How to Fix Zero-Gravity Chair?

It is of no doubt how vital zero-gravity chairs are for ensuring comfort and relaxation. Aside from convenience, they work amazingly to relieve pain and soreness of the back muscles and spine.

Since they are so important, it can get unnerving when they go through technical issues. Repairing them is the best option available at that time. So, if you’re looking for ways on how to fix a zero-gravity chair, we’re here to rescue you!

Our easy and practical ways will help you repair your zero-gravity chair in no time and fix it like new.

Fixing Zero-Gravity Chair

How to Fix Zero-Gravity Chair

Since zero-gravity chairs are so comfortable and resourceful, they are frequently used on an everyday basis. Due to the frequent use, they change in one or two of their features over a few years. These changes need attention, or you won't be able to enjoy their features after some time.

You can get them repaired in maintenance stores, but it's always great to save a few bucks and fix them by yourself at home. Following a few simple and useful tricks, you can fix their issues and continue to enjoy their excellent features for a more extended period.

When it comes to repairing zero-gravity chairs, the following issues need attention and fixing-

  1. Bolts and screws tightening
  2. Chair crack repair
  3. Headrest replacement
  4. Cord replacement
  5. Rips and tears in the padding

Although these issues are few, they control how well your chair works. If any of these issues arise in your zero-gravity chair, your chair will lose comfort. So, the sooner you can get rid of these problems, the sooner you can enjoy the benefits of your chair.

Here are some ways in which you can address the issues and fix them yourself-

Bolts and Screws Tightening

This is one of the most common issues you will face when using a zero-gravity chair. Using the chair frequently means using the locking system a similar number of times as well. Most zero-gravity chairs come with a highly developed lock system, which will last for years without fixing.

Otherwise, almost all zero-gravity chairs are designed with an average quality lock system. Due to repeated use, the locking system may become loose. This will result in the inability to adjust the lock system to the preferred position.

An issue like this can be fixed by tightening the bolts and screws that have become loose. Use a wench of a size that goes with the chair and tighten the bolts and screws in place. This will solve the issue almost every time.

But if the metal parts of the chair undergo wearing, this solution might not occur. In that case, you can replace the strut rods that hold the chair in a neutral position. These rods are also responsible for maintaining the lock system and can weaken over time to freeze the lock system.

You can solve this situation by replacing the rods with two hem joints and a quarter-inch bar.

Chair Crack Repair

Cracks are common if your zero-gravity chair is built with wooden material. This issue can happen if your chair has been frequently in use for over two years. Using a chair continuously for such a prolonged duration can result in wearing and develop cracks.

You can solve this issue by using wood glue and fix the cracks on your zero-gravity chair. It takes minimum effort, almost low cost, and gets solved in a few minutes.

And cracks can also develop in metallic chairs, especially the recliner ones. These cracks are usually small in size and may go unnoticed. But these are very easy to fix as well. In the cracks in metal chairs, the best way to fix them is to use a welding machine. You can weld the chair using the device and repair the gaps quickly.

Headrest Replacement

The headrest is a vital part of the zero-gravity chair. If it undergoes problems, it becomes difficult to use the chair comfortably. Although it sounds like a simple part, it plays a significant role in offering ease of pain. It is essential since it supports your entire while lying.

A low-quality headrest or a headrest that has worn out can cause pain and soreness over the back of the head and neck. And a common issue with the headrest is that it loses its elasticity, loosens up, or appears to detach from the chair. In this case, the only solution is cutting the previous one and replacing it with a new one.

Headrests don't cost a fortune, so you can quickly get one per your chair brand and size.

It would help if you were conscious before buying the headrest so that you don't end up accidentally buying one that is bigger or smaller than your chair. Otherwise, you won't find any comfort while sitting in your chair. Instead, it will feel painful when your headrest appears wrong in size.

Cord Replacement

An essential part of the zero-gravity chair is the cord. Chair cords are also known as bungees. The cord plays a significant role in maintaining the flexibility of the chair. If it undergoes issues like breakage, loosening, etc., it becomes hard to keep the chair comfortable. This can happen after a year or two of using frequently. 

You can fix the issue by replacing your old cord with a new one. Chair cords are available in almost all kinds of departmental stores at low prices. The only hard part is replacing them carefully. To replace old chair cords, you need a brand-new bungee cord and some cable ties.

And you can begin the replacement by joining the cord holes using cable ties to the chair's metal portion. Join them securely and tie up all the holes in a similar manner using the cable ties. When the holes are tied up, use a scissor to clip the old cord from the chair and detach the previous lacing out.

Take the new cord in a double layer and insert the cords beneath the chair, creating a junction. Join the fabric of the chair with the cords and cut the cable ties accordingly. In this way, you can replace the old chords along with the whole lacing using only two products by yourself at home.

Rips and Tears in the Padding

The padding of zero-gravity chairs plays an essential role in giving support to the chair. It is also important because when you lie on it, the padding keeps your spine and back braced to the chair. If the padding faces any issue, you can't relax well in the chair, and you will face discomfort.

So, any problem with the padding should be fixed as soon as possible. The padding of zero-gravity chairs often goes through rips and tears since they are used daily over the years. Even if the padding material is strong and of good quality, they undergo wear and tear over the years.

You can solve this issue by using patching kits. Most brands of zero-gravity chairs provide patching kits that match the chair padding. You can use these kits to sew the rips and tears in the padding and fix it like new. Some options allow you to attach the patch using glue. So, if you want to avoid sewing, you can try this method out.

These are inexpensive and straightforward methods but can adequately fix your padding tear and make it as right as new. So, you can enjoy relaxing comfortably in your recliner chair without any difficulty.

All these problems are prevalent for zero-gravity chairs that have been in use for a year or even more. Trying these simple tricks, you can fix these problems quickly.


It is undeniable that a zero-gravity chair is an integral part of your comfort at home or workplace.

Even if you buy a quality chair, it will always turn up with a few issues now and then. So, it is a good idea to discover how to fix a zero-gravity chair yourself. It saves a lot of time, is inexpensive and easy to do. By taking proper care of your chair, you can also play a role in maintaining your zero-gravity chair.

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