Best Reading Positions for Neck

Best Reading Positions for Neck

Some people love the old-school romance and the feel that physical books can offer. On the other hand, some people cannot get enough of the digital books that can be carried with you by hundreds wherever you go.

No matter which type of reader you are, I am sure you, too, have faced that annoying neck pain or discomfort that comes after reading in one position for far too long.

Continue reading to find out about the best reading position for the neck that will not put pressure on your body while you indulge yourself in the quest for knowledge. To maintain your posture and your overall health, it is important to make sure you are reading in a position that is harmless for your neck.

Dangers of an Uncomfortable Position

Before taking a look at the healthy neck positions for reading, let us also take a look at some dangers that can come from obtaining uncomfortable neck positions for a long time.

Muscle Problems

Adhering to uncomfortable neck positions for a long time has the ability to greatly affect your muscles in a negative way. Muscles on someone who spends a lot of time having a bent neck are more likely to give in to the pain, sprain, spasm, etc. much easier.

Spinal Problems

As your neck is a part of your spine, long term bad posture also has a high chance to cause spinal problems. Younger people who have a habit of following bad neck posture are at high risk of developing spinal problems when they get older.

Posture Issues

The posture issue largely has a link with appearance. Bad posture brings on a bad appearance, which may have mental and social impacts on someone. Moreover, extreme posture issue also sometimes puts pressure on your lungs and bring about breathing problems.


So many issues and bad posture can trigger depression. Those who have overcome it or are currently fighting it are more likely to be affected.

Best Reading Position for Neck

After taking a look at some of the dangerous outcomes of long-term posture problems and bad neck positioning, let us also take a look at some of the tips promoting healthy neck positions that your body will definitely love.

Try to Sit Straight

Try to sit in a straight manner without lowering your neck and putting pressure on your spine. Position the book or your device in a place that will not require you to have an uncomfortable neck position.

Support Yourself

Get some support and give your back some support. Sit in a chair and make sure the table you are using has the right height that does not involve you having an uncomfortable neck position. If the chair is cushioned, that is even better.

If you are not using a table, we recommend sitting on a sofa or a bed and supporting your back with plush and comfy pillows. This method, too, includes ensuring that your neck is not hunched forward or getting pressurized in any way.

Getting the Height Right 

Students, as well as avid readers, often find themselves sitting at the table for several hours at a stretch. For our readers who have such a habit, we cannot recommend this part enough. You must make sure that your chair and table’s heights are compatible.

If your chair is not high enough for your table, you will be tilting your head backward and cause your neck immense discomfort.

On the other hand, if your chair is too high for your table, you will be slouching and bending a lot, which will also cause your neck discomfort. So always make sure your chair and table height are compatible.

Maintain Eye Level

Whether you are reading a physical book, or one on your smartphone, or iPad, make sure that the book or the device is up to your eye level. If they are below or above your eye level, you will have to endure discomfort on not just your neck but other parts of your body as well.

Mind Your Feet

We highly recommend you use a table for reading purposes. A good rule of good posture is keeping your feet flat on the floor. This means you are already sacrificing your posture to some extent when you are reading on a chair, bed or sofa.

While sitting at the table, make sure that your feet are on the floor straight and unbothered, along with making sure that your back is straight.

Position the Book/Device Correctly

Placing your book or device you are reading at the correct level is also important. Do not move and bend your neck to meet the book. Rather, move the book and position it in a way that you can read without bending or slouching. Bring the device or the book up to meet your neck and avoid putting your neck in discomfort.

Some Helpful Tips You Should Follow

Learning about the positions that do not harm your neck is helpful for sure, but there are some additional matters that will contribute to your comfortable neck position. Let us take a look at some tips that will also indirectly help you maintain a good neck position and overall improved health. 

Get Comfortable

Choose a place and a reading position that is comfortable for you mentally and for your whole body. Because if it is not, your neck problems will only get worse.

Do Light Exercise

Maintain a light exercising routine and make sure to include some moves for your neck and back area as well. This will help maintain blood circulation and improve your overall health.

If you are unsure about the exercise routine you may have to follow for neck and back, choose from the hundreds of tutorials from professional trainers that are available on the internet. Some people also like to follow yoga instead of regular exercise.

Good Food and Nutrition

Last but not least, make sure to eat healthy food that is high in nutrition. We also suggest you take some multivitamins that are good for bones and muscles. They will help maintain and improve your overall health. Strong bones and muscles are also much less likely to give into sprain, pain, or strain.

Final Words

After going through our comprehensive guideline of best reading position for the neck and learning about how to maintain good health, we hope you have gathered enough information. Always remember to stay cautious when you are reading and obtain a position that is good for your neck and your body.

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