How to Unzip Big Joe Bean Bag Chair?

Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

Have you come across a bean bag chair with no handle on the zipper? If you recently bought your first Big Joe bean bag chair, you may be worried that it came with some defect. However, we can confidently say that it is no defect or mistake from the manufacturer.

There are regulations on how to manufacture bean bags that are children-safe. The tab that should make it easy to open bean bags gets omitted by manufacturers intentionally. Therefore, you must learn alternative ways on how to unzip big joe bean bag chair.

This handy guide will help you learn how to unzip your Big Joe bean bag chair effortlessly. Keep reading to find out how.

Simple Steps to Open A Big Joe Bean Bag Zipper

As mentioned earlier, opening a bean bag chair can be a trickier thing than you can expect. But you will need to open it regularly for refilling and cleaning. The primary tool you can use to open a bean bag zipper is a paper clip or corn cob holder.

Here are simple steps to follow when opening your bean bag zipper.

1. Check the zipper head.

First off, you need to check the zipper head before you start to unzip the bean bag. The zipper head has a small hole in the center, where the handle usually gets attached. It is necessary to check out if there is such a hole.

However, every bean bag, including Big Joe's, comes with this hole to make unzipping easy. There has to be an issue with the bean bag if it lacks a hole on the zipper head. You can request a return as it can be challenging to try opening a zipper that lacks this hole.

2. Find a paper clip or corn cob holder.

A paper clip or corn cob holder is going to be your primary tool here. There are many reasons why these two are considered the best tools for opening bean bag zippers. For instance, a paper clip does not require any lubricant to open a zipper easily.

Besides, you do not need to apply too much force when opening a zipper using a paper clip or a corn cob holder. Both are comfortable to use, and you can quickly move the zipper up and down without a problem after the first attempt. In general, you will not find opening a bean bag easy without any of these tools.

3. Insert the paper clip

Although the zipper comes without a handle, the manufacturer still ensures the space that the handle should occupy remains. That is to ensure that you can unzip it easily with whatever alternative tool you find. In our case, we are using a paper clip or corn cob holder.

Well, here you will insert the paper clip to the hole in the zipper. Or insert it to the space left on the zipper by the missing handle. You will notice how easy the zipper will start moving once you insert the paper clip.

It would be best if you were sure that you are inserting the paper clip from the right side as doing so on the wrong side can make it difficult to open. Most people get stuck with opening bean bags even with the right tool because of poor techniques. It is essential to follow the correct steps when attaching the paper clip.

4. Use the paper clip to pull the zipper.

The last step is trying to unzip the bean bag and seeing whether it works. As mentioned earlier, this tool should make opening the bean bag a simple task. Therefore, you do not need too much force to open the zipper once you follow the correct steps when inserting the paper clip.

Once inserted, you need to pull the paper clip's straightened side back inside before starting to open it. Doing so will help you have a pull tab to open the zipper easily. Once you finish, you can then pull the zipper back and remove the paper clip to ensure no one else opens it.

Reasons to Keep Your Big Joe Bean Bag Zipped

Most people do not understand why it is necessary to keep bean bags zipped. Besides being one of the regulations given to manufacturers in different jurisdictions, users also need to keep their bags zipped for various reasons.

Children play a lot and with anything close to their reach. It can be dangerous if bean bags are among what they can find in their playing spaces. Babies, especially in their crawling stage, can easily crawl into a bean bag and find it difficult to get out of it.

As you know, it can be difficult for a baby to breathe while stuck in a bean bag. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that the bean bag remains zipped. You also need to ensure it is out of the reach of children. Manufacturers avoid putting handles on the zippers to make it difficult for children to open these bags.

Another thing to remember is that bean bags come with small polystyrene beads. These beads contain chemicals that could affect your kids if they inhale them. Leaving an open or easy to unzip bean bag near kids under three years can make them inhale from these beads and get choked.

Final Verdict

All bean bags come with features meant to ensure child safety. These features are necessary to protect kids from hazardous pellets found in the bags and suffocation. Since it is essential to clean and refill your bean bag, there has to be a way to open and safely close it.

The steps in this guide are supposed to help you open your bean bag whenever you need to. That is especially when cleaning or refilling it. The tips in this article will make it easy to open your Big Joe bean bag effortlessly. It is also essential that you zip it up after cleaning or refilling to keep it out of children’s reach.

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