Best Plastic Adirondack Chair Reviews with Buying Guide

Best Plastic Adirondack Chairs

Spending time outside on your beautiful porch filled with magnificent flowers and their sweet smells can be one of the most tranquil experiences in life. It offers an escape into a period of complete relaxation from the troubles of daily life.

Add an Adirondack chair to that, and you will get the ultimate peace and comfort! It’s an exceptionally cozy chair that you can sit on for hours without feeling any pain or irritation.

The best plastic Adirondack chair will make sure you get to sit comfortably in any season. We’ve scoured the market and tested various plastic Adirondack chairs to find the most durable and comfortable chairs for you!

5 Best Plastic Adirondack Chair Reviews

The following plastic Adirondack chairs are designed to make for the most peaceful outdoor seating experience that you can imagine!

POLYWOOD AD5030WH Classic Folding

POLYWOOD AD5030WH is a super-durable chair made with Polywood lumber. It’s guaranteed to deliver the comfort level that you expect from a high-quality Adirondack chair. Being foldable, this model is one of the most convenient products out there as you’ll be able to store it or move it around easily.

Boasting marine-grade, heavy-duty HDPE Polywood construction, this thing is incredibly durable. It offers long-term protection against rusting, cracking, chipping, splintering, etc. Furthermore, it’s completely weatherproof, so you can feel free to set it up on your front porch any time of the year!

Despite the plastic construction, this unit is rather stylish. It’s designed to look like elegant painted wood, and it does so quite successfully. You can complete the décor of your porch with a set of this chair.

It’s fade-resistant to prevent the loss of its captivating colors to the outdoor elements. So, don’t worry about leaving it outside.

This item comes with the timeless Adirondack design complete with the traditional style to ensure the ultimate relaxing experience. You can spend hours sitting on it without developing any pain or having your legs fall asleep! With minimal assembly, you can get to the sitting in no time after buying.


  • Constructed with incredibly durable marine-grade Polywood lumber
  • Comes with weather protection for all-season use
  • Completely foldable for easy storage and transport
  • Easily cleanable using soap and water
  • Features beautiful colors that won’t fade for years


  • Might be too low for some people

Phat Tommy Recycled Poly Resin Folding

This is an attractive and comfortable classic Adirondack chair manufactured by Phat Tommy. It’s designed to enhance the appearance of your porch and give you a means of escaping into comfort and relaxation. You will get outstanding durability from this thing as well!

Constructed from a sturdy recycled poly material, this model isn’t just strong; it’s also environment-friendly! You will enjoy resting on it for years without ever coming across cracking or breaking. It’s not going to get rusted or rot either, so you’ll be set for many years.

With 450 pounds ofweight capacity, this item isn’t going to break easily under pressure either.

The back and the seat of this chair is contoured to offer you maximum seating comfort. You will be able to bask in the sun during summer days, drink coffee or cold drinks while sitting on it without feeling irritated. In fact, you won’t feel like getting out of this chair at all.

This product boasts a foldable design, so you can fold it up and store it somewhere small whenever you want. It’s ideal for people with limited space. Besides, this feature allows you to move it around easily.


  • Designed to be foldable for offering convenience
  • Offers a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds
  • Comes with sturdy construction for enhanced durability
  • Offers superior sitting comfort
  • Capable of resisting weather-induced damages


  • Kind of heavy with a weight of 43 pounds

Trex Outdoor Furniture Cape Cod Adirondack Chair

If you’re looking for a vacation chair or a comfortable chair for your porch, look no further than the Trex Outdoor Cape Cod model! It comes with an enticing wooden appearance even though it’s made of plastic.

Offering high comfortability, long-lasting durability, and straightforward maintenance, you can’t go wrong with this one!

Genuine Polywood lumber construction gives this thing outstanding durability. Withstanding years of exposure to the sun and other extremities of the weather is no trouble for this chair. You won’t see peeling, cracks, chips, or any other form of degradation for a pretty long time.

Moreover, you’ll love how simple it is to maintain. Thanks to the UV-inhibiting colors, this unit does an excellent job of minimizing the fading. When it gets dirty, simply wash it with soap and water. You won’t have to do any repainting because the colors will stay vivid.

Assembling this product is super-easy too. You can complete the entire assembly process within just 30 minutes using the most basic tools. Aided by the contoured design of the back, you’ll have an amazing sitting experience every time.  The seat is about 16-inches high to allow smooth entry and exit.


