Why Do My Legs Hurt After Sitting?

Legs Hurt After Sitting

It's time to pick up your kids from school. You hurry the work toward its end and take the keys, then suddenly – “Ouch, boy, that hurts!” It’s the leg pain you’ve been planning to consult a physician about, isn’t it?

Now, the problem has quite a magnitude. And if not taken care of, it might lead to unhappy consequences.

By the time you are done with our article, you will know very well the answers to your question, “why do my legs hurt after sitting?” Here, we will discuss all this issue- its causes, features, remedies, etc. so that you do not meet the lovely kids with a sad face for too long.

Venous Insufficiency: The Most Probable Cause

This is the terminology we use for describing such a symptom as leg pain. Though pain is always bad and needs to be taken seriously, recurring pain is worse. Therefore, if you are experiencing pain, do not delay the consultation of the doctor.

The Reason Behind the Pain

Do you feel that the pain intensifies when your legs have been inactive for long periods? If so, then know that blood is pooling in your leg veins. What happens is that when you are inactive, the fluid gets the chance to build up more than the time of activities.

Therefore, blood moves slower than usual through your vein while sitting for prolonged periods. Now, when you get up from your seat, there is extra pressure and weight on the leg all of a sudden. And this causes the blood to start pumping more vigorously, hence the onset of pain.

What Are the Features of This Type of Leg Pain?

Tingling, cramping, or burning sensations – these are pretty much the features the patients are presented with. Also, they inform that the pain subsides when they take a walk. Now, though most cases have isolated calf or foot pain, we aren’t unfamiliar with thigh pain either.

Moreover, some patients complain of swelling, provided the pain persists for extended periods. So, these are the symptoms associated with leg pain after extended sitting.

Other Causes of Leg Pain

Here are some other causes you should know.


This is common for those who do exercise. There's a reason behind the trainer’s instructing you to do low-intensity exercise. See, our body, including the muscles, needs time to get used to the intense push-ups and weight-lifting.

And what happens when you do not lend attentive ears to your trainer? Muscle cramp happens. Yes, without paying heed, you gave way to lactic-acid build-up.

Moreover, excessive lactic acid gives rise to inflammation and, ultimately, cramps. However, this type of pain is often temporary. But, you need to be careful.


If there’s swelling in any one of the legs, the doctors will consider Deep Vein Thrombosis. This condition is severe and requires prompt treatment without further delay. Thrombosis means blocking of the vessels. When the deep veins get blocked, we call it DVT.

You will feet intense aching if thrombosis is the cause of your condition. And usually, this type of pain develops in one leg at a time.


Another terminology to describe a condition having leg pain as a feature is Varicose Vein. It develops when the valves of the veins collapse. Blood builds up next, resulting in a blockage. The veins then expand, and what you perceive is swelling of the legs.

Peripheral Vascular Disease

This is poor circulation in the legs. It is common in smokers and patients with Diabetes Mellitus. If there's a burning sensation felt deep within the legs, the physician will consider this disease. This happens when the arteries of the legs fur up.    

Remedies for Leg Pain

Of course, we aren’t going to talk about the definitive treatment here. The doctors will need to investigate the matter first with the help of laboratory procedures. So, you need to consult a doctor who has a specialty in hematology and venous disorders.

However, there’s one remedy you can take before going for a clinical visit. It’s the compression hosiery or stocking we are talking about. Numerous patients have reported that it was beneficial, which led us to trust its effectiveness.

Benefits of Using Compression Stockings

The stocking deals with Deep Vein Thrombosis and Varicose Veins very impressively. Also, you will find it useful with poor circulation. Another thing I like about it is that it’s effortless to clean and take off. Not to mention, it’s durable.

By providing compression, it relieves the pain ever so amazingly. When you are thinking about a non-invasive technique to reduce the pain, consider using compression hosiery. However, it will be best if you consult a doctor first.


We know that swimming is the master of all exercises. You don’t only want the condition to be cured, but you want to strengthen your body also. Therefore, the best way to make your body fit is by swimming from time to time. Also, walking regularly at a good pace should be beneficial.

No More Smoking

Yes, it's time you said your parting words with the bad habit of smoking. We talked about smoking's being a cause for your leg pain earlier. So, eliminate the cause to prevent the effects.


There’s no need to highlight the importance of a healthy and balanced diet. Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) once in a while, consult a general physician about your eating habit, and lose weight if needed. Also, continue with the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus if you are suffering from it.

Last Words

Now you know the answer to your question, “why do my legs hurt after sitting?”

Though leg pain isn’t something to take lightly, with almighty’s grace, it can be preventable and curable. So, do not delay visiting a doctor as soon as you start experiencing the pain.

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