7 Best Zero Gravity Chair in 2021 [Updated]

The Best Zero Gravity Chair

When it comes to zero gravity chairs, comfort matters the most. These chairs are the most beneficial piece of furniture that can provide maximum comfort. This comfort is especially useful for individuals suffering from long term back pain and even nerve-related health issues.

Choosing zero gravity chairs just by looking at brands and price tags is not a very suitable option, especially if you’re seeking good quality. To get the best zero gravity chair, you need to have a clear knowledge of the particulars of each chair.

Having a good idea about all the necessary information can yield an ideal purchase.

7 Best Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

Selecting a zero-gravity chair that meets all the basic requirements can be difficult. The selection gets hard, especially when there are so many brands available. So, we’ve categorized some of the top options for you to choose from.

1. PORTAL Oversized Mesh Back Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

This one is an incredible option for those looking for good quality recliner chairs. PORTAL has always been popular for its tough and sturdy zero gravity chairs, and this particular item is no exception.

One of the most important features of this item is the presence of an adjustable position that comes with a sturdy locking system. This enables you to adjust to any comfortable position within 170° as you prefer. The locking system features a locking bar and pins that function smoothly without any difficulty.

It also has a compact and portable appearance and can hold a capacity of 350 pounds. You can fold it easily and use for outdoors or even carry it for camping purposes. Instead of plastic, this one features natural wood armrest. Wood makes it environment-friendly and stronger compared to the ones made of plastic.

Other accessories that come with this chair are built-in padded pillows, a storage option for phone, and a side table for snacks. The pillows are equipped with soft fabric that provides enough support to the back and headrest.


  • Adjustable locking system that encompasses up to 170 degrees
  • Spaciously designed
  • Breathable and lightweight fabric used for the chair and the pillows
  • Compact, portable and travel-friendly
  • Ergonomically designed armrest


  • Wood armrest makes it unsuitable to use under prolonged sunlight
  • Not waterproof

2. AmazonBasics Padded Zero Gravity Chair

If you’re looking for the best zero gravity chair outdoor, this one by AmazonBasics is a great option. The combination of tough quality material and sturdy construction makes it a good option for use.

A unique feature of this is the ability to fully attain the zero gravity position. In this way, you can easily change into a reclining position from an upright position easily. Switching to a reclining position ensures maximum comfort at your desired state.

The material of this chair is a good quality Oxford cotton fabric which is capable of withstanding any rough weather condition. There is also a provision of powder coating over the steel frames. It makes the frames resistant to rust and corrosion. The steel used in the chair is highly durable and does not deteriorate easily.

You can use this as a patio chair easily due to its padded design. It comes with accessories like a headrest pillow, a cup holder, and a strong armrest. The size of the chair is quite compact, making it easy to carry during traveling. Overall, it is a perfect chair for outdoor purposes.


  • Designed with weather-resistant Oxford cotton fabric
  • Firm and sturdy construction
  • Powder-coated steel frame to resist corrosion
  • Easy adjustment to reclining position
  • Travel-friendly due to portable size


  • The locking system is less adjustable
  • No side tray-table is included

3. Zero Gravity Chair Patio Lounge Recliner

This zero gravity chair is a great option to consider if comfort and quality are the only things you require. It comes with a strong build, and the accessories included within this chair make it a good choice.

You can obtain a zero-gravity position with this chair, which is both comfortable and easily adjustable. With this chair, you can change your reclining position as per your preference and lock it easily. The locking mechanism is easy to handle, and you can enjoy the position that gives you comfort by adjusting it.

There is enough pressure provided with this chair that is easy enough to handle your locked position. It means you don't have to worry about falling backward, which is a common issue with incorrectly aligned patio chairs. Starting from outdoors, poolsides, and even as relaxing patio chairs indoors, this one covers all.

With the material of Textilene fabric, this chair is comfortable and soft. The material is lightweight, breathable and also provides maximum resistance to weather. This zero gravity chair also features a dilated armrest and dismountable headrest. So, your arm and spine remain in perfect coordination when you're relaxing.


