How to Clean a Bean Bag Chair? A Beginner Guide

Cleaning a Bean Bag Chair

As amazingly comfortable and relaxing bean bag chairs are, they aren’t immune to getting dirty. If you want to keep your bean bag chair looking and feeling great, you will want to clean it from time to time.

Due to how a bean bag chair is, some people might be confused about how to go about cleaning it. Don’t worry, as this guide will explain how to clean a bean bag chair as well as offer some tips for cleaning your bean bag chair.

Tools Required to Clean a Bean Bag Chair

First, let us list some tools that will help with the cleaning process of your chair. The tools you will need are:

Bag or Container

Bean bags contain the filling, and some of the fillings used to not react well with water, which makes it impossible to clean a bean bag unless you take out the filling first. You can use a plastic bag or any kind of container to contain the fillings and store it until you can put it back after cleaning the bags.

Cleaning Brush

You’ll need a soft-bristled cleaning brush for dusting the bean bag covers. It’s recommended to use a soft-bristled one to avoid damaging the cover material. If there is a lot of dust on the bean bag, you can opt to use a vacuum cleaner but be careful when using it.

Cleaning Cloth

A soft cleaning cloth is quite helpful for cleaning the covers. It can be used for cleaning or drying the covers or to remove stains with the help of a stain remover.

Stain Remover

If your outer bean bag cover has stains on it, you might need to make use of a stain remover to rid it of stains.

Laundry Detergent

Make sure the laundry detergent you’re using is bleach-free. A washing machine and some laundry detergent is a good way to clean the covers of your bean bag chair.

Leather Conditioner

This is a necessary tool to have if your bean bag cover is made out of leather. Leather conditioners help maintain the leather and are an immense help in keeping them looking clean.

How to Clean a Bean Bag Chair: Preparation

Before you can go into cleaning the beanbag chair, some preparatory steps are needed to be taken. These steps include:

  • Remove the cover of your bean bag.
  • Open the zipper of your inner bean bag.
  • Deposit the filling of your inner bean bag into a container or bag and seal it.

After separating the covers and depositing the filling, you can begin the soft cleaning.

Soft Cleaning

This step of the cleaning process is recommended for all types of covers regardless of what material is used to make the cover. And this part of the process mainly consists of removing dust on the bean bag chair and getting rid of any stains.

  • Get your cleaning brush and start dusting the bags. This helps to remove both dust and any hair that might happen to fall on the cover. If you want to speed up the process, you can use a vacuum cleaner or dust remover.
  • After dusting, you should check for any stains on the cover. For those stains, apply the stain remover.
  • Once you applied the stain remover, use a cleaning cloth dabbed in cold water to remove any small traces.

If you’ve done this properly, you’ll have gotten rid of most of the dust and any stains on the cover. The next step you can take will differ based on what material your cover is made from. Let’s look at some of the possible things you can do.

Cleaning a Cotton or Cloth Cover

It’s easy to clean cotton or cloth cover bean bag as you can easily put it into a washing machine for cleaning. It’s recommended you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning the cover, which should be available in a tag. The steps to cleaning these are:

  • Put the cover into a washing machine. If you don’t have the manufacturer’s instructions, the safest route to go with is to use bleach-free detergent and cold water.
  • Once you’ve finished washing the cover, take it out and begin rinsing it. Make sure to remove any traces of detergent or soap.
  • After rinsing, you should then let the cover dry properly.
  • Once dried, you can reassemble the bean bag chair and put the fillings back in place.

Cleaning a Vinyl Cover

Vinyl covers are common, and the main difference is that you won’t use a washing machine to clean it. The steps to cleaning a vinyl cover are:

  • After the soft cleaning, lay the cover down somewhere where you can clean it.
  • Use warm water and detergent to make a cleaning solution.
  • Make use of a soft cleaning cloth and the cleaning solution to clean the vinyl cover. Ensure that you have properly cleaned every part of it.
  • Rinse the cover to remove any traces of the cleaning solution. Once rinsed properly, you can let the cover dry.
  • After drying the cover, you can reassemble the bean bag chair back together.

Cleaning a Plush Cover

Bean bag chairs with plush covers are popular, but they are also difficult to clean. It’s very easy to ruin the smooth, elegant look, so you need to be careful and patient with your cleaning. The steps to cleaning it are:

  • Use some water to initially moist the cover.
  • Get a soft cleaning cloth or rag and begin rubbing on the cover. This will remove the dust and stains. If needed, you can use a stain remover for tough stains.
  • After this, use a hairbrush and brush the cover.

Cleaning a Leather Cover

Leather covers look great, but they require greater maintenance. You’ll want to dust the cover as much as you can and regularly apply some leather conditioner. Wipe the leather conditioner with a clean and dry cloth. If possible, avoid staining and using stain removers as it can ruin the leather.


We hope that you found this guide on how to clean a bean bag chair helpful. It’s recommended you do some soft cleaning regularly to keep dust off and do a good cleaning once a year. This will ensure your bean bag chair remains in top condition and feels great to sit on.

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