How To Install and Remove The Recliner Back?

Recliner Back

The installation and removal of a recliner or a sectional with reclining capabilities may look harder than it is. It can be new, old, or just in need of some good old relocation while you knockout some spring cleaning. Regardless of your reason taking the back of a recliner on or off is made easier when you know what to do.

The following article will be able to teach you exactly how in just a few simple steps. No more struggling with the back piece of a recliner.

Time to Attach and Relax

To begin let's make sure the base is situated where you would like it to go. If you are still undecided just assure enough space for moving around once it's built. You don't want to put the recliner together just to find out it's to big to move around. Or maybe you wont mind since it'll be so easy to do after reading this article.

Once you have the base where you want its now time to start securing it in place. Depending on the size of your recliner two people may work better then one for this next part. Holding on to the back of your recliner chair evenly lift it up and slide into place.

There will be a metal guide on either side of the back. These two guides will need to be dropped down evenly into the bases receiving end. Two metal clips that are found on either side of the base.

Now that you have the back part and base aligned properly you are ready to lock them both in place. This part is super easy. Just firmly press down on the top part of the recliner back. Try to apply the pressure as directly over the guides as possible.

The final step in attaching the back of a recliner is the sealing of its cover. Just pull down the cover from the top and drop it down. The Velcro on the top flap will line up perfectly with those of the base. Starting from the top of either side press the two pieces together. Continue to do so along the entirety of the Velcro tracking.

Awesome, now you take a step back and admire your handiness. Or better yet walk around that beautiful piece of furniture and take five. You earned it so just kick back and relax. This is also a great way to quality check your work when done as well.

Detaching Made Easy

Detaching the back of a recliner is really just as simple and easy as the attaching of it. Let's get right to it then. Remember the covering we ended with when attaching the back. That's where detaching begins with a nice and easy step.

Gently pull the recliners cover off by pulling apart the Velcro tracking. Do this for the entire length of the tracking. Make sure to do so gently to avoid any damage or loss of sealing capability. Once you have detached the covering fold it up over the back of the recliner.

Once the covering is secured onto the back you should be able to easily see the guides and clips. You're ready to move on.

You'll have to get down to floor level now for this step. There is a small hook located by the guides and clips you need to locate. Once located use your fingers to push up on the little metal hook. This will detach the base from the back of the recliner for you. Super easy so far, right? Well it doesn't get much harder from here.

You'll want to begin detaching the back piece from the base at this point. This step is similar to step two of attaching the back of a recliner. Two people may work then one person when lifting the back piece out of the base clips.

However, detaching is much easier then sliding the guides into the hook. So, one person may be enough for the job. All you have to do is pull up and away. Just watch not to set it down on a toe.

Sounds easy enough to me how about you? Still have questions or maybe you are simply a better visual learner. Not to worry Living Spaces furniture store has an awesome article with illustrations on their web page.

Check it out and feed your thirst for more knowledge on the matter. It's in their ideas and advise section under "how to's". Good luck although you probably wont need it after reading this article.

To Recline or Not to Recline

Whether you need to attach the back of your recliner before taken a load off. Or take it apart for set up elsewhere, moving purposes, selling what have you. The steps are fairly easy and simple to execute.

Just follow the directions laid out for you above to a T. After all recliners are meant to bring peace and comfort. Something that even holds true in it's set up and dismantling. Now, go and show that recliner what you got.

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