7 Best High Chair in 2021 | Review And Top Picks

The Best High Chair For The Money

You’re gonna be feeding your kid a lot in the day, and it’s not a walk in the park. They have a low attention span and scurry off whenever they can find the chance. The best high chair will make your job a whole lot easier because it’ll keep your kid in one place until you’re done feeding him.

Having dinner with the whole family may be an important bonding moment for your kid. So, why set him aside from the desk? Get a highchair! Your kid will have a front-row seat of all the dinner table action.

This article is dedicated to introducing you to the top seven high chairs available in the market, so you can make your choice.

List of 7 Best High Chair Reviews 2021

Finding a high chair that fits your needs perfectly is not that hard. Here, we present to you some of the best options you have.

1. Graco Blossom 6 in 1 Convertible High Chair

For the people who love versatile things, Graco Blossom 6 in 1 is an absolute treat. It’s not simply a high chair that you can carry your kid around in. You can use it as an infant and toddler booster and a nice and simple youth chair for your kid to chill in!

This chair is perfect for a growing family. Expecting another kid but afraid of the hell that awaits? With Graco Blossom 6 in 1, now you can adjust the highchair in a way that you can house both your kids. Remove the booster seat and strap it on to any chair, and voila! An infant booster for your infant!

The bottom part of the highchair can house your grown toddler. Graco blossom 6 in 1 offers excellent back support for your kid. It has three recline positions for your kid to feel comfortable all the time. This chair is perfectly stable, so it won't topple over no matter how much your kid leans.

Graco Blossom 6 in 1 comes with 6 height adjustments. If you don’t want the chair to move, both the front wheel and rear caster lock will keep it still in its place. The front tray can be removed and is dishwasher safe. So, cleaning the tray is super easy.


  • Can house two kids at once
  • Offers fantastic back support
  • Boasts six height adjustment levels
  • Adjusts to suit different purposes


  • The chair is too bulky
  • It’s difficult to clean the seat

2. Joovy Nook High Chair, Compact Fold

This version of the JoovyNook High Chair was developed by listening to the complaints in the review section. One of the many complaints was difficulties using the chair. So, Joovy took care of it. You can now operate this chair with one hand while holding your kid with the other!

Yes, you can place your baby on the chair by sliding open the food tray singlehandedly. You don’t need to remove the bowls to get the kid out, just swing the tray aside. It can be adjusted to 4 different positions to make room for your growing baby.

This is one of the most fun chairs you’ll see. The design is so simple and elegant. JoovyNook High Chair has a low footprint of 32.5*23.5 square inches. When not in use, you can just fold it and minimize space. You can carry it with you easily because it’s one of the most lightweight and compact chairs out there.

It can hold a baby up to 50 pounds because of its stylish leatherette seats that are also easy to clean and come in three different colors. The swing-open tray has a removable tray on it that’s dishwasher safe. This high chair has pads on the legs that won’t put a dent on the floor.


  • Swing-open front tray with a removable tray
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Lightweight and foldable chair
  • Anti-scratch floor pads at the bottom


  • The seat does not recline

3. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

Abiie beyond high chair was made by an actual engineer. The versatility this chair has is crazy! It has a unique design that’ll allow it to adjust different levels of the footrest and seat. This will transform it for babies of different ages without any extra tools. So, you’re getting an extra chair for the price of a single high chair!

Being made with premium quality Mahogany wood, it’s durable, will withstand any human weight applied to it, and will blend in your room as a classy piece of furniture. Its sturdy design lets it handle any hyperactive kid without toppling over. This guy has a modern, stylish design that’ll immediately win you over.

Kids are messy eaters, they’ll spill food on it many times. But don't worry, it's very easy to clean. The couch cushion is waterproof, so you can clean the food with just a piece of damp cloth. It can be removed, so you can clean what's underneath. Moreover, it can be replaced easily, thanks to its puzzle-like design.

This high chair is perfectly safe for both your kids and the environment. Each chair goes through high-temperature sterilization to be free of bacteria and other microbes. With a compact design and fantastic reviews, this guy can be considered as the best high chair.


  • Stylish and compact design
  • Easy to clean and adjust
  • Suitable for babies of all ages
  • Heat sterilized and eco-friendly


  • It’s a bit expensive
  • The seat can’t be reclined

4. Graco Table2Table Premier Fold

Before you know it, little Tommy will grow out of his high-chair and will start having his meal on the dinner table. If you don’t want to throw away the highchair when that happens, buy Table2Table premier fold that’ll transform to satisfy the needs of your toddler as it grows up.

