What Are Pros and Cons of a Recliner Chair?

Over the years, recliner chairs have achieved quite a lot of popularity. Known for providing comfort and healing features, these particular kinds of armchairs are loved by most.

Not only do these chairs provide comfort for everyday use, but they also have a whole lot of health benefits for patients too. It helps relieve pain from different kinds of things such as stress, breathing, even heart problems.

If you're interested in getting a recliner chair, but you’re not sure if you should make the purchase, we will show you what are pros and cons of a recliner chair.

So, go on, and read till the end to find out!

What Is a Recliner Chair?

Well, it is the kind of armchair that bends backward and extends the folded bottom part forward as you sit down.

It has a cushioned backrest which can be angled backward, and also a footrest that can be stretched outward using a trigger attached to the side of the recliner. It can even be extended outward naturally while the backrest is reclining.

What Are the pros of a Recliner Chair?

Recliner chairs have become increasingly prevalent due to the incredible feeling of relaxation they offer. They are used mostly at homes to watch movies, play video games, and let loose and relax. Like all furniture, there are pros and cons to using recliner chairs.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the advantages.

A Man Sitting On A Recliner Chair

Helps Relieve Neck Pain and Back Pain

Most people who work long hours in a seated position suffer from severe neck and back pain. If you are one of them, a recliner chair will do wonders for you.

Instead of sleeping in a bed, consider sleeping on a recliner because it offers more stability to the back and neck and lets you unwind and sleep more comfortably. It reduces the strain on the backbone and helps the muscles on your body to relax.

Helps Relieve Stress and Inflammation

Another thing that is quite common among everyone is stress. Especially, working people tend to be stressed. Recliners help with that, too.

As sleeping on a recliner lifts the feet above the level of the heart, it stimulates blood supply, allowing recovery from exhaustion and providing more relief to the lower body.

Helps with Circulatory Problems

In the same way as relieving stress, sleeping in a recliner helps with other circulatory problems.

Helps Tackle Heartburn and Acidity

Sleeping in a recliner can provide a remedy to patients suffering from chronic indigestion problems.

Helps with Sleeping Problems

A recliner can even help sleeping problems like sleep apnea, snoring, and more. Opening up your diaphragm will help you to breathe easier.

Makes Breathing Easier

One thing that is quite common among older people is trouble breathing. For people with mild respiratory issues, sleeping on a recliner will allow deeper breaths.

Helps with Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis

Another common thing among older people is osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

For people suffering from such problems, sleeping on a recliner is much more comfortable and relaxing. It even lessens the pain.

Helps Relax During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, sleeping in a bed can prove to be uncomfortable and troublesome.

In this case, sleeping on a recliner will help. It will resolve symptoms like morning sickness, breathing problems, stomach cramps, and more.

Helps Sleep after Surgery

After surgery, you might consider sleeping on a recliner for a few days to get proper sleep as a bed may be too painful right away.

Apart from helping alleviate health issues and enabling a healthier lifestyle, these recliner chairs often have several other advantages, too. Here are some.

Doesn’t Have Enough Space for Movement

As recliner chairs don't have enough room to shift, if you want to swap positions while you are sleeping, a recliner is not a suitable choice for you.

You have got to sit on your back or your sides when sleeping, so that may be awkward for you.

Can Cause Blood Clotting

You must always sleep with your backrest leaned back because sleeping in the position where you are sitting straight can cause thrombotic clotting in your legs, which can prove to be fatal.

Can Cause Knee Problems

It is kind of the same issue as the one before. If you sleep in a position where you are sitting upright, and your legs are not flat on the footrest, it can make the knows weak. So when you try to stand up and walk, your knees will feel feeble.

So, make sure to adjust your recliner before falling asleep.

Can Cause Lower Back Pain

It might be devastating if you already have back pain, and there happens to be a distance between the curve of the seat and your back. So, make sure to use a throw pillow or blanket to cover the gap.

May Induce Shallow Sleep

As there is not enough room to move, you cannot move while sleeping. For some, this might cause restlessness and cause body aches later in the day.

Aside from health-related issues, there are some other issues as well.

Occupies Too Much Space

Recliner chairs are significant, and they occupy a lot of space, significantly when extended outwards. So, that might be an issue for people with small houses.

Weighs Quite a Lot

As these armchairs are huge, they are also cumbersome. That makes it difficult to be carried or moved around.


Now that we have explained pros and cons of a recliner chair, you can see that the benefits outweigh the costs. However, you have to make sure you don’t fall asleep while sitting upright, which will cause more bad than good.

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