How to Make a High Chair Banner?

High Chair Banner

Most of high chairs are generally made specifically for babies of around six months of age to sit on. The long legs of these chairs help keep your baby at the same level as your table-top so that you can keep an eye on him/her while they eat, and it also comes attached with a tray for you to keep your baby’s food on.

However, the sight of a plain high chair may look odd and totally out of place when you are hosting a party at your house, whether it be dedicated to your baby or not. One of the best ways to make the high chair fit into any given scenario would be by making a high chair banner.

Even if you do not have any ideas on making a high chair banner, you do not have to worry because we will be sharing with you some simple and quick steps that you could carry out to make a high chair banner. Read on to find out!

Stuff You Will Need

Before you start making your banner, there are some things that you need to make sure that you have at home in order to carry out the whole process more smoothly. To make a high chair banner, you will need:

A Fabric of Your Choice

The fabric that you choose will be the star of the show since only this will be visible to other people as well. When selecting a fabric, you could go for any one that you like, or you could even get a couple of different clothes of the same material and use them all together.

However, in case if you are using a variety of clothes, do make sure that they have the same base color or otherwise, the end result might look too amateurish. Similarly, you could also opt for store-bought ribbons instead of fabrics, and that would be just fine as well.

Whether you are using ribbons or fabrics, we would advise you to get around 2 yards of each since it is always better to have more at hand.

On the other hand, you could also use burlap pennants instead of fabrics if you are not very confident about cutting fabrics into various shapes and sizes.

Cutting Tools

You will need cutting tools throughout the whole process of making a high chair banner, so opting for one that makes you feel most comfortable would be the right thing to do. Common cutting tools that people usually use are scissors or rotary cutters.


This one is completely optional and is most suitable for use with a burlap pennant, so do skip this segment if you may wish to.

When purchasing paint for your high chair banner, make sure it is in good contrast with the burlap pennant and the rest of the decoration. Usually, color coding your paint and ribbons would be the right thing to do since it also makes choosing either one of the two much easier.

A Flat Brush

You will need a flat brush to paint over the burlap pennant, and going for one that falls more on the flat side would be great since it will also add a cutesier vibe to your banner.


Ropes or strings are an absolute must because they will hold all the components of your banner together. Try getting a strong rope and, at the same time, has a neutral color so that it can easily blend in with the background.

To secure the ropes, do remember to keep a stapler at hand. Try not to go for a hot glue gun since things usually end up getting very messy whenever glue is involved.

Steps to Make a High Chair Banner

Now that we know what elements we need, we will be taking a look at the process of making a high chair banner.

Cut the Fabric

Using your choice of cutting tools, cut your fabric into strips. We would recommend making the strips as much as 4 inches wide and around 12 inches long in order to cover a good length of the high chair.

Try to be as accurate as possible when doing this, but it is alright if some strips are longer than the others since you can always shape them up again later on.

If you are using ribbons, make sure you cut the ends of the ribbons to make them the same length as the fabric (in case if they are not already). You can also use ribbons if you are using burlap pennants, and for this, you might want to consider making your ribbons a bit longer than the length of the pennant.

Secure the Ropes to the Fabric

In order to secure the rope or string to the high chair, you will first need to cut it in a size that is in accordance with the measurement of the circumference of the tray of the high chair (since this is where you will be hanging the banner from).

Afterward, with the help of a glue gun, carefully secure the rope to the chair while also making sure the string isn’t fit too taut to the chair. Next, fold the top edge of your fabric/pennant over the rope and secure it in place with a stapler.

Securing the ribbons to the rope would simply require you to tie the center of it in a knot. You can add the ribbons in any sequence that you would like as long as it looks good.

Be sure not to glue any of the contents on to the rope since it will get messy, and the glue might even drip and ruin the overall project.

Add Some Finishing Touches

At this point, you are almost done with making your high chair banner, and all there is left for you to do is to make suitable adjustments to it in order to make it perfect. This is where the paint that you bought earlier comes into play.

Using a regular brush, paint over the rope to prevent it from standing out from the gaps that may have remained between the fabric/pennant and ribbons. However, keep a sheet of paper behind the rope while you paint over it, or make things even easier, paint over the rope before you even get started.

If you are using a burlap pennant, writing something on it with paint will make it stand out more and thus make your banner look even better. When painting over the burlap pennant, use your flat brush and try not to write the whole thing all at once.

Since there isn’t much writing space available on the pennant, painting something small, like a flower or maybe your child's age, would be ideal.

Similarly, if you finished painting everything before hanging the components, you can keep a steady hand while doing it.


This brings us to the end of our topic for the day. We hope you found this article useful and that we were able to provide you with a helpful walkthrough on how to make a high chair banner and make decorations easier for you as well. See you next time!

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