It has 7 stages of adjustability! The traditional highchair can be reclined to give your baby comfort. Strap on the seat to a chair to make it an infant booster. Remove the harnesses and the tray to make it a toddler booster. Its lower part of the seat, along with the frame, will make an excellent toddler chair!

If you add the tray and a footrest, this will make it a fantastic toddler desk for your kid to study on. So, you can arrange seats for both your infant and your toddler! The infant recline and booster can hold up to 40 pounds. But when it turns into a chair for the toddlers, it gains more stability and can hold up to 60 pounds.

This foldability makes it easy to carry around and minimizes its footprint. The parts are super easy to clean and adjust. But don’t use any corrosive detergent or cleaners to protect it from damage.


  • Seven stages of adjustability
  • A durable and lightweight chair
  • Can be folded and carried easily
  • Easy cleaning and wiping


  • Cleaning the large tray is a challenge

5. Cosco Simple Fold Deluxe High Chair

Foldable chairs have gained massive popularity over the years because they have a much smaller footprint than the bulkier kind. Cosco Simple Fold can be folded and adjusted to any small space. You can slide it on the side of the trunk of your car and take it with you anywhere.

Its eye-catching design will make mealtime much more fun for your kid. The cloth is so durable, your kid can play tug of war with it, yet it’s not too rough for their sensitive skin.

If it were any other normal high chair, the baby's puke and poop would make cleaning a drag. But Cosco Simple Fold has a unique easy-wipe design that makes cleaning any type of goo off of it as easy as pie! All it takes is a wipe from a wet piece of rag and some common detergent.

Cosco Simple Fold has a simple yet elegant design. You won’t see many high chairs on the market that has a cup holder on the side. The three-point harness system can keep hold of a 50-pound highly energetic baby easily. Its padded foot won’t leave any permanent mark on the floor.

This fantastic chair also keeps up with your baby as it grows. The three positions adjustable tray can be adjusted to make the extra room for it.


  • Foldable and can be carried anywhere
  • Easy-wipe cleaning design
  • Three-position adjustment tray
  • Convenient and elegant design


  • Seat cover can’t be removed
  • The seat can’t be reclined

Note: Learn more how to fold cosco high chair

6. ciao! baby Portable High Chair

If you’re looking for the best high chair with a low budget, you won’t find a better chair for your baby than this portable high chair.

The first thing you’ll notice after buying it is how lightweight it is. It can be folded and unfolded easily and has locks on the joints to keep it perfectly steady. This high chair has a low footprint, and it takes almost no space when folded. So, carry it around in your car for a camping or a road trip!

Nylon fabric was used in the back support and seat, and it's covered in clear vinyl. So, it doesn't absorb water. Anything your baby throws at it can be cleaned right away with a wipe. All the frame is made of materials that can be easily cleaned. It’s perfect for a trip to the beach!

The portable high chair has a five-point adjustable harness that keeps the baby at its place. The joints are strong, and no sudden movements will be able to topple it. These joints make it so strong that it can hold a baby from three months to three years.


  • Super lightweight and portable
  • Durable nylon fabric is easy to clean
  • A five-point harness keeps the bay stable
  • Fits well in the budget


  • Not for babies over 35 pounds

7. Ingenuity SmartClean Trio Elite 3-in-1 High Chair

This one is a smart chair that has received some of the best reviews. Let's talk about design. There are wheels on all of its legs that can rotate 360 degrees. This makes the chair, along with the baby, easy to carry.

The soft seat and the footrest make the chair comfy for the little ones. Ingenuity SmartClean offers four different seat colors that you can choose from.

This is a versatile high chair that can easily convert to a booster or toddler chair. Remove the seat and attach it to any chair with the fastener to get a toddler seat. Your kid will have its very own chair at the dinner table! The remaining frame can be a toddler booster. That’s how it got the name ‘3-in-1.’

If you're worried about how you're going to clean this chair, don't stress yourself. The seats are easy to clean, just use a wipe and some detergents, and it'll be fresh and good as new. Its tray is dishwasher safe.

Speaking of which, the tray can be adjusted into four different positions. So, you can make room for your baby as it grows on!


  • Can be adjusted to seat two kids
  • Easy clean and dishwasher safe parts
  • Easily converts to a booster or toddler seat
  • 360-degrees rotation of the wheels


  • The back support can’t be reclined

How to Choose the Right High Chair?

The perfect high chair for your toddler is just a step away, you just need to find it first. Here’s all you need to know and what to expect from a high-quality recliner chair.

Multi Adjustment

Who doesn't want to get more from their money? Nowadays, kid's highchairs have fantastic ingenuity that transforms it for many different purposes. You can get reclining chairs, high chairs, regular chairs, boosters chairs, etc. all in one. The height adjustment gives the icing on the cake.

