The Best High Chair for Twins | Top 5 Picks

Best High Chair for Twins

Having twins means twice the blessing, twice the love to share, and twice the fun. But it also means double the feeding and cleaning when they transition into their solid food eating phase.

Highchairs are a must for your little munchkins to start their lifelong journey with food. The best highchair for twins would not only make their experience safe and enjoyable but also make things easier for you. There are tons of twin-specific chairs that you will absolutely love.

We have done all the hard work and curated a list for you. And we will also let you in on a few factors you should be looking out for.

5 Best High Chairs for Twins

You do not need a high chair until your babies are at least a few months old. That is when they learn to eat & sit, and start crying to join the rest of the family for mealtimes. So, here are a few options for you to check out.

Baby Trend Go Lite Twins Highchair

The Baby Trend Go Lite may be termed as a highchair, but it has so many versatile uses. This double bassinet is one of the best in the market and is a great gear for new-born siblings.

It takes less than an hour to assemble, and there are no bolts and screws to complicate the process. Just pop in the large pieces and wait for the clicking noise to know that they are in place.

The side-by-side bassinets can be removed and converted into a standalone rocker. They are very sturdy and super lightweight. With the canopy and carry handle, you can easily carry one or two at a time. It makes traveling feel like a breeze.

Also, the plush fabric material used both inside and outside is very soft. Your babies will love the ultra-comfortable sleeping pads. There are mesh sides for proper ventilation and breathability. Your little ones will be snoring through the entire night.

Just remove the bassinets and turn it into a flip away changing table. It settles right into the play yard and takes the place of the bassinet. However, this might be harder to do if you have the left bassinet in.

You can also clip in the organizer in the place of the bassinets. It has a one-hand locking mechanism so you can have your hands full and still work around it.


  • Removeable rock-a-bye bassinet for easy portability
  • Each bassinet includes a separate toy
  • Electronic music center with volume control to keep the child occupied
  • Parent organizer and changing table attachments


  • Accessories and bassinets cannot be used at the same time

Two Baby Carriages (Single, Double) and Highchair Sets

These adorable baby carriages have stolen our hearts and rightfully taken a place in our list. Originally manufactured in Japan, they are sold in North America under the Calico Critters name.

Both the single and double carriages are small, compact, and lightweight enough for your little ones to push around by themselves. The latter is a delight for parents of two, as they can seat two babies side by side. Twins are always joined at the hips, and with this highchair, they can remain together even during feeding times.

The chairs have a cute design and are painted in the softest colors. They look like real carriages, which would be an instant hit with your children. Besides, the cup, saucer, and spoon included with the adorable chair will definitely win you some brownie points.


  • Can sit two kids side by side
  • Adorable design that is visually appealing
  • Lightweight enough for the children to include it during playtime
  • Has a playset to keep toddlers engaged while seated


  • Is not sturdy enough to have a longer product lifetime

JOOVY Nook Highchair

The JOOVY Nook highchair is well-loved not only by parents but also by the young diners themselves. While you may have thought of the original Nook as good as it could get, the new Nook has been upgraded to be even better.

There are 4 adjustable tray positions, and you can slide them back and forth as much as you need. This attribute helps greatly when kids begin feeding themselves and drop food while shoving a spoon in.

If you are pumped up to show off your DIY skills, you might have to be a little disappointed. There is no assembly. Just pull it out of the packaging and pop it open. And it is just as easy to fold it up and carry it to other places.

Don’t be alarmed by the ‘leatherette’ seat cover. The material may sound fancy, but it is super easy to clean. Just wipe the straps and seat, seams and crevices included, clean with a dishcloth. If you need to wipe down because someone had been having a tantrum or a little too fun, the dishcloth will work just fine as well.

The easy swing tray is a win for parents and grandparents. You can carry both your twins to their chairs and easily place them in. They can join you at the dining table or have a party of their own on the removable tray inserts.


  • 5 gorgeous colors to choose from
  • Dishwasher safe and machine washable parts
  • Compact foldability for travel or size
  • Removable tray top for easier cleaning


  • The seat is not upright and has a slight recline

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Highchair

Who says the best products must cost you an arm and a leg? This Ingenuity highchair is a worthy investment, providing you with good value for money.

For starters, this baby chair is sturdy and robust. It will give you many years of service. Also, it can be used in three different ways and can seat up to two kids at once. And the 3-point and 5-point harnesses will keep them safe the entire time.

