How to Make a High Chair Cover?

Make a High Chair Cover

Most high chairs come with seat covers. There are a few that do not. As you probably know the high chair seat covers can really dirty and stained up. After a while washing them does not get them clean anymore. 

When this happens then you either need to purchase a new one or learn how to make a high chair cover. Let us learn how to make one. It is a good project for you to work on during the time that you are at home with nothing to do.

Fabric Choices

There are a lot of different fabrics that you can choose from. There are ones that will work better than others, such as oilcloth, laminated cotton, or any sturdy fabric is good. If you want the high chair seat cover to be cushioned then you will need to have some thick quilt batting to add the softness that you desire.

Make sure that it is one that you like and will work with your design choice for your dining room or kitchen. You will need to purchase at least one and a half yards of this material, buying will not hurt though. A lot of craft stores have a curbside pickup or some have delivery.

Step One

The first thing that you need to do is to remove the original high chair seat cover. You will use the old seat cover for a pattern. You will cut your fabric in the same shapes as the old high chair seat cover. You will want to add some extra fabric to the pattern to allow for sewing.

Step Two

For this step, you will stretch your fabric out flat on a flat surface. Then you will day the pad down on the fabric that you chose to use.

Next, you will trace around the pattern allowing for an inch to inch and a half seam allowance. You will need to cut out two pieces of the pattern.

One for the front and one for the back. You will then need to cut the middle section out of one of the pieces. This will be the back piece for the high chair cover.

Step Three

Sew hem in the top of the back piece that is an inch wide along the bottom edge. If you should happen to want one you can add a pocket on the back piece of the high chair seat cover. It is really simple to add a piece to the back piece for a pocket all you have to do is cut one to the size you prefer. This will give the back a finished look.

Then you will want to sew the middle section on the piece that goes in front. That will give that section a finished edge.

Step Four

Then you will need to pin the front and back pieces of the high chair seat cover together with the right sides of the material facing each other. This is to ensure that the correct sides will be facing out when you are finished with the piece.

If you want to add some cushioning to the high chair seat cover then add a thick layer of quilt batting to this section before you sew it together. Then so the pieces together leaving a half an inch seam all the way around. Try the back part of the back piece to make sure that it fits correctly.

If necessary, you can always take it in some more if it is too loose. Cut edges so that the corners will be at a point when it is turned inside out.

Step Five

When it comes to any holes that are for straps make sure that you cut them out and sew the edges to that the material does not fray during use. Turn the high chair seat cover right side out making sure that the corners are at a point and laying properly.

You will need to make sure that it looks just like the original high chair seat cover. This means that the material lays just like the original one does. There are places that you will need to put in wide button holes for the straps and the folds wherever the high chair needs them.

You will want to make that you reinforce these areas so that they can withstand the usage that they receive over the years. Do not forget to add large buttons in the appropriate places.

As you may know if the high chair seat cover gets stained you have no choice but to replace it. You can either purchase a new one or just as easily make a new one for your high chair. It is a great project for time spent indoors with nothing to do.

If you like to sew then this is a good project for you. You will find that it is not complicated and has easy to understand instructions.

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