The Best Reading Chair Reviews | Top 7 Picks

The Best Reading Chair Ever

Nothing quite hits the spot like relaxing on a comfy reading chair with hot cocoa and your favorite book after a long stressful day.

The term ‘reading chair’ is quite funny because it is not an official word. By reading chairs, we refer to sofas that provide relaxation, safety, and protection from the world outside of your book.

The best reading chair should be something you can easily spend hours on, gouging through romcoms or suspense novels. This means it should be comfortable, good for your posture, and big enough to pull your legs up and sit comfortably.

In this article, I will introduce you to a few such reading chairs. I will also provide you with some tips on how to choose one. Let’s begin!

7 Best Reading Chair Reviews

Needless to say, the market is crowded with a plethora of options that can be considered as a reading chair. I have carefully scoured through the vast majority and chosen only the best for you.

1. Christopher Knight Home Toddman High Back Club Chair

We are kicking off the list with a classically designed wingback chair that will effortlessly meet all your reading needs.

When you look at this sofa, the first thing that you’ll notice is the beautiful design. This is a high-class chair in a beautiful, cozy, yet traditional design.

It has a classic armless build, with wing features on the high back. The curved design is sure to take your attention when you enter the room, so feel free to use it as a focal piece.

Other than just looking great, the curved design also makes this sofa an ideal chair to sit on, kick back, relax, and read. The chair is clad in a linen & polyester blend fabric.

Moreover, it also boasts sturdy wooden legs. The fabric is easy to clean in case of any mishaps, and the wooden legs will ensure this chair lasts for a long time.

I am a big fan of the elegant design because you can keep this chair in any room of your home. It will look good in living rooms, office rooms, bedrooms, and even the dining if you balance it with other timeless designed decor.

This chair looks more expensive than you pay for, but there is a drawback. It requires light assembly. And while the assembly is pretty easy, the holes did not line up for a few users. They had to put some elbow grease, getting them to line up.


  • Available in seven colors
  • Timeless, classic design
  • Tasteful high-quality fabric
  • Well made with thought out details
  • Easy to put together


  • Firmer than I would have liked
  • The holes are not easy to align

2. Baxton Studio Sorrento Mid-Century Retro Modern Fabric Upholstered Wooden Lounge Chair

Our second pick is a retro mid-century inspired modern lounge chair from Baxton. It comes in a stylish dark grey and rubber-wood combination.

Usually, when it comes to comfortable chairs, I much prefer old-time classic sofas over modern designs. This one, however, is an effortless blend of contemporary design with a traditional twist.

Even I can appreciate how elegant and stylish it looks. The grey cushion gets a thumbs up from me. It will blend right in inside any room.

This chair is a Sorrento lounge seat that is upholstered in faux leather. Now, faux leather can be a deal maker or breaker for you. Some people do not like the sticky feeling they can give if they are in a hot environment. On the other hand, some others love just how easy they are to clean & durable.

If you live in a cooler area and have children or pets who love to make messes, then definitely go for this chair.

The sculptured arms and wide seat give this chair a classic 1950s and 1960s Danish vibe. Button tufting and splayed legs add a retro touch to this otherwise modern furniture. It is immaculate and minimalistic.

Since it is so wide, it is quite fun to sit in with your legs up, something I consider a prerequisite for a good reading chair. Despite being wide, it does not take up much space thanks to the modern structure. So, if you are running low on space, consider getting this.


  • The edges of the cushion have piping
  • Wide and inviting
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Takes up less space


  • Assembling is slightly difficult
  • Sits relatively low, unsuitable for older people

3. Christopher Knight Home Merel Mid-Century Modern Fabric Club Chair

Our third pick is another modern meets retro design in a gorgeous teal finish. For looks, this is by far my most favorite. If teal is not your color, then don’t worry, it comes in 3 other color options too!

This sofa is something you’d enjoy reading in, as it’s the right mix of style with comfort. It looks very comfortable and feels that way too.

The first thing I have to talk about is the build. It is very sturdy, enough to please you for whatever purpose you use it for. The stitching on the upholstery is perfect, and even it looks very well made.

Overall, build quality is so excellent that it seems more expensive than the customer is paying for.

Made with polyester fabric, the upholstery is highly stain resistant. It can hold color well too. This is a huge plus because almost all of the available color options – dark teal, orange, plum, and light grey, are quite vibrant and pretty. Such colors need a fabric that can retain color in the long run.

Now, let’s talk about design. It’s elegant, stylish, and beautiful without being too flashy – something many sofas fail at. The seat looks very cozy and homey, and the legs add a modern feel to the whole thing.

Quite frankly, I would buy just the seat without legs as a sofa too, perhaps if it were a tad bit larger.