This is what people actually look for, but if it gets too complicated, that chair will do you no good. It's a shame when you try to adjust your chair and break it because, in that case, you'll not get a refund. So, you have to study the manual that comes with it well to get a good grasp of how to adjust the high chair.

Easy Cleaning Features

Children are messy. No matter how many times you clean, there’s bound to be puke on the tray if you turn your head for a second. Having to clean the chair just makes parenting so much harder. But now high chairs come with many top-notch features that make cleaning a walk in the park.

Look for waterproof seats or covers because that won’t hold on to the stain and stink of the baby’s puke or poop. You can even clean them with a wipe and some common detergents. If the trays are dishwasher safe, it’ll make your life that much easier.

Cleaning bigger trays is a challenge, but they keep the nasty stuff coming out of your baby away from the floor.

Just in case you have a hard time cleaning your high chair, this video can be pretty helpful.

Lightweight or Bulky?

A high chair or any piece of kid furniture has to be portable because you have to carry it everywhere, let it be the beach or the grandma’s house. Therefore, the chair needs to be made with lightweight frames so that they can be lifted easily. It also has to be foldable so that you can fit it in the car.

So, why do people go for bulkier, more permanent chairs? It's simple; if a chair is strongly built, it'll be more durable and can seat extra weight. Parents of healthier and heavier babies have no choice but to go for solid steel or wooden chairs. But these chairs will be around even when your baby grows up, so that's a plus.


When it's a question about the babies' safety, you can't make any compromises. Babies are highly active and unpredictable, so the chair needs to be as safe as it can get. There are waist harnesses that grab hold of the baby's lower part, firmly binding it to the chair, so no amount of movement is enough to topple it.

Having a groin harness further adds to the support. Because all you need to worry about is the baby not jumping out of the chair. These harnesses ground the baby firmly on the seat, restricting its movement. But make sure you don’t bind it too tightly. Their fickle movements can injure their legs.

Tray Adjustment

You’ll probably not choose a high chair that won’t grow with your baby. Bigger babies need more space. If a tray can’t be adjusted to give the baby space, you’ll have to throw it away and get a new one. That’s why look for adjustable trays that can be fixed in multiple positions.

This has another significance too. Often the baby knocks over the food bowl spilling everything on its lap and making a mess that you have to clean. So, if you can adjust the table away from the kid, taking the bowl away from its grasp, you can save yourself from the hassle.


Being a parent is hard. After a sleepless night, when you can’t even think straight, you have to feed the baby. The crying makes the situation even more hellish. Your kid will settle on your lap. Now a lot of the high chairs have a single-handed operation so you can swing open the tray while having the baby in one arm.

There are other features that make the chair convenient like seat adjustment(where you can fix the levels of the seats to make room), cup holder(it must fix the cup tightly; otherwise, the baby might take it out), footrest, front and rear wheel locks so that it doesn't roll away downhill, etc.

Reclining Back Support

The baby’s back is developing, and thus, is vulnerable. You shouldn't put extra pressure on it. Luckily, the seats are comfortable, and the back support is shaped perfectly for the development of its posture. If you want more comfort for your precious little angel, get a chair with reclinable back support.

Types of High Chair

There is more than one type of high chairs, if you didn't know, that could be suited to fit different purposes.

Traditional High Chair

This is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a high chair. If you consider all the exciting features the high chairs of the current generation have, this does sound a bit underwhelming. The traditional high chair can’t be adjusted and has to be thrown away as the baby grows old.

But these high chairs haven’t gone extinct yet because of their simplicity and affordability. Whether it’s made with stainless steel or wood, these will cost lesser than any high chairs on the market, and because it has such a lack of parts, it’ll last longer. A simple high chair is something you can pass on to future generations.

Adjustable High Chairs

Fast forward to the present, and now we have high-chairs with all sorts of exciting features. You have high chairs with height adjustment. So, you can decide which height is safe for your kids. The carbon fiber or aluminum frame makes it really lightweight. They’re also foldable, meaning you can carry it anywhere.

Another interesting feature is tray adjustment. You can adjust the distance of the tray from your baby to make extra room. This is an excellent feature that prevents accidental spillage of food by the baby by taking the food away from its grasp. Because if it makes a mess, you’re the one who has to clean it up.

Reclining Chair

If comfort is the issue, no chair is more comfortable than this guy. Reclining chairs make parenting so much easier. Normally back supports are given to adjusts the baby's posture. But sometimes, when the baby is crying, this reclining feature helps calm the baby down. Add a little motion, and the baby will sleep like an angel.

