such as tables, desks both sitting and standing, and exercise equipment that you can use with your chair if you would like to do that.

Just because you like to spend time in a chair does not mean that you do not enjoy living life. In fact, many of our most memorable moments happen in chairs. It was in chairs that we saw our favorite team make the game-winning point, and it was also in shares that we heard our elders, stories that were meant to help us in life.

We believe that chairs are more than just something to sit down in, they are meant to be observed through, and we make sure we cover every way that is possible in this blog.You may be asking yourself, how can the chair be so meaningful?

We asked ourselves this too. As we were asking this, we wrote down the answers that we came up with in a chair. When you read this, you will more than likely be in a chair. This is why we do not just review chairs, but if you only want chair reviews they will be organized for you on another page of our site.

Have you any question? Feel free to contact with us.