6 Best Wood Adirondack Chairs Review

Best Wooden Adirondack Chair

With the passage of time, chairs have been upgraded from being simple structures to now having elaborate armrests, footrests, and more.

Chairs are an absolute necessity in every home. They come in various sizes and shapes and with innovative features.

One such chair is the Adirondack chair. It is a unique chair designed for comfort and is a common sight on poolside or garden porches.

Our review of the best wood Adirondack chairs will open your mind to a whole new dimension regarding these wonderful chairs. You will see they are more than furniture and can be quite the companion.

So do not go anywhere, because you are about to make the best possible investment pretty soon!

6 Best Wood Adirondack Chairs Review

From here on out, we will be reviewing some of the very best Adirondack chairs made out of wood that we are sure you would love to have on your front porch.

1. Shine Company Inc. 4611N Westport Adirondack Chair

For our very first product of the day, we present to you the Westport Adirondack chair from Shine Company Inc., sporting a natural yellowish color. This Adirondack chair is made from cedarwood of only the finest quality.

The main reason why this chair made its way to the very top of our list is because of the material that it is built with.

Cedarwood is well-known for naturally being resistant to external damage caused by excess dampness, insects, and decay. Hence, you can rest assured that once bought, this product will be in your possession for a pretty long time.

Side by side, you even get to choose what kind of finishing you want your chair to have- a natural finish or a painted one.

With a seat that is 20 inches wide and approximately 13 inches above the floor, you can get comfortable on this chair and spend your leisure time in bliss.

Worried that the metallic parts of your chair will corrode during the rainy season? Look no further than this Adirondack chair, which is constructed with parts that are resistant to corrosion.

Moreover, this chair also comes assembled to some extent and is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 250 pounds. For its dimensions, it has a length of around 26 inches, is 35 inches wide, and has a total height of 36 inches. 


  • The product is built with rust-free and anti-decay material; hence it has a longer shelf-life
  • Has great dimensions, and even people as tall as 6' will fit in comfortably
  • The curved design is perfect for treating back problems
  • Sleek and elegant finishing.


  • Price could have been a bit less

2. Best Choice Products Folding Wooden Adirondack Lounger Chair

Next up, we have a foldable Adirondack wooden chair from Best Choice Products. Much like its name suggests, you will be able to fold this beauty, should you wish not to keep it out in the open all the time. However, you do not have to worry about the product sticking out like a sore thumb amidst all your other furniture.

This is because the chair is constructed with natural Hemlock wood, which is known for its quality of being able to complement other furniture in the room.

Relaxing is simply made better with these foldable chairs that are constructed to have more seating space and a wider set of armrests.

Unlike the one we have mentioned before, these folding Adirondack chairs always have a more natural finish to them, making it possible for you to customize it any way you want to. As a whole, the product has a length of 30½ inches, a width of 28 inches, and is 35 inches tall.

Last but not least, these folding Adirondack wooden chairs from Best Choice Products are also made to withstand a lot of weight, and their average weight capacity is around 350 pounds or so.


  • Assembly is easy and is not time-consuming at all
  • The large build makes for a very comfortable sitting experience
  • Smooth, natural-looking finishing
  • The chair is capable of supporting a large amount of weight
  • Blends in perfectly with every interior or exterior décor


  • The product is not very long-lasting

3. Plant Theatre Adirondack Folding Hardwood Chair

Yet another folding Adirondack chair that we have on today’s list is the Hardwood chair from Plant Theatre. Made from Acacia hardwood, this 31lbs chair features sleek and wide armrests with a flat top where you can keep your books or other items.

Side by side, it also has a very strong build and will last you for a pretty long time, provided that you take good care of it as well.

The backrest of this chair boasts a fan-slatted design and a seat that is inclined at the perfect angle for you to lounge in. this also makes this chair a great investment for people who suffer from excessive back pain. If needed, you could even decorate this impeccably finished chair with cushions and whatnot from Plant Theatre.

After it was constructed, all the parts of this thing were oiled by hand, which is why it has such a lustrous shine to it. This 36" X 29" X 35" chair will be delivered to your doorstep partially put-together and will be accompanied by an easy-to-follow instructions manual.

Similar to the product we just mentioned a while ago, this chair from Plant Theatre also exhibits a folding design, which, therefore, enables you to save space when needed.

You can expect great customer service from the company that makes these chairs, and in case any issues arise with your purchased goods, you can rest assured that they will take care of it the right way.


  • Great customer service
  • Flat and wide armrests can hold up small items with ease
  • Foldable design helps you save space when needed
  • Easy assembly and is packaged partially put-together
  • Boasts a sturdy finish and has amazing dimensions.


  • The product will not last you for as long as it says it will

4. Shine Company Lime Green Wooden Adirondack Chair

One more product from Shine Company that we have compiled on this list of ours is the wooden lime green Adirondack chair. The product itself weighs around 19 pounds, but it is capable of supporting a maximum weight of about 250lbs. The chair is made to be comfortable and easy to use.

You no longer have to worry about the outer coat of your chair getting damaged due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays because this chair has been given a hydro-tex finishing. Side by side, this finishing also makes sure that your purchased good perseveres even in harsh weather conditions and on rainy days.