Another feature I liked is that you can get a matching ottoman with it if you wanted to, paying some more, of course! These two look great a set and would be an excellent addition to your living room. The best part? You can store things inside the ottoman!


  • Four attractive color choices
  • Can get a matching storage ottoman too if wanted
  • Stain and fade resistant polyester upholstery
  • Easy cleanup


  • Could have been less firm

4. Roundhill Furniture Botticelli English Letter Print Fabric Armless Contemporary Accent Chair

When creating a list like this, I always try to keep a mix of options in three price ranges – premium, mid-tier, and affordable. And this one is the best affordable reading chair I could find.

You do not always have to spend a small fortune to get the best products on the market. If the budget is a little tight, fret not, that’s what I am here for!

With the vast amount of options available in the market, you can definitely find more than one product that offers a set of great features at a very affordable price point.

And this accent chair is one of them. With this product, you don’t need to compromise for a lower quality item anymore.

Standing on a solid base made of robust legs coated in a dark espresso finish, the chair is clad in polyester cotton upholstery. When polyester is blended with another material such as cotton, it becomes even more resistant to tears, shrinking, and wrinkles.

So, you will be getting a sofa that is easy to clean and stays neat for a long time. Speaking of the upholstery, the letter prints cream & taupe design printed on it gives it a somewhat rustic and charming look.

This print alone makes it a great suitor for reading purposes. It will become the main attraction in any room.

You will get good durability and a lifetime of use from this, too. So, don’t worry about having to replace it due to the inexpensive price. It is not wobbly at all.

One thing to keep in mind is that some users reported getting the bolt holes drilled incorrectly. So, if you decide to get this sofa, definitely check the bolt holes first.


  • Affordable with a great value
  • Unique Botticelli English letter print upholstery
  • Quality build made to last
  • Tear, shrinkage, and wrinkle resistant


  • Drill holes might be made incorrectly

5. Christopher Knight Home Felicity Mid-Century Fabric Arm Chair

Are you looking for the best comfortable reading chair in the market? You’ve just hit the jackpot! We present you with yet another Christopher Knight creation that is padded with extra materials to give you the most relaxing experience.

If the unique yellow & greenish beige shade named wasabi is not up to your alley, you can also choose to get a purple, teal, or charcoal variant. I like the wasabi shade, though. It’s something that will blend in any room but still be unique enough to add something extra to it.

The upholstery is perfectly stitched, and it’s made with 100% polyester. By now, you should know the pros of having a polyester cushion cover – durability, anti-stain, wrinkle-free, color retaining, et cetera.

Moreover, the legs are made of birchwood, with a natural stain on them. They pair well with the wasabi shade sofa.

Moving on to comfort – Christopher Knight went the extra mile with this one. As I have mentioned already, the manufacturer added extra padding to the cushion to make it more comfortable, and they succeeded.

This little chair is so relaxing that I would not mind spending hours on it going through books after books.

However, there is one potential drawback that may make this chair unsuitable for you. It is relatively small, well suited for women on the average to smaller side and kids. If you are bigger than that, it might not be as comfortable to sit in for you. That is a bummer, though, because this chair is perfect otherwise.


  • Extra padding for added comfort
  • Unique wasabi shade that’ll be an excellent addition to any room
  • Multipurpose – can be used for professional & home use
  • Easy to assemble


  • Might be too small for bigger or taller people

6. Lohoms Modern Accent Fabric Single Comfy Upholstered Arm Chair

Our sixth pick is a beautiful armchair in muted earth tones for those of us who like to keep it neutral in their homes.

This is another standard modern accent sofa with armrests and wooden legs. The shades this product comes in are Grey, Black, Navy Blue, and Mustard. All of these shades are relatively muted and not ‘on your face.’

These shades would be perfect for someone who wants a chair that would blend in and complement the room, rather than trying to stand out from everything else. Out of all the options, I liked the Grey one the most. It’s effortlessly elegant and simplistic, something I can get behind.

This chair is designed ergonomically, with a removable seat filled with soft & comfortable sponge. It also features an upholstered deep seat and ergonomic back cushion. This back cushion will give you maximum coziness & comfort.

The building materials for this sofa are a solid wooden frame, soft sponges, and linen cover. Together, they make a very robust sofa with a breathable and durable fabric. These materials ensure your sofa stays as it is for a long time.

Be careful with the upholstery, though. Linen fabrics are a bit more work than the other types. They might shrink and get wrinkled quickly if you are not careful. It is also not the best fabric to have if you have any children in the house.

But, if you are in a warm area, you’ll enjoy the cool and refreshing feeling of linen over other fabric types.