Remove the top part from the steel legs and you will have two different seating arrangements. The full-sized high chair can be transformed into a booster seat and a toddler chair, perfect for kids from 6 months to 5 years old age.

When you have spent the entire day working, cooking, and feeding two overexcited toddlers, the last thing you want to do is clean up an annoying stain that shows no signs of disappearing.

That won’t be a problem here, because you can easily wipe it clean with a cloth or have it machine-washed without the seat pad.

With this highchair, your children will have a stellar feeding experience.Your job will be easier as well.


  • Features a 3-point and 5-point safety harness for added protection
  • Can transform the chair into 3 different modes
  • Accommodates two kids at once
  • Wheel it around for easier transportation


  • Food falls easily on the side of the fabric and chair

Baby Trend Sit Right Highchair

As a new parent, you cannot help but marvel at the wonderful set of features that the Baby Trend Sit Right highchair comes with. It provides the optimal combination of style, safety, accessibility, and comfort for your precious kiddos.

This stool is more suitable for a child who has upper body strength and can sit upright unassisted. It can bear a child of 3 years of age or 40 pounds of weight. With a three-point safety harness, your babies will remain safe and in place, even during the most atrocious food fights and nasty temper tantrums.

Also, this chair is highly popular amongst parents for the adjustments. You can get three recline and six height positions, depending on what your little one’s like and their age. The tray height can also be tweaked within three different levels.

Clean-up duty could not be more hassle-free. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is enough to wipe away all the dirt and grub. Even better, the tray can be put away in the dishwasher for an efficient wash.

To make your kitchen feel less crowded, these booster type chairs can be folded and stashed in a corner. It frees up enough space for the hyper toddlers to run around the house and have fewer things for them to bump into.


  • 3positions and one-hand tray movement for easier operation
  • 3 recline and 6 height adjustments to cater to your children’s preference and needs
  • Three-point safety harness works as the perfect restraint system
  • Compact steel frame for enhanced durability and stability


  • Difficult to unfold while holding a baby

How to Choose the Perfect High Chair for Twins

You may have scoured through endless lists to get the best high chairs for your babies. Not only do you need them to make the transition process of your kids a little easier but also to help you out as well.

Easy to Clean

Twice the mess does not have to be twice the nightmare.

Having twins mean double the mess, which can be taxing on you and your sanity. You don’t want to be scrubbing all day long when you could be spending the time with the children instead. Avoid chairs that are prone to have food stuck on them and get dirty.

Safety and Durability

Harness straps, buckles, or leg straps-look for anything that might keep them from falling, face first.

Toddlers are always excited. When there are two of them together, you should expect nothing but madness and mayhem. The chair should be sturdy enough to handle regular abuse and be shaken without breaking.

Go for restraint systems with a 3-point harness, preferably even 5. If they have wheels, they should be locked in so they don’t move around. Check for JPMA, ASTM, or CPSC seals of approval, which would guarantee the best for your baby’s health.


Cozy and snug babies make for really good dining partners unless they are cranky and in a terrible mood.

Safety is a primary concern, but so is comfort. Fussy babies are hard to manage. Two fussy babies can make things even more difficult. You want them to sit through an entire meal and be comfortable.

Also, check for sharp edges and seat paddings beforehand for a more convenient experience.


Stepping over LEGOs and stumbling upon bulky baby furniture- both are painful. But at least the latter can be avoided.

Highchairs can take up a lot of space and having two means even lesser space to move around. It can make your small kitchen feel even smaller, stuffy, and more crowded than you would want it to be.

Most highchairs have removable trays. So, you can pull them up to the table or the breakfast nook and save space. And if you want to put them away when not in use, you should check to see if they are collapsible or foldable.


Getting the best features would not cost you an arm and a leg anymore.

When you are looking for baby products, you always want what is best for your children. And that usually entails an atrocious price tag and exceedingly long receipt.

But not anymore. The best highchair for twins nowadays has all the right attributes and is still super pocket friendly. Compare the price ranges with the features and choose the one that would suit your budget the best.

Age and Weight Limit

These baby chairs will be a constant in your child’s life from infancy to toddler age.

Most babies can start using these chairs from the age of 6 months with the infant inserts they come with. They can use the chairs until they reach the age of 3 or reach the maximum weight capacity of the chair, whichever comes first.