In damp environments, your product will not be subject to corrosion due to the anti-rust materials that it is made of. Moreover, cedarwood is popular for its ability to withstand damage caused by insects, so there is absolutely no need for you to fret over that either.

These chairs come semi-assembled; after unpacking them, you will find the seat and backrest to be put together, further speeding up the assembly process for you. If you are looking for a seat that is also easy to clean, then this product will be ideal for you!

Get rid of all dirt particles with just a little bit of mild soap, some water, and a soft brush.

Last but not least, this lime green colored Adirondack chair has dimensions of 25” X 35”X 36”. The width and height of this chair make it highly suitable for even tall people.


  • Ergonomic build
  • Easy to put together, and a few parts come assembled initially
  • Made from durable materials that enhance its shelf-life
  • Suitable for use even by people of larger builds


  • The product may not be as sturdy as it seems

5. CD3111 Eucalyptus Adirondack Chair

For the fifth product of the day, we will be reviewing the CD3111 from the company Outdoor Interiors. Unlike the other products that we looked at on today’s list, this one is made from Eucalyptus wood and is also accompanied by a footstool or ottoman.

If you are someone with a smaller build, you will greatly benefit from the built-in ottoman, since not using it might make your legs go numb. Side by side, even if your feet do touch the ground, you could still use the footstool for added comfort during your leisurely hours.

You do not have to fret over the maintenance of your Adirondack chairs any longer if you purchase this product. All you will need to do is spend some extra bucks and get a bottle of hardwood oil from any carpenter in your area.

The chair generally comes in a brown color, which is what makes it even more versatile, since you can keep it wherever you want.

After receiving this product, getting all the parts together will not take you too long due to the chair's easy assembly.  Even though the product is oiled from the get-go, we would still recommend you to religiously oil it every now and then in order to increase its shelf-life.


  • Capable of supporting both large and small build people
  • Has an estimated weight capacity of around 250lbs
  • Integrated with a built-in footstool for added comfort
  • Budget-friendly
  • Relatively lightweight and is easy to carry from one place to another


  • The chair leg could have been more durable

6. Home Hanlee Folding Wood Adirondack Chairs

We have arrived at the final product of the day, and before we bid you adieu, we would like to show you the specs of this set of folding Adirondack chairs made from wood. The whole set consists of two of these chairs, and both of them are made from the same material and have similar features.

With overall measurements of 29.5” X 35.75” X 34.25”, the seat of this chair is approximately 22 inches wide and has a depth of around 19 inches. The seat is 13inches above the ground, making sure that anyone would be able to fit snugly into these chairs.

Regardless of where you place these chairs, the beach-inspired design of this product will truly bring out the aesthetic side of your garden and/or patio. 

Side by side, much like the other folding chairs that we mentioned previously on this list, this one will also help you save extra space when needed. All you need to do is fold the chair(s) correctly in half and store them elsewhere.

Even though these chairs usually do not come assembled from the get-go, you would still be able to get the job done within a short amount of time, thanks to the super easy-to-follow guidelines that this beauty comes with.

Given their list of amazing features, and the fact that you will get two of these chairs make the whole deal a great investment overall.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality wood is used for extra shelf-life
  • The folding technique helps save more space


  • The support for the arms should have been better

How to Choose the Best Wooden Adirondack Chair?

When choosing the best wood Adirondack chairs, it is important to keep a few essential details in mind. That way, your investment will be worthwhile and also profitable.

Check out this section to know what to look for.

Type of Material

Nowadays, Adirondack chairs are made from various materials with different qualities. The quality of the material will dictate how long-lasting, durable and comfortable the chair is.

While it is not possible to cover every single type of material out there, we will cover the main ones.

  • Wood

Wood is by far the most common and the most popular type of material for chairs, and not just Adirondack chairs in particular.

That is because wood has several benefits; firstly, it imparts a certain look and texture, making it aesthetic. Secondly, there are a variety of types to choose from, such as pine, cedar, etc.

Wood is also durable if maintained well. However, that is the downside, as maintenance can be a bit difficult. Wood should never come in contact with water for prolonged periods; otherwise, it will wear down.

Also, the natural texture of the wood will fade overtime, so it must be maintained. Barring these few issues, it is still an excellent material.

  • Plastic

Another contender is plastic, as it is also quite commonly used. Plastic is lightweight, and this is a huge bonus, especially if you are shifting houses or traveling from place to place.

This is cheap and found almost everywhere. The downside is that it is prone to cracking if handled roughly. We have a list of top plastic Adirondack chairs article, you ma check.

  • Metal

The best metal for chairs is aluminum. It is cheap, lightweight, and most importantly, resistant to corrosion. Hence, you can place the chair outside even during inclement weather.

But the downside is the overall level of comfort, as not everyone finds metal comfortable to sit on.


A chair that is foldable can be taken just about anywhere and at anytime. Being foldable means that it is easier to store away when not in use and also occupies less space in the process.

If possible, try to find an Adirondack chair that is foldable or can be stored away in a compact manner.

