8 Causes of Leg Pain When Standing Up from Sitting

Have you experienced bouts of leg pain when standing up after sitting? You might be tempted to brush it off, but it is ill-advised. There can be several causes of leg pain when standing up from sitting on a chair.

The purpose of this article is to alert you of eight common possible causes and help you be more aware of what can instigate sudden pain. We’ll also see possible cures or preventive measures you can take to prevent it from happening.

Leg Pain When Standing Up from Sitting

What Can Cause My Leg to Hurt When Standing Up?

Do note that you must seek the help of a doctor when necessary. It will help avoid complications, and it is better to be safe.

1. Dehydration

Inadequate consumption of water can lead to many harmful side effects on your body. One of these effects includes your muscles weakening. This can lead to your legs feeling weak and end up hurting.

The pain can end up being exacerbated when you try to stand up. So always make sure you’re hydrated to avoid having your muscles grow weaker.

Dehydration also has several other symptoms to help you spot it aside from the leg pain. This includes dizziness, headaches, and a dry mouth.

2. Physical Strain

Heavy exertion or exercise can strain your legs. While you might not feel the pain after the workout, the strain can end up causing your legs to hurt when you stand up. If you tend to overexert yourself or don’t pace yourself properly, you’ll end up experiencing bouts of pain after your physical activities.

You mustn’t overdo your physical training or exercise and adequately pace yourself. It’s best to start small and then increase your regimen slowly to avoid straining your legs and hurting yourself.

3. Awkward Sitting Positions

Sitting with your legs tucked in or without enough room to stretch can cause stress on your legs. When you try to stand up from sitting in an uncomfortable position for a long time, you may feel a surge of pain in your legs or throbbing.

Avoid sitting in cramped spaces, and make sure you have enough legroom to stretch your legs from time to time.

4. Poorly Controlled Diabetes

Diabetes, left unchecked, can be the cause of many different ailments. It can affect the nerves in your legs, which can lead to pain in the legs, especially when standing up. This can lead to other severe ailments over time. So always keep your diabetes in check.

5. Past Inflammations

Past inflammations of a vein can lead to pain in your legs. They might not be noticeable while resting but can arise when you get up from sitting. Past leg trauma can also lead to this.

Moreover, neglect can cause damage to the vein and lead to diseases. If your skin is swollen and red, you should have it checked out for inflammation before it gets worse. Proper medication will help.

6. Age

Old age can be a primary cause of leg pain when standing up. This should not be seen as a direct cause and should be considered if the diagnoses don’t reveal anything. Growing older can lead to muscles weakening. You can find yourself straining yourself more often after some exercise.

7. Blood Clot

Slow or sluggish circulation of blood in your legs can lead to clotting. This ends up preventing the drainage of blood from your legs and can lead to swelling. More so, this surge of pain is especially noticeable when you stand up with the pain being akin to muscle cramps.

It can escalate into a severe issue if not attended to as it can result in discoloration of the skin on your lower legs and affecting other parts of your body.

Sitting for long periods can lead to this happening. So be sure to take some time to exercise or walk to keep the blood flowing.

8. Narrowed Arteries

Your arteries becoming narrower is a condition known as peripheral arterial disease. This leads to less blood being transported to your legs and your legs being deprived of oxygen.

Additionally, your legs will grow weaker and start aching with a surging pain being present when you try to get up from sitting. While weakness in the legs is typical for this condition, it can grow very harmful.

Getting this diagnosis is essential. Hanging your leg over the bedside can increase blood flow and circulation, preventing this from happening.


Aside from these causes, there can be other reasons for your leg. These eight reasons are some of the most common ones, and except for age, all of them have proper preventative measures and should not be neglected, or else they can quickly grow worse. Stay healthy, everyone.

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  1. I have leg pain and balance issues when first standing after sitting or when I awake. It clears up after 10-15 seconds. I exercise 5 days per week and am active at 80 years old. I am looking for a doctor / therapist who can help

  2. I have leg pain and balance issues when first standing after sitting or when I awake. It clears up after 10-15 seconds. I am 50 years old. what could it be

  3. I’m 80 yrs old. I work out at the Y four days each week doing spinning and body pump religiously. I’ll ride
    my bicycle to breakfast or dinner. Work in yard. Cholesterol 179 sugar 90. Blood pressure good.

    The problem is that as of 6 weeks ago my legs hurt constantly especially after standing up from a seated position.

    I’ve increased my water intake and started taking iron and Vitamin D yesterday.

    I’m concerned about PAD.

  4. I do not feel pain in my legs. However, I feel like my walking is unsteady that’s without assistance. Sometimes, that becomes worse where I need assistance walking. I do not drink or do drugs. It is hard to describe, sometimes it feels like the room is slated downwards like going into a pull. Other times, it feels like it is tilted kind of like a Seesaw (does not feel like one) just kind of a downward to the sides. I am on warfarin and baby aspirin for my artificial heart valve. I am not in any pain related to my legs. I am in pain for the doctor failing to put an iv in my neck and collapse a part of my right lung around April 12, 2022. Then, put a chest tube in, and took it out on Good Fridays. Between both hospital they forgot to change out the Ivs that lead to an infection in my right arm. I also cause swelling of veins in both arm. Just a friendly reminder Jesus loves you all! Jesus saves!


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