7 Best Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain in 2021

Best Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

Nothing comes close to beating the comfort of lounging out on a zero-gravity chair while enjoying the tranquility of your beautiful patio. This furniture allows you to sit in a reclined position where your weight is evenly distributed across your body. As a result, you get to feel relaxingly weightless, just like astronauts in space!

They’re ideal for people with back pains. The best zero gravity chair for back pain will reduce the pressure from your spine and hip to offer a level of comfort that other chairs can’t match.

As there are tons of different models to choose from, shopping for these products can be troublesome. So, we’ve gone through many variations to find the best options for you.

7 Best Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

Here we’ve presented the top 7 zero gravity chairs for back pain. You will find all the details you need to make your decision.

EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Chair

This Oversize Zero Gravity is a newer and even better version of Ever Advance’s popular zero-gravity chair model. It’s designed to make seating super-comfortable for tall and big users. Boasting superb quality and features, this is one of the sturdiest and comfiest products on the market!

Comfort and relaxation are the kernel points of this fantastic chair. The moment you sit on it, you’ll be welcomed by the soft center padding. Thanks to the addition of an adjustable cushion, you’ll be able to maximize the comfortability by sliding it up and down.

Besides, this thing does an impressive job of maintaining an ergonomic back curve. You can easily recline it to a near-flat position to eliminate the development of back pain and other irritations caused by long-term sitting. The reclining process will feel smooth, thanks to the impressive locking system.

The heavy-duty steel frame gives it outstanding durability. You can expect it to last many years. This unit is ideal for any outdoor setting like patio, backyard, front porch, garden, etc. Moreover, it can withstand up to 350 pounds of weight without any issue.

By featuring a compact structure and a foldable design, this chair offers excellent portability. You can store it anywhere you want or bring it with you to the office or the beach.


  • Comes with an ergonomic design and offers smooth reclining
  • Features completely padded seat and back for enhanced comfort
  • Boasts heavy-steel framing for providing a longer lifespan
  • Designed to be compact and lightweight for convenience


  • Not designed for people of all sizes

Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Steel

These zero-gravity chairs offer near-perfect emulation of the weightlessness that astronauts feel in space. They’re sleek, lightweight, and super-convenient. Whether you’re enjoying the summer on your porch or camping outdoor, they will make sure you get to lounge in comfort!

Thanks to the brilliant lockable reclining system, these chairs smoothly slide into a zero-gravity position. They effectively distribute your body weight to make you feel almost weight less. The elastic cords quickly adjust to your weight to make sitting exceptionally comfortable.

So, you won’t develop any aching pain on your back, hip, or other pressure points no matter how long you sit for. The addition of a removable padded headrest makes sitting even cozier!

The use of heavy-duty steel frames combined with Textilene fabric in their construction makes these products extremely durable. They are likely to last a long time. Furthermore, they offer weather-resistance for allowing you to use the chairs outdoors freely.

Boasting a lightweight and foldable design, you will have no trouble carrying these items with you no matter where you go. As each chair weighs about 16.3 pounds only, you shouldn’t have any issue picking them up all by yourself.


  • Equipped with an impressive lockable reclining system
  • Durable enough to easily withstand up to 250 pounds of weight
  • Designed to resist UV rays for long-term outdoor use
  • Comes with a foldable and lightweight design for easy carrying
  • Features decent cup holder trays for convenience


  • Might not suit large people

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

If you’re looking for all the functionalities of a top-notch zero-gravity chair at an affordable price, this model from Caravan Sports can be an ideal choice. It offers the best value for your money as it’s durable, lightweight, and offers smooth reclining to ensure comfortable lounging.

This unit comes with a sturdy powder-coated steel frame along with a durable double bungee system. A weather-resistant Textilene fabric covers the seating space. As a result, you get an outstandingly durable chair that provides long-lasting support even after continuous outdoor use.

Moreover, this thing allows you to glide into the zero-gravity position smoothly. The amazing dual fingertip locking feature will make sure the chair sticks to your preferred setting.

While sitting in that position, you will barely feel any weight as your legs will be elevated, and the pressure on your back will be significantly reduced.

Featuring an adjustable padded headrest, this chair allows you to enjoy even more comfort! When you’re done using it, you can easily fold it to a reduced size and store it anywhere you see fit. Besides, this item is pretty lightweight, so carrying it around will feel like a breeze.