Color and Texture

If your chair will be placed on the front lawn where everyone can see it, then a good and suitable color is a priority for you, as that is the first thing people will notice when they pass by your house.

Now color is a personal choice in many ways, but you can still follow some guidelines. For standard use, black and white are good enough but be aware that black can heat up in the summer.

For the poolside, you can opt for lighter shades of blue to complement the water, or you can also pick green.

Whichever is the case, the color should be to your preference, and you are lucky because you will able to choose from many options of shades.

Suitable Weight

No one likes to drag around large, heavy objects from place to place and waste their energy. Chairs should be picked based on weight as well. The usual weight of a chair is between 15 to 40 pounds.

Anything above that is quite heavy and should be avoided. This is especially the case if there are senior citizens in the house or young children, they might not be able to lift the chair up.


Even if the chair comes without accessories, there are some items you should consider buying to complement the chair and make it more comfortable.

One item is the footstool. While sitting back, you would want your legs to be rested as well, and a footstool could be placed in front.

Another item is a cushion. This you could use for back support, especially if you have back trouble or the back of the chair is too hard.

Benefit of a Wooden Adirondack Chair

While speaking of the Adirondack chair, it is prudent to mention a few of their benefits, just to give you an idea of their usefulness.

  • Good for All Terrain

The first point is that it is suitable and recommended for all types of terrains. Even if the ground is too soft, or too hard, or made of uneven layers, the chair will even out.

That is why Adirondack chairs are perfect to take on camping trips.

  • Adjustable

While most chairs are fairly rigid and very tricky to adjust, the Adirondack chair was made to circumvent that problem. Even the armrest of the chair is adjustable, and it can be set according to the desired position.

This means people with sore arms or backs can adjust the chair in anyway needed and make use of its features.

  • Can’t Flip Over

If you have ever fallen out of a chair (which almost everyone has, at some point), you can understand how embarrassing and sometimes painful it can be.

Falling out of a chair, especially backward, can result in serious pain and can even hurt your spine and brain, resulting in brain damage.

According to a survey done in the USA, over 9000 chair related injuries occur every year in the USA alone. This number is much higher if you consider the whole world.

Injury risks from Adirondack chairs are greatly minimized. The chair has a very low center of gravity, making falling off by leaning back almost impossible. Now, the only way left to “fall off” is if someone flips the chair from the bottom up.

And considering the unlikeliness of that happening, you can be assured you will not fall over and hurt yourself.

  • Helps with Back pain

The angle of the chair is positioned in a way that takes the bulk of the pressure off the spine and redistributes it across your back.

That way, your spine is unharmed, and thus there is very little chance of suffering from a sore back.

Wooden Adirondack Chair Maintenance

Considering the importance of Adirondack chairs, it is vital to maintain them in a proper and verified way. Here, we will discuss some neat ways of doing so.

  • Paint

Paint is a must, especially if the chair is made of wood. Wood can wear out very quickly when exposed to the atmosphere, as the moisture seeps in. Thus a fine layer of paint can help delay this damage.

  • Clean Daily

Even if you keep the chair in a dry place and try to keep the surroundings neat, there is always the chance of dust settling on the surface of the chair. To clean, you can wipe or brush it off with a clean brush.

Also, it is important to clean up any spills right away with a clean, dry cloth.

  • Coat with a Sealer

After applying the paint, many people forget about the sealer. The sealer protects the paint underneath and protects the chair from exposure to moisture.

There are several high-quality sealers to choose from in the market, and you can make your selection as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do wooden Adirondack chairs last?

This really depends on how well you maintain it and how carefully you use it. However, if subjected to suitable conditions and proper use, around 10 years' longevity can be expected.

It also depends on activities like repair and maintenance, so the number drops if not maintained well.

  • Are Adirondack chairs hard to get out of?

One thing you will instantly notice about Adirondack chairs is the inclined angle for the seat. This means your back will be at a lower angle and closer to the ground.

Getting out of the chair isn’t tough, and you just need to push on the armrest with your hands.

  • What is the most comfortable Adirondack chair?

Adirondack chairs are mostly comfortable, and all brands can boast high levels of comfort and quality. However, when it comes to a certain brand or brands, then the “Adirondack Lounger Chair” from BestChoiceProducts is a pretty good choice.

It has a large backrest, well-positioned seat, and strong but stable armrest.

  • How do you restore Adirondack chairs?

This is quite easy. First, clean your chair thoroughly with a clean cloth. Next, dry off any moisture. Then proceed to pick out the desired paint and start applying as needed.

Be sure to apply a sealer as well, especially if the chair is old. Leave it outside to dry properly.

Final Words

So, that concludes this article, and we hope you enjoyed reading about the best wood Adirondack chairs currently in the market. All the chairs we reviewed were simply superb, but if we had to recommend one, the Plant Theatre Adirondack Folding Hardwood Chair from Plant Theater is a good choice.

Made of acacia, it has a splendid texture that mixes appeal with a vintage touch. It is oiled and prepared for the customer, meaning there is not much for you to do. The armrests are the best part.

Being extra wide, they are perfect for bookworms and can be your mini bookshelf when you are binge-reading. All in all, this is a worthy and highly lucrative product.

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