How to Remove Tray from IKEA High Chair?

Removing Tray from IKEA High Chair

The Ikea high chair has continued to grow in popularity around the world. That means more people are enjoying its modern style and how it is easy to wipe down. But there has been one primary concern spread across the reviews on the internet.

Many people are asking whether the tray on this chair ever comes off. It is worth saying that you will not remove the tray from its place unless with a strong typhoon.

However, there are simple hacks to help you remove it without much struggle. Let's get down to it!

Methods to use when removing your Ikea high chair tray

As already mentioned, getting this tray out of its place is one challenging task.

However, it is necessary because you need to clean your kid's eating area for health reasons. Cleaning between the spaces is not enough as bacteria can remain in the spaces.

This section will look into four main methods that you can use when removing this tray. Please keep reading to find out which one works best for you.

1. Releasing the clips

One significant way to remove the tray from your Ikea high chair is by releasing the clips. It is a simple procedure that involves pulling the tray clip with one hand and using the other to pull the tray up. Doing this releases the clips and makes the tray easy to remove.

The best thing about using this method is that you do not need to apply too much force to remove it. Besides, you will find it convenient when the high chair is broken-in a little bit. In general, it is the simplest of all methods.

It is an excellent method to use because it works without permanent altering of the high chair. You do not need to alter the high chair, which means you can safely remove the tray without messing the eating area by flinging food around it.

One downside to using this method is that it can sometimes be challenging to release the clips if the high chair is still new. Remember, a new high chair comes with tightly fastened clips. Therefore, you may require more energy to release the clips and remove the tray.

2. Holding the chair leg down and pulling the tray up

Unlike the first method, this one uses a lot more force to get things done. You can resort to it if the first method fails, especially with a brand new high chair. The best thing about this method is that you are likely to get successful with it.

You will use both hands strongly when using this method to remove the tray. Use one hand to firmly hold the highchair to the ground to ensure that it does not move in the process. You can then use the other hand to pull the tray up and get it off.

The benefit of using this method is that it doesn't also alter the high chair. It is perfect for new high chairs with new trays that you have not tried to remove before. It makes it easy for you to remove the tray after a few months of use, as it will have loosened up after using this technique.

The drawback to using this method is its noisy nature. Since you have to apply too much force, you should expect it to be loud and scary to your child if they are in it. Besides, you will most likely mess up the floor with food remains if you didn't wipe it before starting.

3. Cut the ribbed edges of the underside clips.

This method will be perfect to use if you need to make the tray easy to remove in the future. It is one of the simplest ways to get the tray off as you do not need too much energy to pull it. Check out for two outer clips underneath the tray, cut them, and quickly pull out the tray.

This method has several advantages, but it mainly makes it easy to remove the tray for future cleaning. You will not require to apply any force every time you want to clean the high chair. Besides, it is one of the most effective methods to use.

However, this method has serious downsides that you may need to consider before choosing it. It would be best to remember that you are altering the high chair since you are completely cutting the clips.

That means it may be difficult to resell the high chair whenever you need to. It may also wear out quickly once you use this method as the parts will be permanently apart.

4. Cutting off a grooved hook

This method helps to make it easy to remove the tray in the future. It involves cutting the grooved hook and getting the tray off effortlessly. With this method, you need to cut the groove off from one side of the high chair.

It is a suitable method because it makes it easy to remove the tray without much struggle. You pop up the weaker side anytime you want to clean it. That is because it gets altered once you cut off the grooved hook.

One major disadvantage of using this method is that your kid may find it easy to remove the tray as they grow. However, you can still make it difficult for them to remove it by ensuring that you snap the hook to its position once you finish cleaning the tray.


At first, removing the Ikea high chair tray seems impossible. You may have given up on it if you ever tried without using any of the methods mentioned above. The tips in this article will help you remove the tray and clean the high chair effortlessly. Choose one that works best for you, and you will find it convenient.

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