Don’t worry about the baby falling on its back. This happens when the baby is erratic and moves too much. But when it’s lying on it’s back, this kind of immobilizes the baby, so you don’t have to worry about excess movement.

Infant/Toddler Booster

It's just a small chair with back support that can be strapped on to any chair. So, your baby can join you at the dinner table, lend a hand to you in the kitchen, and even play with the kitten on the ground! Just fasten it on to any regular chair and turn it into a high chair.

Of course, there’s a simple flaw in the plan. The regular chair isn’t nearly as easily cleanable as a high chair. So, when your kid starts to puke on the table, the chair, or all over the car, make sure to have a napkin or wipes nearby if you don’t want to make it permanent.

Toddler Seat

Grownup babies are easier to manage in general. They don’t need so much attention, will listen to you if you ask nicely, and can feed themselves. Imagine a high chair without the armrests, harnesses, and all the restrictions. That’s the seat of a toddler.

Benefits of Using High Chair

Bringing up a baby isn't easy, and the checklist for raising the baby will get long as it grows. But consider high chairs an absolute necessity because it'll make parenthood a little bit easier for you. These are just some of the reasons why you should get a high chair.

Sense of Togetherness

A family must get together at least once a day to have dinner. With a high chair, the youngest member can join the family meeting at the dinner table where all the important discussions take place. As the baby grows, it’ll feel that it’s an important part of the family. This is crucial for the development of the family bond.

Ease of Handling of the Baby

Babies are tough to handle because you can’t seem to keep them in a single place. A high chair with a harness will do that for you. You can clean the baby, feed it, and groom it. Getting a high chair is a much better idea than giving it a smartphone only so that you can feed it.

Reading and TV Time

These are the moments you'll truly interact with the baby, and it's crucial for the development of its mind. You can introduce the baby to puzzles, coloring books, alphabets, toys, or play its favorite song on TV and sing along! Now, you can also focus on other stuff and quit worrying about your baby getting bored.


Babies are so unpredictable, you’ll never know what they’ll do next. High chairs are designed in a way so that they can keep the babies safe. Harnesses and belts keep the baby fastened in its place, so you won’t have to worry about it accidentally hurting itself.

The chairs are also perfectly stable, so they can't be toppled over, no matter how much the baby struggles.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about highchairs, check out our list of FAQs to see if we have the answers.

What is the safest high chair?

There are many safety features a high chair can have. They’re mainly built to handle infants; therefore, almost all of them have harnesses. The wheels can be locked in its place. Graco Blossom 6 in 1, ciao! Baby, Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair are some of the safest high chairs.

Can I sit up my 6 months baby in a high chair?

Six months old babies definitely qualify for the high chairs because they need increased attention and help for feeding, cleaning, reading, etc. Some of them already learn to crawl so they can move around. They need high chairs for their safety and proper handling.

Do babies need footrest on a high chair?

You might often see that your baby is swaying its legs around when you put them in a chair without footrests. It’s not for fun, that position is not comfortable for them. Often in that situation, babies are reluctant to eat because they’re not comfortable. That’s why a footrest is needed.

At what age do babies use high chairs?

Generally, high chairs come with an age requirement of six months for babies. The manufacturers come up with it, and they know the requirements of the chairs they make. A general rule of thumb is, if your baby can sit up straight, it’s ready for the high chair. But if it's not comfortable in the chair, don’t push it.

What can I use instead of a high chair?

Although convertible chairs are never a bad investment, if it’s too expensive for you, you have other options. Traditional and folding high chairs are less costly. You can get a booster seat to turn an ordinary chair into a high chair for your kid. Travel harnesses will keep your kid safe in any chair.

When to use a high chair?

Normally, a child can sit up straight and digest solid food at the age of six months. That's a good time to start. But remember not to keep the baby fastened to the chair all the time. When it's well-fed and rested, let it roam free so that it can crawl around.

How long do toddlers use high chairs?

Kids grow at a different learning rate and progress. So, it varies from child to child. But if your kid can sit up without falling over, it’s a good time to promote it to a booster chair. This normally takes about one to two years. But even when it's ready, you should keep a close eye so that it doesn’t fall over.

Final Words

These were some fantastic highchairs, and picking any one of them is tough. I’m a big fan of convertible chairs because they can be transformed into different types of high chairs, and thus, they can be of use for a long time.

In my opinion, Graco Table2Table Premier Fold is ‘the one’ if you’re searching for the best high chair.

It’s convertible, foldable, and can be cleaned easily. However, if you prefer a wooden one, Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair is a work of art. But whichever you choose, make sure your little one is comfortable with it!

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