How to Get Cat Pee Out Of the Bean Bag?

Cat on the bean bag chair

Bean bag chairs are commonly used in modern homes. They are commonly used because they are stable and can be used both outdoor and indoor. Also, their comfort ability seems to attract the attention of more homeowners and thus purchased by many.

There are cat stains on the bean bag in more circumstances, creating more nuisances due to the foul smell. Therefore you have to look for various ways to remove the cat or rather the pet stains from the beanbag.

There are some notable points of removing the cat pee efficiently from the bean bag. They include;

Methods of Removing Cat Pee From Bean Bag

Soaking With Oxyclean

You will often find out that the pee may have taken a considerable time to be noticed on the b bean bag. Therefore it's very cumbersome to remove the pee out of the beanbag. Therefore you may require Oxyclean to soak the whole thing entirely.

After soaking the whole beanbag, the beans can float. After that, you can easily manage the whole thing, maybe in the bathtub or any convenient and available water pool of your convenience. Alternatively, you can purchase new refill beans. After that, you have to soak the cover.

It is also important to get rid of the smell because the cat smell is very irritating. The possible way you can tackle the problem is to turn the bean bag upside down so that the irritating smell is unto the floor.

You can use the beanbag in its normal position once the smell is over though you have a choice of turning it upside down to avoid incurring any additional expense.

Getting Rid Of the Furniture

The first step you may take is to get rid of the peed furniture, either indoor or outdoor. You have to purchase an enzymatic detergent which is capable of removing the tough stains on the furniture.

It is also important to keep in mind that the detergent should not be having the capability of bleaching the bean bag because you might end up losing the original color.

Some recent information from the local diaries, as well as the New York Times, also state that you can use the vinegar solution, although it may not be necessary.

Consequently, if it happens that you encounter some problems in removing the stains in the bean bag, you can only replace the bedding or the covers of the bean bag chairs. The solution may help if the stain is very cumbersome to remove.

Cat Training

You understand that the cat family can get attached to certain key behaviors when given regular training. Therefore, you can train your cat to stop peeing on the furniture or the bean bag to be assured of the smell of the home.

Alternatively, you can place clean water trays in your room or even litter trays in designated spots that are very convenient to the cat. After a certain period, the cat will develop a behavior of using the trays in excretion times.

The trays should also possess a nice texture because, in most cases, you will find out that the cat is used to visiting places of nice textures. And place the bean bag outside the house in worst-case scenarios to combat the chances at which cat may have to pee on the bean bag chairs.

Use Feline Scent Repellent

It is also advisable that you use the above-mentioned kind of repellent to remove the irritant smell of the pee and the urine depositions of the cat. The Feline scent repellant is used to counter effect any foul smell and is very efficient.

You will even continue using the scent repellent until the foul smell of the cat pee fades completely.

However, it may be enough to remove the smell and go the extra miles to remove the pee using the detergents mentioned above.

Use a Thicker Bean Bag

In most scenarios, one will find out that the cat loves the fine texture. Therefore the fine texture of the bean bag is very conducive for the cat. Therefore to counter the behavior whereby the cat can pee on the bean bag, it is advisable to have a thick or somehow a rough texture of the bean bag furniture or any other form of furniture.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

When you combine the vinegar with the baking soda, you will obtain sodium acetate and water. The sodium acetate acts to remove the stubborn stains of the residues of the cat pee.

Additionally, the baking soda helps eradicate the foul smell, and the vinegar completely sanitizes and removes the pee deposits on the bean bag.

There are steps you have to take in how to get cat pee out of bean bag chair according to the Jersey College, namely; soaking the urine using a specified cleaning agent, spray the baking soda on the tough stain and leave it for at least 5 minutes, spray equal portions of distilled water and vinegar using a bowl, pour the vinegar and vinegar mixture directly into the covered stain containing the baking soda and let the mixture to settle for 5 minutes.

You have to blot the stain using a towel or a paper towel until it dries completely. You don't have to limit yourself using the vinegar but continuously dilute it with water to obtain a reasonable solution that will work best on the stains.

In conclusion, it is very interesting to remove the tough stains of the cat pee out of the beanbag chair and other furniture that has the deposits of the urine too. Therefore, the above-mentioned key points are very important if you can follow if you want to reinstate back your bean bag's original smell and color.

The above product is virtually available at your convenience in any retail shop or very affordable prices and good sizes suitable for your needs. If therefore happens that you once find yourself in such a given circumstance, it is recommended that you follow any of the steps mentioned above to find a solution.

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