How to Clean Zero Gravity Chairs?

Being able to lounge outside comfortably is something we all enjoy. To have that perfect opportunity to take a break from responsibilities and just kick your feet up. A good zero gravity chair can offer you just that.

They also attract a lot of dirt so learning how to care for them can be vital to securing some relax time. The last thing you want is to head outside to find a dirty chair you can't use. Not to worry, this article will show you how to clean zero gravity chairs properly.

A Man Cleaning Zero Gravity Chair

Proper Pre-Treatment Makes Future Cleaning Easier

When it comes to fabric or furniture care it goes without saying prevention is part of the process. Just like your skin can suffer from too much sun exposure when outside for prolonged times. So does the fabric on a zero gravity chair. Especially, the cushion.

Purchasing a quality protecting spray that will combat UV or water damage can prove very useful. Some products will even protect your chair against certain stains too. Typically, most zero gravity chairs come pre-treated with similar products for extra protection. But all products wear off after a while so it's best you retreat their pretreatment.

Regular Cleanings

As with all outdoor furniture you should make sure to at least whisk away dirt or water daily. If you skip a day don't worry just make sure that it becomes a constant routine. Do this will prevent mildew and stains from sinking deeper into the fabric of the chair.

Any spills and/or stains that occur need to be handled immediately. You can also use a vacuum to catch any lose dirt on the chair. This is important because good upkeep makes for much easier cleaning of a zero gravity chair.

Remember, the material is almost always unremovable. Making stubborn oddly placed stains or mildew even harder to remove once they set.

For Small Issues

Zero gravity chairs are awesome and super comfortable. Held together by an intricate bungee like web of sorts. The heavy duty polyester material may not be the coziest, but it can accommodate some of the most comfortable lazy boy like cushions imaginable.

Its cleaning instructions are just as awesome. No one likes to have to clean let alone clean something that is typically outdoors 24/7. Mildew, mold, water stains all become even more stubborn when developed outside and allowed to sit to some time.

Just thinking of the muscle work needed to have to scrub out a stain that has dug into fabric that lives outside can be tiring. With zero gravity chairs this will never be an issue of yours. The polyester material is easy to clean. Simply use mild dish soap and warm water to lightly spot clean.

A cloth or soft-tooth brush will work perfectly for most cleaning situations if caught early. After cleaning you want to rinse with cold water.

Now for the Bigger Issues

When we talk about the bigger issues we are talking about mildew, water stains, mold, and things of that nature. Stubborn and hard to remove but not impossible. You just have to step up your tool game not your muscle game.

White vinegar or diluted bleach will work wonders on stubborn stains or mildew. Just switch that soft-tooth brush out for a hard -tooth brush and scrub. If opting for diluted bleach be on the lookout for any signs of possible discoloration.

Once you finish with the scrubbing rinse the chair with cold water. A hose works best when it's a tougher stain or mildew. For the little nooks and crannies that are hard to reach you can use a toothbrush. Keeping the same concept of hard and soft bristles in mind when it comes to the stubbornness of the stain.

Cleaning the Cushions

Mix borax, dish soap, and warm water in a bucket after separating the cushion from the chair. Now take a hard bristled brush and scrub the cushion in its entirety. You want to see the solution lather up on the whole cushion.

More stubborn stains may require for you to repeat the process more then once. After you have scrubbed away the stains to your satisfaction allow the solution to sit for a few minutes. Now you can utilize a hose, preferably with a setting for high pressure to rinse out all the solution from the cushion.

Finally, press the water out of your cushions with your hands until its as dry as possible. Your cushions will then need to be placed against something vertically to air dry. If you can place them somewhere sunny.

Cleaning Made Simple

Following the directions given to you in the above article will help you enjoy even more relaxing days outside. Cleaning a zero gravity chair can be quick and simple. Especially when the right preventive measures are also taken into consideration and carried out consistently.

Mild dish soap, a brush, and a little muscle is all you need to keep your zero gravity chair looking like new. More of a reason for you to spend your free time lounging outside.

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