  • Equipped with an adjustable headrest for additional comfort
  • Boasts a heavy-duty steel frame for enhanced durability
  • Features a reliable locking system for firm locking performance
  • Offers decent long-term sitting comfort


  • The locking mechanism is made of plastic

PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

This is another impressive zero-gravity chair for large people from Phi-Villa. It comes with top-grade features to offer excellent comfort no matter how long you sit for. Place it in your garden or your porch and enjoy hours of relaxing sitting experience. This will be such a durable product that you won’t have to buy another one for years!

As this comes with padded seat on a double bungee system and a soft headrest pillow, you will find a very comfy place to relax in. You can easily switch to a reclined position to get the zero-gravity effect that offers an amazing feeling of weightlessness.

After locking into that position, you’ll be relishing the ultimate comfort as it will take away the pressure from the back! Moreover, you will find two comfy armrests for resting your hands. The effective locking mechanism will help you sit securely in any position you prefer. Operating the lock catch is pretty straightforward.

The alloy steel frame is sturdy enough to easily withstand up to 350 pounds, making it perfect for people with above-average weight. The seat itself is capable of resisting exposure to weather elements, so you can use it in any outdoor environment without any worry.


  • Comes with soft seat and back for offering relaxed lounging
  • Sports a headrest along with armrests for even more comfort
  • Features durable alloy steel frame for lasting a long time
  • Boasts an easy-to-fold design for facilitating transportation
  • Offers a fantastic adjustable reclining position


  • Not as wide as other oversize chairs

PORTAL Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity Chair

Manufactured with sturdy materials and featuring a superb design for comfort, this is another remarkable zero-gravity chair. Whether you want to sit comfortably or relax by lying down, this model is ideal for everything! It can help with your back pain by significantly reducing the pressure.

If you’re suffering from back pain, you will find relief in this lounger. Sporting an ergonomic design complete with a breathable mesh back and padded seats, it’s an astoundingly cozy chair. The adjustable padded pillow that it comes with can be used as a headrest or lumbar support for added comfort.

There are even armrests for keeping your hands comfy. Thanks to the easy reclining system, you can sit upright or switch to a completely laid back sleeping position. You can lounge for hours straight without developing any pain on this chair! It doesn’t need any assembly at all.

Aided by the bungee suspension and the durable frame, this unit can withstand a lot of weight, up to 350 pounds! It’s large and wide for taking care of bigger people. However, it’s still light enough for easy carrying. For facilitating transportation and storage, this thing is foldable as well.


  • Offers smooth reclining with a superb locking system
  • Boasts sturdy construction for withstanding extra weight
  • Comes with a breathable mesh and padded seats for comfort
  • Features armrests and headrest for enhanced comfort
  • Doesn’t require any assembly


  • Slightly heavier than other products

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Chair

Ensure maximum comfort for your body by sitting on this amazing zero-gravity chair from Timber Ridge! It comes with impressive durability, fantastic loading capacity, and an excellent design for offering superior comfort. You won't have to do any assembling, so it's useable right off the box!

This premium lounger can go from upright to zero-gravity position within a couple of seconds. So, it won’t take long for you to start enjoying the perfect weightless experience. The locking mechanism will make sure it doesn’t wobble around.

You can lay on it comfortably for hours. There won’t be any aching pain even after long-term lounging. This unit comes with all the necessary paddings on the seat along with a headrest and armrests for allowing you to enjoy maximum relaxation.

Thanks to the combination of sturdy steel tube frame, high-quality elastic cord, and heavy-duty polyester fabric in its construction, this chair is incredibly durable. So, you won’t see any deterioration for many years.

This is a folding chair, so when you have to move it around or store it, you will be able to fold it to a smaller size for convenience.


  • Designed to support up to 350 pounds of weight
  • Guaranteed to provide superior comfort
  • Folds and unfolds within mere seconds
  • Features an easily adjustable reclining system
  • Comes with an impressive locking mechanism


  • The sealer on the wooden armrest may wear out quickly

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Oversized Recliner Chair

We couldn’t help putting another zero-gravity chair from Timber Ridge because they produce amazing products! This one comes with a strong and sturdy frame, a comfortable design, and a foldable feature. You will find it to be ideal for any outdoor activity.

Featuring a fantastic bungee-cord suspension system, this lounger offers both durability and comfort. The padded seat comes complete with a padded headrest that can be adjusted easily for providing lumbar support. So, whenever you sit in it, you’ll appreciate how comfortable it is.

Adjusting the position will feel super-smooth and straightforward, thanks to the easy locking levers. You can quickly move the sitting position from upright to 160 degrees to get a laid back, zero-gravity position.