  • Sturdy and compact design
  • Breathable and lightweight Textilene fabric
  • Strong support to arm and spine
  • Easy adjustment to reclining position


  • Prone to rust and tear over time
  • Not waterproof

4. Vnewone Zero Gravity Chair

This zero gravity chair from Vnewone is a classic recliner chair with a sophisticated modern design. With strong construction and good quality material, you can never be disappointed with it.

It comes with an adjustable reclining position that can transition through different positions, starting from an upright one. You can adjust how much inclination you want using your feet. Later, you can set the reclining position you’re comfortable with.

Apart from an adjusting position, you can find a locking system under the handrails. So, when you're adjusting to your preferred state, this lock system can secure the chair in its appropriate place. It is also quite portable, so you can use it to carry it when you're traveling.

Soft Textilene is used as a fabric that is also resistant to hot and humid weather conditions. The breathability of the fabric makes the chair comfortable and relaxing. It also features an adjustable headrest that you can change according to your comfort.


  • Lightweight and soft Textilene fabric
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Smooth transition of the upright and reclining position
  • Secure lock system
  • Portable and travel-friendly


  • Steel frames may not be powder-coated
  • Rust and corrosion occur after a definite usage period

5. PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

If you're taller than 6 feet and you've been facing difficulty in finding a good zero gravity chair for your height, this one is your ultimate option from PHI-VILLA. It is specially designed by keeping taller individuals in mind.

This zero-gravity lounge chair is designed with a larger dimension that can accommodate 300 pounds and more than 6 feet in height. So, it is a perfect option for those who weigh more or are very tall in size. It is not only spacious but also comfortable and relaxing.

And this spacious zero gravity chair comes with adjustable back support. The adjustable back makes it easy to change into a tall or short size according to the user’s height. There is a lock catch included with it that operates simply by pulling and pushing the clip.

It also features an oversize padded seat along with firm padding along the centerline. The additional padding comes handy to support your back and neck when you're adjusting your reclining position. A double bungee system is included with the padding to make it last longer.


Suitable for taller than 6 feet individuals

Spacious and wide design for healthy people

Oversize padding for maximum support

Long-lasting and durable padded system

Reclining position can be adjusted comfortably


Not made with waterproof material

Wears easily after prolonged use

6. PORTAL Oversized Padded Zero Gravity Chair

When it comes to offering the finest zero gravity chair, PORTAL has always been one step ahead. Their oversized padded zero gravity chairs are an excellent addition to their family due to the wider design.

The specifications of this chair include an off-ground seat height of 22 inches and a seat width of 21 inches. A site like this makes it perfect for individuals who are taller than 6 feet or those who prefer larger chairs. It can accommodate a weight of around 350 lbs. So, it is the perfect oversize recliner chair for anyone.

Besides, it is a multi-position reclining hair that encompasses an angle of 170 degrees. So, you can adjust it however you want and obtain full reclining to relax comfortably. The chair has a good quality lock system that operates smoothly. And the compact design makes it easy to fold and pack for traveling.

This one has a dense fabric and powder coating over the steel frames. The combination of tough fabric and powder-coated frames makes it durable and long-lasting. There is also the bungee suspension system that aids in providing maximum support to the back and arms.


  • Powder-coated steel frames withstand corrosion
  • Strong support to the back and spine
  • Multi-position reclining
  • Easy to use a lock system


  • Not suitable for rain and sun exposure for a long duration

7. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

If you're looking for the best zero gravity chairs for camping trips, this one by Caravan Sports is a unique option. Starting from a tough build to a comfortable position, this chair meets all the requirements.

The one thing you need in a zero gravity chair during camping is how it holds up and how easy it will be to carry. Luckily, this chair meets both needs in the perfect balance. When it comes to folding up, this chair can accommodate a width of around 6 inches. So, you can pack it easily for camping trips.

This is the best zero gravity chair for back pain since it supports the back at both reclining and upright positions. It stabilizes the spinal pressure so that you can relax comfortably and change your position without any pain. There are adjustable headrest and lumbar support, which provides relief to back pain.

And this thing also hasthe capacity to hold 300 pounds, making it suitable for anyone. The adjustable reclining position and smooth lock system make it perfect for use when you're gazing at the stars in a campsite.