You need to consider investing in a good quality product, especially when you will be buying two products together.

Style and Features

Just because the chairs are for children does not mean they should be any less classy.

The highchairs will be a part of your home for a long time. You want them to provide the best functionalities for your children, but still, fit in perfectly with the rest of your interior.

They come in different colors, styles, and designs, each having a distinct look of their own. There are also different types of highchairs, such as the European-style, portable, or booster seat to fit the aesthetic you are going for.

These are some of the many things you should acquaint yourself with instead of jumping blindly into the marketplace.

Twin Baby Feeding Systems

Parenting feels instantly easier when your twins are in sync, and you can cut their feeding time in half. It saves you time and energy and does wonder for your sanity. With a highchair for each of your children, you won’t be struggling to position your child and feed them at the same time.


You strap the babies in using a safety harness. It should leave enough wiggle room but not much for them to slip out or fall over. The ergonomic design of the chair provides the perfect feeding positions for proper digestion and relieves the possibilities of reflux and respiratory problems.

Before you start, make sure the height is comfortable for you. If they are seated at a table, the seat level should also be adjusted to the correct position. However, you should always remember to transition to solid foods only when your babies are ready.

What worked for others may not work for you. You should work out strategies catering specifically to your children since no one knows them better than you.

Types of Food

Since babies are accustomed to breastmilk, you can start the transition to solids by serving your baby grain cereals mixed in it. Softly mashed veggies or pureed fruits come next. Start slow, introducing one food at a time with a few days in between. Only then will you learn about the baby’s allergies or eating preferences.

Double Clean-Up 

Mealtimes can be messy, as children play around with their food and explore how they feel. But never discourage this as it is a big part of their sensory experience.

Most high chairs are easy to clean up, so have a wet rag nearby to wipe spills and splatters. Moreover, forgo fancy outfits and make bibs and diapers their new dinner attire.

There are not many effective alternatives to encourage self-feeding other than using highchairs. When you place food in front of them, they will be encouraged and eager to shove food down their mouth and slowly master the process.

Twin High Chair Maintenance 

Cleaning-up your babies’ highchairs is a must until you want to end up with disgusting, caked-on grime and greasy cushion seats and straps. A little daily maintenance can go a long way and save you much trouble, especially when you have two of them together.

Brush off Crumbs

You can line your trays with removable parchment paper or a napkin to capture all the crumbs. After you are done feeding, you can gather all the tiny speckles up from the tray tops and toss them into the garbage.

Wiping It Down

Wipe all the areas where food can reach before they have had a chance to dry out. Make sure to look under and behind the cushion, in the crevices, below the tray, and on the sides of the chair.


Take special care to clean all the nooks and crannies and remove every food particle. If not, they can cultivate the growth of bacteria which can lead to increased risks of foodborne illnesses.

You can use normal household products like white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, or diluted bleach solution to do that. But never mix them as they can cause a dangerous chemical reaction.

Have a schedule ready for how often you plan on cleaning. Do not put it off for the last minute and end up regretting it.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I need two high chairs for twins?

You can get two highchairs for your twins if you want to. The newer upgrades are more compact and will not overcrowd your kitchen as much as you think they might. They can also be pushed to the corner or against the wall.

However, remember to get identical chairs unless you want a fight breaking out now and then. But if you do not want to get high chairs, try getting booster seats instead. They take up way less space.

At what age should I stop using a high chair?

Most manufacturers claim that babies and toddlers of the age of 2-3 can easily use the chairs. But their recommendation is not conclusive as the maximum weight capacity also can be factored in.

 How do you feed twins?

Feeding twins does not have to be overwhelming. You can check out the little helping guide we have included above to help you out. Purchasing feeding products, targeted specifically for twins such as booster seats, table for twos, highchairs, etc. help make the process feel less challenging.

Should you feed twins at the same time?

Why not? You are the expert on your kids, and you know what works best for them. Establish a schedule to help them get into a routine. Besides, if you do feed them together, they would be less likely to let out hungry wails.

Final Words

Twins are a lovely addition to the family and feeding them can feel monumental. But don’t let the stress get to you as now you can get the best highchair for twins having everything you are looking for.

While most of our recommendations have unique features that earned them a spot on our list, the JOOKY NOOK, however, takes the first prize. Its main selling point is adjustability while the ergonomic design, style, and features improve functionality and operation.

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