The chair is capable of distributing your weight evenly throughout your body to reduce the pressure from your back, hip, and legs. As a result, no matter how long you sit, the experience will be relaxing.

Supporting up to 350 pounds of weight, this unit is perfect for big people. It’s got a heavy-duty steel tube frame to make sure it doesn’t break under pressure. You will be surprised at how strong and durable it is!


  • Capable of withstanding 350 pounds of maximum weight
  • Offers super-comfortable long-term lounging
  • Completely foldable for easy transportation and storage
  • Features a patented locking system that works flawlessly
  • Ideal for tall and large people


  • The seat feels stiffer than others

Buying Guide of  Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

Not sure what to look for when shopping for zero-gravity chairs? Not to worry because we’ve got you covered.

We understand it can be a bit overwhelming at first because there are so many options to go through. So, we’re going to make the process easier by telling you exactly which features you have to consider the most.

Build Quality

You expect your zero-gravity chair to last many summers. It’s likely to be used a lot in outdoor environments. So, you must make sure to check out the components that have been used to build the lounger. It’s best to opt for products that are built with high-quality materials. Otherwise, they won’t last long, and you’ll lose money.

The best zero gravity chair for back pain comes with a heavy-duty frame made with high-quality steel or aluminum. Look for powder-coated frames if you’re living in areas where the temperature tends to be high because they are better at resisting UV rays.

Fabric Quality

You should pay attention to the fabric quality of your preferred zero-gravity chair. It must be durable as well. Most high-quality products come with Textilene or polyester fabrics for offering enough durability to withstand constant abuse. As they’re available in various colors, you should pick one that matches your décor.

Frame-Lock Mechanism

Zero-gravity chairs are popular because they allow you to sit in many different positions. But they won’t be of any use to you unless they can hold the position. For that, it must be equipped with an effective frame-lock mechanism.

So, be sure to evaluate the locking mechanism before purchasing. Your chair should feature high-quality locking pins for holding the position you like. Low-grade pins are known to break too quickly, which can be a major inconvenience.

Another important thing to note is that these chairs are available with two kinds of locking systems. The first is the single locking system, which isn’t as effective as the double locking system. If you want peace of mind, it’s best to go for loungers with double locks. 

Recline Performance

The reason you’re considering zero-gravity chairs is most likely because you’re interested in the reclining feature. So, it won’t make sense to go for a chair that doesn’t offer decent reclining performance.

Therefore, you should buy one that smoothly glides into a completely reclined position. The process should be quick and easy.

You will find that the top-notch products are capable of going into the zero-gravity position within seconds. They will keep your legs elevated and take the pressure off your back to give you a weightless experience, much like what the astronauts feel in space!


Comfort is another significant advantage of a zero-gravity chair. You’re shopping for one because you want the ultimate comfort. There are certain features that can increase the comfortability of a zero-gravity chair.

Besides offering a zero-gravity sitting position, it should come with a padded seat that you will enjoy sitting on. Most products feature adjustable headrest, which is something you should definitely look for. If you want an even greater level of comfort, you should make sure to get a lounger with ergonomic armrests.


Even if the chair is incredibly comfortable, you won’t be able to enjoy it completely unless it feels safe enough to sit in. How would you feel safe in a rickety chair that wobbles and creaks weirdly every time you sit on it?

So, make sure to pick a top-grade chair that doesn’t make you feel like you’re about to fall off. It should be wide enough to take care of your entire body. Moreover, operating it must feel super-easy. Stay away from the ones that feel flimsy, stiff, and unstable.

Size and Capacity

The size and the capacity will determine how comfortable the gravity chair will be for you. Your preferred unit should match your body size and weight. Otherwise, you won’t get the promised comfortable experience no matter how expertly the chair is made.

For example, if you’re over 6-feet tall and weigh over 200 pounds, you should go for oversized models. Most of these oversized chairs can support up to 350 pounds of weight.

Additional Features

Additional features can make your life easier. For instance, some chairs come with sunshades that can protect your face from harmful UV rays. Many are equipped with cup holders to allow you to keep your beverages closer to you.

Benefits of a Zero Gravity Chair

Zero-gravity chairs offer plenty of health benefits besides providing the obvious comfort, relaxation, and relief from stress. Let’s find out more!

Reduces Back Pain

It’s easy to develop back pain after years of sitting with bad posture. Zero-gravity chairs can improve your posture. Furthermore, the zero-gravity position reduces pressure from your spine when you sit. As a result, you will find relief from back pain and get to sit comfortably without feeling any aching.