  • Smoothly functioning lock system
  • Reclining and upright position can be adjusted easily
  • Can fold up well
  • Adjustable lumbar support for back relief


  • Not suitable for people taller than 6 feet
  • The armrest is not equipped with proper locks

How to Pick the Right Zero Gravity Chair

As you have seen from our best zero gravity chair review, there are so many options available for zero gravity chairs. It gets difficult to make a suitable choice. Picking the right zero gravity chair requires a clear knowledge of the features as well as your requirements.

If the features of a chair meet your requirements, you can assume it is a suitable option for you. Here are some points which will aid in your selection of the best quality zero gravity chair-


When you’re buying a zero gravity chair, the most important point to consider is the fabric. The fabric in the chair ensures that you enjoy maximum comfort at all times. So, your overall easement depends on the chair fabric.

To ensure the best possible comfort, you should choose a chair with a fabric quality like memory foam or a piece of mesh fabric. Memory foams and other mesh fabrics are extremely soft and feel lightweight when you sit and relax on them.

Fabric selection also depends on your requirement, i.e., if you want the chair for indoor relaxation or outdoor pursuits. In case of outdoor purposes like for use as poolside furniture, the fabric should be waterproof and sturdy. Whereas for indoors, the fabric should give priority to being breathable and lightweight.

Type of Chair

You should study all the different chair types before making your final decision when it comes to zero gravity chairs. There are various types of chairs to choose from, depending on your preference.

And you can go for nursery gliders that come with reclining positions or for leather chairs that provide comfort indoors. Some models look great outside in your backyard or by the pools. You can also go for recliners that are specially designed, keeping patients with sciatica and other back problems in mind.

So, you should make your purchase after deciding on your preference and requirement.

Locking Mechanism

This feature is another important thing you need to consider before buying a zero gravity chair. Locking mechanisms are essential to settle the chair in a reclining position that you find comfortable.

You can find this feature comfortable when you want to relax comfortably in a specific position, and you need to secure your chair in that exact position. The locking mechanism comes with a locking pin that you can use through a locking bar.

Pulling the bar will allow you access to the locking pin, and you can easily identify how to lock zero gravity chair and unlock it as well. There are both single and dual locking systems available in different zero gravity chair models. But double locking systems work best for a more stable performance.

So, before making your purchase, you should go for the chair that includes this feature.

Powder-Coated Frames

A powder-coated frame is included in a chair to prevent rust and deterioration of the metallic portion. So, before buying a zero gravity chair, make sure it comes with powder coating.

This also depends on the type of furniture you're looking for. A powder coating is recommended highly if you're buying it for outdoor use. Outdoor furniture tends to undergo corrosion over changing climates.

The powder coating not only prevents this corrosion but also resists against deterioration even after being exposed to hot and humid weather. So, you should think about investing in a power-coated chair.


If you want to buy a zero gravity chair for outdoor use, then a canopy is an important thing to consider. The canopy provides shade on the hot and sunny days when you're relaxing by the poolside. Also, the beautiful colors of the canopy make your chair look attractive outside.

Without a good shade on your chair, it gets easy to expose yourself to the sunlight and the harmful UV rays, which can harm you in many ways. Starting from skin rash, heat strokes, and aging on long term exposure, these rays have a lot of effects. You can protect yourself from these effects by getting a chair with a canopy attached.

So, for the beach, backyard, or your poolside, a zero gravity chair with a canopy will be a great investment! Here’s a good example of how your chair with a canopy will turn out:

Armrests and Built-In Pillows

If comfort is the only thing that matters for you, your buying guide must include a zero gravity chair with ergonomic armrests and pillows.

Those suffering from nerve damage face pain during arm mobility. Thus, extra care should be put in maintaining the stability of elbow joints. Armrests included in zero gravity chairs play an important role in relieving any additional pressure over the elbow and wrist joints.

So, you can relax comfortably without any altered joint movement. On the other hand, built-in pillows are also important for patients with nerve damage and back pain. Instead of using extra pillows, built-in pillows are designed to adjust with the chair infrastructure. So, they work effectively to alleviate any neck or back strain.

