How Does a Zero-Gravity Chair Work?

How Does a Zero-Gravity Chair Work

Zero-gravity chairs have been around for a while because of their impeccable skill of defying gravity. With a zero-gravity chair, you’ll experience a relaxing state of equilibrium and excellent balance.

These chairs are also very beneficial for health as they provide excellent support for your back and spine.

They are remarkable for people suffering from nerve damage, spine issues, and other health conditions related to posture. Although they are so popular, you may face problems with their working mode. So, if you're wondering how does a zero-gravity chair work, you've come to the right place!

We’ve shared how they work and benefit your health in the discussion below.

What Is Zero-Gravity?

Zero-gravity, in simple terms, is a position where you can defy gravity. In such a position, you attain a state where no force of gravity acts on the body. It is quite similar to the situation in which astronauts are suspended when taking off for space missions.

A zero-gravity chair is a kind of chair designed to recline the body into a neutral position and distribute the body weight evenly over the chair.

The zero-gravity chair also allows you to secure your preferred positions, including the full recline through a locking system. This trait makes the chair a very versatile piece of furniture for your health aspect.

It is essential for patients suffering from nerve damage, back pain, and other health-related conditions.

Types of Zero-Gravity Chair

Zero-gravity chairs come in different types and with various basic features. Among the types, massage zero-gravity chairs and indoor and outdoor zero-gravity chairs are common and widespread.

Massage Zero-Gravity Chairs 

They are designed with material that is perfectly suited for home massage. These chairs are equipped with wide seating, padded head cushion, and soft footrest. And these features are responsible for relaxing the body through a full massage.

Indoor Zero-Gravity Chairs 

These are made with the perfect material for relaxing, better sleeping, and patients with spine problems. Also, these chairs are built with breathable fabric and added padding to ensure a peaceful lying position.

Outdoor Zero-Gravity Chairs

On the other hand, outdoor zero-gravity chairs are made with waterproof material and padding that allows you to use outdoors. These chairs work for all kinds of outdoor pursuits, from swimming pools to camping trips.

No matter what kind of zero-gravity chairs you get, they all work in a similar model with the sole goal of offering relaxation and ease of pain. So, you can get either of these chairs, depending on your preference and how you want to use them.

Features of a Zero-Gravity Chair

Zero-gravity chairs come with some basic features that work accordingly to provide a relaxing situation for the body.

These features work together to create a comfortable position. A basic zero-gravity chair comprises of some of the following features-


Zero-gravity chairs come with a breathable mesh fabric that is UV resistant and weather-resistant as well.

Lock System

A secure lock system is included in most zero-gravity chairs, which are useful to lock and secure the preferred position in the chair. Starting from upright to a full recline position, you can close anything with the lock system.


Headrest and neck support are fundamental features of zero-gravity chairs. These are padded well enough to relieve neck strain and pressure during lying down.

Canopy Attachment

A canopy attachment allows minimum sun exposure and saves from sunburns, harmful radiation and eye strain.

Padded Cushions

Additional padded cushions for the back also improve posture problems and relieve lower back pain.

How Zero-Gravity Chair Works

We know that the zero-gravity position was suited for space only to attain a neutral state for the body. Then how does this position work under normal gravity situation? And how exactly does this work for the health benefits of the body?

The zero-gravity chair works simultaneously by creating an anti-gravity situation for the body.

In zero-gravity posture, the body reclines in a position so that the legs are placed above the heart level. This results in even and uniform distribution of weight and pressure across the whole body.

It creates an anti-gravity situation by diminishing gravity's effect on the body and helping the body relax in a neutral position. And it provides health benefits to the body in the following ways-

Alleviating Leg Swelling

Patients dealing with leg edema and painful varicose veins can benefit a lot through these chairs. Leg swelling mostly results when there are painful varicose veins present in the body. Varicosity causes edema, and thus swelling appears in the legs.

These chairs alleviate the leg swelling and reduce leg edema. So, you can comfortably lie down in this chair without experiencing swollen and painful legs.

And these chairs also reduce strain on the vertebra and relieve any spinal tension. So, you can easily relax from the neck and back pain that you’re experiencing.

Improving Blood Circulation

Zero recliner chairs also reduce cardiac stress by increasing the blood circulation upon elevation of the legs. With a zero-gravity chair, you can obtain a full reclining position. A top recline position allows you to elevate your legs, which causes a higher circulation of blood throughout the body. 

The horizontal resting position of the chair also makes it easier for the heart to pump blood uniformly. Ultimately it leads to minimizing stress on the heart. In this way, it works by taking care of your heart.

Better Breathing

Aside from the heart, a zero-gravity chair takes care of your lungs as well. Your torso is placed at an open angle in a zero-gravity position. This angle assists your lungs to expand to a fuller part allowing more oxygen to reach the lungs.

Thus, you can have deeper breaths, and your lungs remain healthy. It does a remarkable job of taking care of your heart and lungs and monitoring their function.

Reducing Spinal Pressure

The zero-gravity chair also provides spinal decompression to a great extent. It means that the chair is capable of reducing pressure on the spine. A decrease in spinal pressure gives scope for rehydration of the disc.

Even if there is any damaged tissue, it will heal faster and easier with a zero-gravity position. Any sore muscles will be healed, and any pain will slowly cease to exist.

So, if you're suffering from neck strain, back pain, or even any discomfort along the spine, this chair will relieve that for you.

Relieving Sciatica Symptoms

Most zero-gravity chair users suffer from long term sciatica. Sciatica is a medical condition that originates as a result of sciatic nerve compression.

The compression of this nerve generally leads to reduced function of the nerve. It can cause lower back pain, pressure on the nerve, and generalized posture problems. These symptoms can be quickly relieved with a zero-gravity chair.

In zero-gravity posture, elongation of the spine occurs in the presence of a neutral position. As gravity's effects are reduced, the range broadens, and the sciatic nerve's pressure is relieved.

It thus reduces the sciatica symptoms and provides comfort to lower back pain.

Promoting Sleep

A zero-gravity chair is also known for its sleep-promoting function. Sleep promotion is related directly to complete body relaxation and tissue healing. When the damaged tissue does not heal in time, you can suffer from a sore muscle area with discomfort during sleeping. As a result, your sleep cycle is hampered a lot.

With a zero-gravity chair, your tissue heals effortlessly, and your sore muscles are relieved of pain and discomfort. So, you can enjoy a good night of sleep. With a zero-gravity chair, you can adjust your desired position and lock it securely in place.

The most comfortable and relaxing position for your sleep will be adjusted accordingly. With such benefits, the body attains a sheltered position, and better sleep quality is provided.


On the whole, it can be denoted that a zero-gravity chair works amazingly to improve people's health conditions. It comes with multiple health benefits to provide pain relief and comfortable support to the spine. Our analytical discussion will be helpful for your queries related to how does a zero-gravity chair work.

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