  • Perfect for summer or hotter climate in general
  • Muted natural colors blend well with other decors
  • Removable soft seat
  • Ergonomic back cushion provides maximum comfort


  • Maintenance is more demanding than other fabrics

7. YAHEETECH Armless Accent Leisure Slipper Rubberwood Legs Chair

If solid colored sofas are not your forte, I have found just the thing for you. I am ending this list with an armless accent chair from YAHEETECH that comes with gorgeous patterns and prints.

The build of this sofa is decent. It has a mainframe made with plywood & solid wood, with rubber-wood legs. The sponge inside is dense, soft, and elastic.

It makes a nicely plump seat that is supported with s-shaped springs inside. Moreover, it also has a comfortable ergonomic backrest that hugs your body well.

Lack of armrests means you can comfortably sit on this chair in any way you want, legs up or down. The upholstery is breathable, long-lasting, and easy to clean linen fabric, with exquisite decorative patterns on top. That’s right, no more boring one shade furniture for you!

The designs come in three variations – one with striped beige and taupe pattern, one with white, grey, dark grey geometric hexagonal pattern, and the last with cursive letter print.

I quite enjoy all three of these designs. They’d make a piece of good focus furniture in any room. You can even use these as office desk chairs, thanks to the lack of armrests.

Assembling this chair is a breeze, too, taking about 10 minutes only. One user said the needed screws were missing with the sofa, so check carefully when receiving the package.


  • Non-slip foot pads prevent the sofa from slipping around
  • Solid rubber-wood legs
  • Stylish contemporary designs
  • Plump, soft, and durable seat
  • Highly dense & elastic yet soft sponge


  • Prone to staining
  • Screws are not the best quality

How to Find a Good Reading Chair?

Before choosing the best comfortable reading chair for yourself, there are a few things you should consider. They are explained below –

  • Space

You should always consider the amount of space you have in the room where you want to keep the chair. Nothing is more disheartening than buying the perfect comfortable sofa, bringing it home, only to realize it does not fit in the space you have.

Moreover, rocking or reclining chairs need additional space around them to be able to work correctly. Chairs that are too small in big empty areas will not look good either. So, it’s best to measure our space and then consider the dimensions of the chair before making a purchase.

  • Size

Just like space, the chair you pick needs to fit the user’s body too. If you are tall, make sure the chair back is long enough to support your neck and won’t leave you hanging. Similarly, petite people may find chairs that are too large uncomfortable.

Adding cushions might help in the latter case, but it is not much you can do about the former. So, make sure the chair is a size that will be comfortable for the intended user. If you have any medical conditions that can be improved by a specialized chair feature, look into it as well.

  • Fabric Material

Textile is often an overlooked feature when people are shopping for a chair. Don’t make this grave mistake! The upholstery fabric can make or break a chair. Firstly, consider the interior decor of the room you will place the chair in. The chair should match or complement it.

If one solid color option is too dull for you, you can even go for patterns, stripes, or prints. Aside from aesthetics, also consider the environment you live in. If the area is too hot, leather might get uncomfortable, sticky, and gross. Linen fabric is more suitable for hot weather.

Also, if you have children living in the house, it would be a good idea to get something that does not stain and can be cleaned easily. In the case of pets, something that does not catch & hold fur is a must.

  • Comfort & Support

The main reason people buy reading chairs is to get comfortable when reading. So, it need not be mentioned how important this is. Does the chair look comfortable? Is it ergonomic? How soft or firm are the cushions? Do all of these match your preference? Check all of these before deciding on a chair.

Additionally, the chair should also support your body in theright way so that you do not end up in a bad posture. Believe me. You don’t want any neck or back cramps after a long night of reading.

  • Maintenance

If you are a busy person, getting a chair that needs a fair amount of time cleaning and maintaining such is not the best idea. Linen chairs need to be professionally dry cleaned, which will cost a lot. Some fabrics are also prone to wrinkling a lot more than others.

Choose a chair you’d be okay taking care of or paying for to maintain.

  • Reclining

If the chair you choose is a recliner, it needs to be functioning correctly & smoothly. It should be adjustable in different positions, too. Moreover, it should be able to support your body in both reclining and sitting positions.

  • Build

What’s inside matters a whole lot, too. To start with, the chair should have a sturdy and robust frame.

Chairs come with many different kinds of paddings & fillings such as memory foams, cotton, regular foams, etc. The amount of padding varies too. Some fillings are more problematic, while others give easily.

Your preference matters here since you will be the one using it. So, choose the type & firmness you like the most. Additionally, if you have medical issues such as back problems, look into chairs with special paddings on the back for this.