Therefore, you should consider getting zero gravity chairs that come with ergonomic armrests and built-in pillows. When you’re shopping for a zero-gravity chair, you should take into account all the important details related to the chair. You will be able to purchase a suitable chair in this way.

The Benefit of Zero Gravity Chair

A zero gravity chair is not only an integral piece of furniture but a whole new comfort zone for most people. Individuals with posture problems indeed make the most use out of this chair. But this chair is beneficial for almost everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to the benefits of a zero gravity chair, health-related aspects come in top position. Some amazing benefits of a zero gravity chair are-

Relief from Muscle Tension

These chairs provide relief from muscle-related tension, especially in a weightless position. They also alleviate fatigue and improve the overall muscular system function of the body. With breathable fabric underneath and built-in pillows adjusted with the chair, you can relax comfortably in this chair.

Maintaining Posture

After working in offices or sitting positions all day, you are bound to face uncomfortable posture problems. Going home and repeating similar postures can cause muscle spasms. You can even face muscle strains over your neck and back. By using a zero-gravity chair, you can get rid of all these postural issues.

A zero gravity chair improves your posture by proper alignment of your body. So, after a long day at work, your back and neck experience maximum comfort in a suitable position.

Alleviates Spinal Pressure

Spinal pressure is closely related to back pain. When you have to work at a stretch by sitting in exact positions, spinal nerves can get compressed. This leads to severe back pain and can put a lot of pressure on your spine.

A zero-gravity chair alleviates this spinal pressure by providing relief from muscular tension. So, your spine remains healthy and in perfect position.

Improved Circulation

Apart from muscle fatigue and tension release, zero gravity chairs work additionally to provide improved circulation. They promote circulation by elevating the legs above the heart.

This also maintains cardiovascular function and increases blood oxygen levels. Proper blood supply also prevents varicosity and thus keeps your cardiac function strong.

Besides, with a zero-gravity chair, you can enjoy maximum comfort while relaxing indoors or outdoors. Overall, it is a great piece of furniture that brings both ease to the body and has health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding zero gravity chairs:

Is zero gravity a good way to sleep?

Yes, zero gravity is one of the most effective ways to sleep. Sleeping on a flatbed fails to support the spine and back. So, you will feel excess pain during sleeping, and as a result, you will suffer from a restless sleep.

On the other hand, sleeping in zero-gravity will relax the sore muscles by supporting the spine and back. So, you will sleep comfortably without any pain.

How can you lock a zero-gravity chair?

You can lock your zero-gravity chair using the locking mechanisms placed under the ergonomic armrests in the chair. These locking mechanisms come with a locking bar that you can pull and reveals a locking pin.

This pin allows you to lock yourself into any reclining position that you find comfortable. To secure the position, you can lift the pins to an upward direction where it instantly locks itself.

What is the best brand of zero gravity chairs?

PORTAL is the best brand of zero gravity chairs. The zero gravity chairs designed by PORTAL come with a strong build and tough construction. They also come with unique lock systems and adjustable reclining positions.

You can achieve your preferred reclined position with their zero gravity chairs. Besides, their soft fabric, built-in pillows, and side trays make their chairs a sophisticated design.  

Can you lie on your stomach on a zero gravity chair?

No, you cannot lie on your stomach on a zero-gravity chair. These chairs are not designed to go flat, so you cannot sleep on your stomach in them. They are only meant to stretch out in a way that you can rest your back on them and not the other way around.

How do you sit in a zero gravity chair?

It is very easy to use a zero gravity chair and sit on it by handling the locking mechanisms. In a completely upright position, adjust the chair by locking it. After taking a seat, switch to the reclined position by using the control buttons included with the chair. Lock your desired position by using the lock pin.

Can zero gravity chairs get wet?

Regular padded zero gravity chairs can get wet easily by absorbing through the mesh fabric. Once they are wet, they take a comparatively longer time to dry down. But there are outdoor zero gravity chairs that come with waterproof materials. Such chairs designed for outdoor purposes do not get wet due to the polyester material.


Summing it up, it is evident that finding the best zero gravity chairis a blessing for people with back pain. The perfect zero gravity chair can provide you with comfort and relaxation and eliminate strains and any stress.

If you can study the features of each chair properly that meets your requirement, you can find one that will last long.

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