Relaxes Sore Muscles

Your muscles get to relax perfectly when you sit in a zero-gravity position because the apparent pressure on the muscles is reduced significantly. Your sore muscles may even heal after frequent use of these loungers.

Prevents Varicose Veins

Zero-gravity chairs allow you to sit with your legs elevated. This improves blood circulation in your legs and prevents blood pooling. Blood can freely flow in and out, resulting in the prevention of varicose veins.

Reduces Muscular Tensions

If you sit in an uncomfortable position for a long time, your muscles will become tense. This can be extremely irritating. However, if you sit in zero-gravity chairs, the reduced pressure will release most of the tensions. That’s why zero-gravity chairs have therapeutic value.

Relieves Acid Reflux

Another big advantage of sitting in the zero-gravity position is that it’s known to relieve acid reflux. When you sit in that position, the upper part of your body is slightly lifted. This helps in clearing the acid from your esophagus, resulting in relief from acid reflux.

Boosts Cardiovascular Health

Zero-gravity chairs are known for making you feel weightless. You are almost liberated from gravity’s effects, much like the astronauts. The effect goes far into your heart as well. Since the pressure is reduced, your blood circulation gets a huge boost and starts flowing even more effectively.

As a result, your entire body gets more oxygen and nutrition. So, sitting in the zero-gravity position can improve the health of your heart and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Helps the Lungs

The zero-gravity position can increase the functionality of your lungs by expanding the diaphragm. After sitting in that position for a long time, your lungs’ capacity will be increased as well. You will get to inhale more oxygen, and best of all, you won't run out of breath as quickly.

How Does Zero Gravity Help to Reduce Back Pain?

Zero-gravity chairs can play a significant role in reducing back pain. As you know, gravity always keeps pressure on the body and pulls us down. The effect naturally falls on the back as well. Gravity keeps the spine compressed. As a result, pain starts developing in the back over time. It can be traced to bad sitting posture as well.

However, these pains are easily treatable. One of the best ways of healing back pain is by using zero-gravity chairs. When you sit in the zero-gravity position, your body starts experiencing weightlessness. That’s because the constant body pressure is reduced to a great extent.

This gives the discs of your spine a lot of room to hydrate and expand. The reduction in the pressure starts healing back pain. Zero-gravity position prevents tension from your vertebrae as well. It fixes the misalignments and reduces inflammation.

Your back gets to relax, which isn’t something it gets to do much when you’re walking around or sitting in a bad posture. As you already know, a zero-gravity position can improve blood circulation. This can also help in reducing back pain.

Thanks to gravity, people are prone to slouching when they sit on traditional chairs. That creates bad posture. However, these chairs do an excellent job of correcting your posture.

So, after using them frequently, you will start to notice a considerable improvement in your body posture. This can be extremely beneficial for your back.

Long story short, the zero-gravity position effectively takes away the stress from your back and decompresses it. This allows your back to relax in comfort, which in turn reduces any inflammation and tension.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can kids use zero gravity chair?

There is no problem with kids using zero-gravity chairs. After all, they deserve to have some comfort in their life too! However, as we’ve mentioned before, the size and capacity play a huge role in how comfortable the chair will be.

So, if you want a zero-gravity chair for your children, you should find a small-sized one. They won’t be able to get the most out of the ones designed for adults because they’re too large for them.

What is the best brand of zero gravity chairs?

There are plenty of decent zero-gravity chair manufacturers. The brands that we’ve included in our reviews are all pretty amazing. Ever Advanced, Caravan Sports, Timber Ridge, etc., are some of the best brands of zero-gravity chairs that you will come across.

What is the best reclining position for back pain relief?

We would say the zero-gravity position is the best for alleviating back pain. That's because, in that position, your back feels the least pressure. It can relax better when you’re in that weightless position.

What does zero gravity mean in a chair?

Zero-gravity refers to the feeling of weightlessness, similar to that of astronauts when they’re in space. However, you don’t actually become weightless by defying gravity. A zero-gravity chair evenly distributes your body weight to simulate the experience.

Final Words

We’ve tried to be as thorough as possible in preparing the reviews and the buying guide. That’s because we don’t want you to invest in a trashy product. If you’re still not sure which one to get, allow us to help.

Take a look at the “EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Chair.” We consider this model the best zero gravity chair for back pain because it offers the ultimate zero-gravity experience. Besides, it’s incredibly durable and convenient.

If you’re short on budget but still want a high-quality chair, then the “Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair” can be the perfect choice for you. It offers fantastic value at a surprisingly low price!

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