  • Likely to last a very long time thanks to durable construction
  • Designed to be weatherproof
  • Super-easy to clean using water and soap
  • Offers incredibly comfortable seating
  • Looks almost as elegant as a wooden chair


  • Arms might flex underweight

Keter Furniture Patio Chairs with Cup Holder

The Keter Furniture Adirondack chair allows you to experience the comfort and the looks of a wooden chair minus the drawbacks of wood. It is guaranteed to offer year-round relaxation for your entire family! Your front porch will look even cooler with this thing around.

Besides the gorgeous design and color, this model is remarkably durable thanks to the high-qualitypolypropylene resin construction. This makes it capable of resisting rust and corrosion. Furthermore, it can also withstand exposure to extreme weather conditions. As a result, you won’t see any dent, crack, or rot!

In addition to the durability, this model excels at keeping the color vivid and tasteful by resisting fading. Aided by the large seat bucket, relaxing armrests, and a smooth backrest, this chair offers heavenly comfort! There is even a cup holder for taking the comfortability to the next level!

This unit comes ready to be assembled. By following the simple instructions, you’ll have no trouble setting it up quickly. As it’s lightweight, rearranging or moving won’t be any problem either. As you can see, this item offers everything you want in an Adirondack chair and more!


  • Boasts ultra-durable resin construction for enhanced durability
  • Offers a combination of comfort and style
  • Remains as elegant as ever, even after years of harsh weather exposure
  • Comes with a cup holder for convenience
  • Designed to match various locations like a porch, fire pit, poolside, etc.


  • The packaging could be better

ASTEROUTDOOR Folding Plastic Adirondack Chair

We’ve got another fantastic plastic Adirondack chair that allows you to sit comfortably on your porch and enjoy a relaxing time. It looks and feels just like a wooden chair but eliminates the short comings of wood. You won’t have to worry about rust, corrosion, and of course, rotting.

This model can be kept outside for years as it’s entirely weatherproof. Thanks to the solid HDPE poly lumber construction, it’s strong enough to withstand years of abuse. It’s not going to crack, break, or splinter any time soon! You can count on this chair to ensure maximum comfort for many years.

In addition to the usual advantages of an Adirondack chair, this thing comes with wider seating space for preventing additional discomfort. As it resists fading, you won’t have to do any repainting, waterproofing, or staining. Even after washing with soap and water, it will still look just as beautiful.

Furthermore, this one can be folded smoothly just by removing the pins. Once folded, you will be able to store it anywhere or carry it around. As this product boasts an impressive appearance, it will blend in with the décor of your front porch without any issue.


  • Boasts genuine Polywood lumber construction for durability
  • Designed to offer maximum seating comfort
  • Comes with a foldable design for easy carrying and storing
  • Barely requires any maintenance
  • Arrives with everything needed for a quick assembly


  • Assembling might require additional help

How to Choose the Right Plastic Adirondack Chair?

Selecting the right Adirondack chair will require you to consider several features. That’s because not every product is equal in terms of quality and comfortability. You want to spend your money on something that provides the most value. So, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to pick the perfect one.

Construction Material & Durability

You have to be a little more careful about selecting the construction material for your preferred chair. There are two types of materials used in the construction of plastic Adirondack chairs, both of which are regarded as Polywood lumber.

One is fresh plastic, and the other is recycled plastic, which is also known as HDPE recycled plastic. Now, both are incredibly durable and make the chairs long-lasting. However, buying a recycled plastic product will be an eco-friendly decision because it was created using recycled materials.

In addition to choosing the material, you should make sure your chair is capable of resisting wear and tear. It should be weatherproof and fade-resistant. Buying a durable unit will allow you to enjoy long-lasting comfortable seating, so durability is essential.


Checking the dimension of the chair before buying will allow you to find the perfect chair for your porch or patio. As you already know, Adirondack chairs tend to be larger than other types of chairs.

However, some can be larger than other models. So, if you’ve got a smaller space, you should make sure to get a smaller one.

Otherwise, you’d have trouble fitting it in. That’s definitely something you don’t want to scratch your head over after buying, right?

Availability of Colors

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is! The purpose of an Adirondack chair shouldn’t be just offering comfort but also enhancing the décor of your porch as there are many options to choose from. So, if it comes in a color that doesn’t go well with your porch design, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

So, check out the available colors of your particular model and choose the one that’s most likely to fit your décor.

Height of the Seat

Another thing to remember is that Adirondack chairs come with different seat heights. The height determines how comfortable and convenient the chair will be for you. This can vary from person to person. Some prefer lower heights while some find higher seats comfier.

In case you’ve got mobility issues, it would make sense for you to go for a higher seat because it will allow you to get up easily.


Some Adirondack chairs offer a foldability feature. This can be extremely useful for those who have smaller space. Foldable chairs can be folded to a smaller size for easy storing after use. Besides, it also makes carrying simpler. Also, consider the dimension of the chair after it’s folded before buying.