  • Stability & Durability

The chair should be able to support you for a long time without degrading in quality. Upon assembly, if the chair wobbles even a little bit, then it is not a good sign. The upholstery itself should be durable too.

It’d be wrong if it came apart after a few years. Leather and linen are usually very long-lasting.

Lastly, the padding should be of high quality. Otherwise, it’ll fall flat within a few weeks of use and get uncomfortable real fast. You don’t want that, do you?

  • Additional Features

Features such as USB ports for charging devices, cup holders, book or magazine holders, head & footrest, storage, heat & massage, etc. can come in handy. So, keep an eye out for them.

Which Type of Chair Is Best for Reading?

There is no straight cut answer to this, as the perfect reading chair depends on the users themselves. People are used to propping themselves up on oversized pillows on couches, but that is terrible to your overall posture. It frequently leads to back or neck aches, too.

  • Chairs for Extended Period of Reading

If you often find yourself reading late into the night, you are not alone! Some books are just so addictive that you can’t bring yourself to put them away. Anyway, if you read at night, you should get a chair that supports your lower back & prevents your body from slouching.

It should also help you keep your arms high enough to hold a book & read comfortably, without getting your arms tired. This is very important if you have extended reading sessions. So, armless chairs are a no go.

  • Modern & Retro Chairs

Chairs also come in many different sizes, so carefully consider the measurements before buying one. Modern & retro style chairs are usually relatively low to the ground, with 5- or 6-inch legs.

This low style allows the user to keep their feet planted on the floor firmly, and their back erect in a good posture.

With a chair like this, you’d require a cushion that gives slightly, but not so much that your body sinks in. Modern chairs are simplistic, and you can easily find good quality modern chairs at an affordable price. So, if money’s a little tight, consider getting a modern chair.

  • Wingback Chairs

Old-timey wingback chairs come with angled cushions, which force you to sit on the higher backs. Most wingback chairs are made to be high enough for users to lean their head-on, but sometimes you will need a cushion for neck support. Overall, they are very comfortable.

Because of their classic, button-tufted design, wingback chairs can also double as a living room chair for your guests. They will make an excellent addition to any interior decor.

  • Recliners

Recliners seem to be the most popular choice of people for reading purposes. This is because they are the most comfortable chairs. If you have the room for one, a recliner would be an excellent choice to relax and read. They can also help with lower back problems.

But, you need to ensure that your body fits correctly inside the recliner. If you want extra health benefits, keep your feet up higher than your heart.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most comfortable reading chair?

While the popular choice for comfortable reading chairs is recliners, the answer varies from person to person. Comfort is something that varies wildly by people’s personal preferences.

So instead of making a choice based on someone else’s preference, try a few different kinds of chairs in a store to see what feels the best to you.

How do you sit in a reading chair?

Sit as you usually would supporting your body on the chair back while ensuring your posture is not bad for your bones. Keep your neck nice and straight in a comfortable position to avoid neck cramps.

Make sure your hands are not dangling in the air as you’re holding a book, since that will tire your arms out real fast.

What is the best reading position?

The best reading position has a right leg height, so that blood circulation is not cut off, and you have supported feet & back, and a straight spine. Your book should be at the level of your eyes, which will also help keep your back straight.

Are wingback chairs comfortable?

Very much so. Wingback chairs are some of the most popular chairs frequently bought for reading. The ‘wings’ on them enclose your torso and head area to give a comfortable experience. They also have plush, soft cushioning for maximum comfort.

If you want a luxurious experience, you can’t go wrong with a wingback chair.

Is it better to read sitting or lying down?

For your health, it is better to read sitting upright. Lying down flat may cause strain in your eye and hands, and it’s tough to maintain a reasonable distance & angle of the book from your face. Half sitting, half lying position is terrible for your neck.

Is it ok to read in bed before sleep?

Reading before sleeping is an excellent practice. It is known to reduce the stress you’ve gone through during the day, help you unwind & relax, boost your knowledge (even when you’re reading fiction), enhance creativity & concentration, and even help you have a better sleep. Keep it up!

How can I read without looking down?

Reading while looking down is known to give people neck pain. If you want to read without looking down, evidently, you will have to hold the book at your level. You can do that by resting your arms on the armrest, and if the chair does not have any armrest, use a pillow or two.


It’s time to bid adieu, folks! With the best reading chair, you would want to ignore everything else and read for days. Since this product is heavily reliant on personal preferences, have a look through my guide and then the reviews to choose the one best suited for you.

If you want my opinion, then Felicity from Christopher Knight Home takes the cake. The Lohoms and Baxton Studio Sorrento is a close second.

That’s all! I hope you find the perfect reading chair for yourself through this article. Thanks for reading!

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