When Do Babies Start Sitting in a High Chair?

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We welcome you to the journey of parenthood. Things might not always be sunshine and rainbows, but you already know all the struggles are worth it. As new parents, there is a lot that you will get to learn about the development of your baby.

You are here to know when do babies start sitting in a high chair, and you will get a detailed answer to your question. We want the best for you and your young one. So, settle down and relax. You’re in safe hands.

When Is the Right Time?

The five fingers in our hands are not the same, and just as that one baby varies from the other. So, we cannot certainly jot down an exact month. Growth and development are the two main factors here.

Normally, your child should be able to use a high chair when they are about 4 to 6 months old. Reclining high chairs can also help your little one to sit up a little earlier than that.

We know that you are excited to see your baby taking place in their own chair at the dining table. As a matter of fact, this is one of the best ways for the development of their socialness.

The infant will feel that they are also a part of the conversation. Babies need a good amount of attention. Otherwise, they feel abandoned. On top of that, you will get to free your hands and be able to get things done around the house.

How to Know When the Baby Is Ready?

The muscles and the bones of the little one have to be strong enough to support themselves to sit up. You have to keep an eye on them and watch the change in their physical development when they turn 4 months.

Around that time, the baby might start, with a little bit of help and support, to sit up. Now, once they are seated, you have to sure that they have moderate control and stability. The bobbing should also be a minimum. One thing that is absolutely compulsory is that the child must be able to hold his/her head up.

In most cases but not all, you'll see that that the high chair brands recommend using their products when the young one is about 6 months old. Don't rush it and wait to see the changes we have said above. Rushing might cause harm to your baby if he/she is not ready.

Start with a Reclining Chair

A good option for you is starting off with a reclining hair chair if you have a feeling that your infant is ready for the main one. It is the perfect spot for your child to rest or have a nap while you work. You will be able to bottle feed the little one when they are at that position.

But do not try to feed solids when they are in a reclined position. This may cause your child to choke on their food. These things should have a safety harness of 5-point.

Lastly, we would like to add that you can position it upright and hence can use it for quite a bit of time.

Pick out the Best for Your Baby

It is a given that you would want the best for your baby, especially if it is as important as this one. When you choose a high chair, be sure that you select one that is quite durable and strong, for obvious reasons. Your choice should last you at least for two years, if not more.

Babies tend to make a mess around themselves, so the high chair has to be very easy to tidy up. Another essential feature that the product needs is a safety strap, which will prevent your child from falling off or getting hurt.

To ensure the safety of the baby, register the item with its company and also note down the model number. So, if anything goes wrong and needs to be fixed, you can do that right then and there.

How to Start

Babies take time to adjust to new things and new surroundings. So, before you start feeding them solids, you have to give them time to adjust to their plush chair.

Begin “training” for the event a few days or weeks before. While they are seated in place, keep some spoons and plates in front of them (made up of plastic, obviously). They will start to play around with the items. Trust us, this whole process will help you out and make the feeding job much easier.

Moving on, the person who is feeding or looking after the baby should also be comfortable and should know how to work around the product.

You should know the location of the locking mechanism and also know whether it folds up or not. Next, you have to have an idea of how to place or remove the infant to and from the chair easily without hurting them. You must also know how to lock in the baby with the straps.

Furthermore, you have to know whether or not the tray can be removed swiftly. Be sure that you have everything figured out before you make your young one sit on it. And while you are at it, teach the whole process to someone who might also look after the baby.

Chair on Wheels

Sounds really cool, right? Well, along with being cool, it is also a very useful and convenient feature a chair can possess.

If you find yourself alone with the baby, you will be able to take care of him/her and finish up your tasks as well. Wheels can be tricky, so be sure to know exactly how the locking mechanism works on it.

Safety Essentials You Must Know 

You’re almost ready for the promotion day of your baby! But first, safety. Please, bear in mind what we have to say in this section.

  • Someone should always be there to supervise your infant once they are on the hair chair. It is highly discouraged to leave them there alone.
  • The safety strap and harness should always stay on. That way, they won’t budge and hurt themselves.
  • You should inspect the chair every single time before use to ensure that it is undamaged or has any sort of insects such as ants.
  • Clean it with an antiseptic solution often so that the baby doesn't get infected with any microorganisms. This will also prevent reactions related to dust.
  • The high chair should be close to you at all times so that you can always see what the baby is doing. Never place in close proximity of countertops, tables, or anything fragile and breakable as well.

Final Words

When do babies start sitting in a high chair? There is no exact time for that. But we did give you the range already. You don’t have to get worked up if they are unable to sit on our estimated time. Every child is different from the next.

Be prepared to have your stress levels down by a notch as you will be able to do various things when your infant is seated there. Now, imagine all the cute pictures you will be able to take off your sweet little babysitting in a chair and smile.

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