One of the best things about getting a plastic Adirondack chair is that it’s far lighter than wooden ones. As a result, you will find it easier to move around as well. Most of these chairs weigh 35-40 pounds. Compared to that, wooden chairs can be as heavy as 60 pounds.

So, check the weight of your preferred options and buy whichever feels light enough for you.


You’re not alone if you’re worried about plastic’s capacity. Well, let us assure you that there is nothing to worry about. Although plastic is lighter, it can also be just as strong as wood. The best plastic Adirondack chair comes with a capacity of up to 400 pounds!

Even the lightest model will offer at least 300 pounds of capacity!

Additional Features

Most Adirondack chairs are designed with similar features. However, some may have additional features that may interest you. For instance, there are several models that are capable of rocking. This can make your time even more relaxing and comfortable.

Advantage of Plastic Adirondack Chair

If you’re on the fence about buying a plastic Adirondack chair, let us help you by telling you all about its benefits. Plastic chairs have several advantages over their wooden counterparts.

Even more Durable

Plastic is easily far more durable than wood as it can take a lot more abuse. As a result, plastic Adirondack chairs are more capable of withstanding environmental punishment. You can leave them outside for years under any weather conditions without worrying about damaging them.

They won’t develop cracks, breaks, splinters, or rot like wood. This is the biggest advantage of plastic Adirondack chairs.


Compared to wooden Adirondack chairs, the plastic ones are significantly lighter. In fact, the heaviest plastic chairs are no less than 40 pounds, while wooden chairs can weigh as much as 60 pounds. So, you will have an easier time carrying the plastic ones around.

With wooden models, it will be troublesome every time you have to rearrange the chairs. So, grab a plastic model if you prefer lighter products.


We all know anything made using plastic tends to be cheaper than products made with other materials like wood. That’s because plastic is incredibly easy to mold and process compared to wood. It’s also more available. As a result, Adirondack chairs made out of plastic are considerably cheaper than wooden ones.


Wooden Adirondack chairs require high-maintenance. They need to be repainted and refinished frequently to keep them in tiptop shape. You’d have to spend a lot of time and money to maintain them.

However, plastic Adirondack chairs don’t need any repainting or refinishing. You can freely wash them anytime you want using soap and water. Even after leaving them outside for years, they’ll still look as vivid as ever. Spraying them once or twice each season will be more than enough!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are plastic Adirondack chairs so expensive?

Just like any other patio chair, plastic Adirondack chairs can be more expensive compared to standard chairs. That’s because they are made with the finest materials to make sure they can withstand years of outdoor exposure. Otherwise, they will be prone to decay. However, they’re still cheaper than wooden ones.

Are plastic Adirondack chairs comfortable?

Of course, they are. As a matter of fact, Plastic Adirondack chairs offer the same level of comfort as a wooden Adirondack chair as they are quite similar in terms of design. The only difference is the material. Rest assured, they are as comfy as Adirondack chairs can be!

Is Polywood better than wood?

Well, Polywood can be considered better than wood in terms of durability. It’s definitely more durable than wood, and it doesn’t come with the inherent issues of natural wood like rotting, drying, insect-infestation, weathering, etc. So, anything made of Polywood is likely to last longer in the outdoor environment.

What is the best material for Adirondack chairs?

Polywood can be regarded as the best material for Adirondack chairs for a number of reasons. It’s cheaper, lighter, but at the same time, it’s outstandingly durable. You can rely on this material to last longer than wood. This is why plastic Adirondack chairs are becoming immensely popular with each passing day.

What color Adirondack chair should I get?

Adirondack chairs are available in various colors. It entirely depends on your taste and the design of your porch or patio. Choose one that suits your décor the most because you want something that will blend in easily. Many people prefer wooden colors on their Adirondack chair, but it’s entirely up to you!

Final Words

Choosing the right plastic Adirondack shouldn’t be all that tough for you now that you’ve read our reviews and buying guide. But if you’re still confused, we’ve got some suggestions for you!

If you’re looking for something that offers the best quality, durability, and comfortability, then check out the “POLYWOOD AD5030WH Classic Folding”. It’s lightweight, strong, and best of all, super-comfortable!

The “Trex Outdoor Furniture Cape Cod Adirondack” will be perfect for those who want the best outdoor chair. It boasts excellent weather-resistance to be freely left outside under any weather condition.

Now, if you want the most value for your money, the “Keter Furniture Patio Chairs with Cup Holder” can be the best Plastic Adirondack chair for you. That’s because it offers decent quality and comfortability for an affordable price.

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