How to Fold Cosco High Chair?

Cosco High Chair

The high chairs that Cosco offers are one of the most go-to options for the parents. They are quite sturdy and will be able to offer an adequate amount of stability that is required to hold your baby securely. Apart from the overall safety that they have to offer, the replacement parts are quite easy to find too.

However, they sure are a bit large in size and will take quite an amount of space in your rooms. But, you will be able to store them away by folding them.

And, if you do not know how, we are here to tell you how to fold Cosco high chair. You will be able to save a lot of room space after folding and storing them away. With that said, let us get right into the process.

Part 1: Removing the Tray

Before you fold the high chair for storing, you must remove the tray first. The steps for this process are:

Step 1: Clean the Tray

As the tray is where you serve food to your baby, it might have some food residues on top of the surface. And before storing, you need to wipe it clean. Use a soft cloth and some water to clean it. Make sure there are no food residues on the surface. After wiping it, use a dry towel to dry it up.

Step 2: Locate the Handle Buttons and Remove the Tray

After you have cleaned the surface of the tray, you will need to locate the buttons. They are usually located at the side of the tray. Some might be on the underside of the tray. These buttons are generally wedge-shaped.

Once you have located the buttons, push both of them down at the same time. After pressing the buttons, the tray should come loose, and you will be able to adjust it.

If you did not know this before, the position of the tray can be adjusted by pressing the buttons and sliding it. Nevertheless, you need to slide the tray out for this process.

You will probably hear three clicking noises while trying to get the tray out of the chair. Once you have successfully removed the tray, you will be able to remove it from the chair railings. Keep the tray somewhere safe for the time being and move to the next part of the process.

Part Two: Folding the Chair

After you have successfully taken off the tray from the chair, you will be able to fold the chair and store it away properly. The steps for that are as follows:

Step 1: Clean the Seat

Before you store the chair away, you would want to clean it, or else if food residues are on the top, molds might grow on it. For that reason, you would want to get a soft cloth and damp it up with a soapy solution.

Wipe the seat clean and make sure that there are no residues on the surface. After the wet clean, you will have to clean it up again with a dry towel.

Step 2: Position Yourself for Folding the Chair

You will not be able to fold a Cosco high chair from the front. Turn the chair or walk behind the chair. It would be best if you stood behind it. Apart from that, facing the chair in this position also makes the folding procedure easy.

Step 3: Locate Release Triggers for the Latch

Just like the tray buttons, the latch of the chair should also have a release trigger. You will be able to find one on each side of the chair. They are generally under the railing of the tray, but some of the models might have it on the top side.

An easy way to know whether the trigger is for the latch or not is by looking at the indentation. There should be a curvature in which your fingers will rest.

Step 4: Pull on the Triggers

Now, pull the triggers that you have located on step number three. Grab onto it and pull it upward. You must pull both of the triggers at the same time, or the mechanism will not activate.

After that, you will notice that the chair is slowly lifting upward. Make it lift up until you hear or feel a click. The click will indicate that the latch has released the upper portion of the chair.

Step 5: Make the Upper Part Collapse

Once the latches have released the upper portion of the chair, it should start collapsing by itself. When it starts collapsing, let go of the triggers.

If the upper portion does not collapse all the way, apply a bit more force to it. Once it does rest on the frame of the chair, move onto the next step.

Step 6: Make the Chair Fold Completely

If the upper portion is collapsed, the next step would be to push the seat down and then forward. Continue to push down the seat until the back and seat are directly near the legs. You might have to use both of your hands to make the chair fold completely. Apart from that, you might also have to bend over a bit for folding it.

Tips for Moving and Storing the Chair

The main motive behind folding the chair is to move it out of the room and store it someplace safe. Well, these are the tips for that:

  • Usually, the high chairs do not have any straps to hold both of the ends when it is folded. For that reason, we would recommend you to hold both of the sides with your hands. If you let go of one of the sides, it might fall or get unfolded.
  • In the case of storing the chair, we would recommend you to store it vertically. Slide it through a narrow corner in a way that both the seat and the legs remain held together. If the space is not narrow enough, the chair might unfold and open up again as there are no straps to hold it together.

How to Unfold a Cosco High Chair?

As we have shown you how to fold a chair, you might also wonder if there is any proper way of unfolding a chair. Well, yes, there is an appropriate way of doing that. The steps are:

  • Grab the chair from a position that the legs are facing towards you. The seat and the back part of the chair should be facing outwards.
  • Set the legs on the ground first by grabbing onto the upper edge of the chair. You might have to bend a little bit to make the chair stand on the ground properly. Use one hand to grab the upper portion of the chair and use the other one to make sure that the chair is steadily placed on top of the ground.
  • Then you will have to pull up and pull back the seat. After doing so, the seat and the back part of the chair should start separating. Pull up to that point when you can hear or feel a click. The click will indicate the chair is properly set to an upright position.
  • After you have made the chair sit at an upright position, you will have to put the tray back in the place. Once you have installed the tray, you will be able to make your baby sit on top of it again.

Final Words

Folding the high chair is quite essential for moving and storing it securely. And we hope that we were able to show you how to fold Cosco high chair properly. With that said, we would like to conclude here by hoping that you were able to follow the steps properly and were able to store the high chair appropriately.

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