7 Best Adirondack Chairs Review with Buying Guide

It feels great to pass the evening sitting in the yard after a long day. The whole vibe refreshes the mood and boost you up for the next day ahead. And what can make this more comfortable and enjoyable except the best Adirondack chairs?

But it’s going to be pretty complicated for you alone to get the best one amongst so many models. Don’t take pressure upon you because we’re going to help you till the last.

So, without delaying any of your valuable time let’s jump in!

Top Quality Adirondack Chairs From Polywood

List of 7 Best Adirondack Chairs Review For 2021

Our experts really spent a lot of time checking each of the models. We deeply observed the comfort level, look along with the drawbacks. And we also took the reviews from the users and picked final products for you.

1. POLYWOOD AD5030WH Classic Folding

A great way of creating an impressive impression on your guests is to provide them a comfortable yet stylish relaxing spot. That being the case, the AD5030WH Adirondack Classic folding chair from POLYWOOD can help make that sweet spot!

Speaking of comfort, it has got the basic style of Adirondack style that is a sloped seat and ample armrests. Along with that, its classic design will deliver you and your guests the exact laid-back comfort.

Plus, this chair is made of eminent POLYWOOD lumber slats that offer an aesthetic painted wood look. And the best part of these materials is that you won’t have to do loads of maintenance as needed for real wood.

Besides, the AD5030WH is constructed with marine-grade hardware so that it can withstand any crazy weather conditions. In fact, you don’t have to worry about this lumber getting cracked, chipped, or getting rot. Not only that but also you won’t have to paint, stain, or waterproof it, as this lumber is resistant to them.

However, a dirty chair would ruin your impression, right? And since it doesn’t require painting or staining, you can clean it up pretty easily by using soap and water.

The aspect that makes it one of the best quality Adirondack chairs is that the UV stabilizers and inhibitors run across the material. As consequence, you can rest assured that the color won’t fade away over time.

Nonetheless, this chair from POLYWOOD needs a minimal assemble, which translates to a more relaxing time for you. And when you need to carry or store it, you can just fold it by ejecting the two pins.


  • Offers comfort by the timeless classic design
  • POLYWOOD lumber slack to give the painted wood look
  • All weatherproof to protect from damage
  • Durable due to paint, stain-resistant
  • Folds easily for ease of carrying and storing


  • A bit costly

2. KETER Alpine Adirondack Patio Chairs 

Want something that can give you the look and feel of the wood yet with no maintenance worries? Then try out the Alpine Adirondack chair from KETER.

As it stands, this chair is made of UV-protected resin to make it exceedingly durable and rust-proof. That way you’re going to save some money in the long term.

Unlike the Adirondack chairs made of real wood, this chair doesn’t rot, dent, warp, and fade, thanks to the polypropylene construction.

Besides, what places do you have? Firepit, balcony, pool? You can place this Alpine chair from KETER at any place you can think of. This chair undoubtedly is going to be the perfect match.

The brilliant part of this chair is its convenient cup holder. It’s been placed into the armrest, making it an awesome patio chair. With this chair, you can forget the worry of spilling your favorite drink!

Another important aspect to mention is that it weighs only 24lbs. This is a perfect weight which heavy enough to withstand wind, again light enough to move it around.

With this chair, you don’t have to be scared about your heavyweight family member breaking it. Yes, it has 350lbs. weight capacity to handle any person by offering comfortable lounge seating.

And the KETER brings this chair in three different trendy colors — white, teal, and dark gray so that you can play and match your décor. Above all that, you’ll get detailed instructions for assembling this chair at ease.


  • Enduring due to UV-protected resin
  • Prevents spilling of drinks by the convenient cup holder
  • Easy to carry due to being lightweight
  • 350lbs. weight capacity for comfortable seating for everyone
  • Effortless to assemble by following the instruction


  • Hollow plastic pieces

3. Plant Theatre Folding Hardwood Chair

Who doesn’t want to chill out after an exhausting day in the backyard? With that being said, the perfect thing that can help you loosen up is the Adirondack Hardwood chair from Plant Theatre.

The design of this chair has been made with a view to provide you utmost comfort. Its gently sloping seat and the wide slatted fan back will allow you to sit in perfectly and relax for the evening by supporting your whole back.

Plus, this curved design will make your legs to be lifted somewhat higher than your lower back. This posture will help you get relief from the tired leg muscles.

With this chair, you’ll also get the advantage of keeping your drinks and books, thanks to the wide arms. And, if you talk about the looks, then its oiled smooth finish boasts an elegant appearance that will sweep off your feet just like that.

In addition to providing comfort, this chair from Plant Theatre is made of sustainable Acacia Hardwood to make it tough for handling climate change. Besides, this type of wood is resistant to moisture and water to protect it from mold and insects.

Gained some weight during the Pandemic? Fearing that whether this chair can take your weight or not? Well, the good news is, it has a weight capacity of 127kg! So, you’re good to take a seat in it. And if you weigh more than that, then you need a treadmill, not a chair!

And whenever you feel the need to move it somewhere else, just fold it down and use the attached locking pegs. Thus, you’ll be able to put it in your shed or wherever you want during extreme weather.

Further, you’ll get this chair half pre-assembled, and the rest of the part can be easily done if you follow the instruction.


  • Supports the posterior by the wide fanned back
  • Curved design to offer health benefit
  • Acacia hardwood for enduringness
  • Allow keeping items on the wide arms
  • 127kg weight capacity for handling heavyweight persons


  • Bit confusing instruction

4. POLYWOOD SBA15WH Adirondack Chair

IF you’re not pleased with our previous POLYWOOD chair, then consider the SBA15WH Adirondack chair. It has the proficiency to provide you with the ultimate comfort you can expect from such type of chair.

This chair is made of authentic POLYWOOD lumber in order to survive against extreme weather such as hot sun, strong coastal winds, and snowy winter. Not only that but this type of wood doesn’t break apart, rot or crack.

The best aspect of this lumber is that it’s a blend of recycled detergent bottles and milk jugs. Thus, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re sitting on an eco-friendly chair.

Besides, it incorporates UV stabilizers as well as inhibitors as an added protection from the environmental circumstances. And due to having these materials, the color of this chair won’t fade away.

Now here comes the comfort part of this South Beach Adirondack chair from POLYWOOD. It comes with a contoured roomy shape so that you can spend hours relaxing in it. And its 16-inch high seat will allow you to get in and out of it pretty easily.

Plus, its wide arms are going to be a great place for keeping your drink. As it stands, the weight of this chair is 37 lbs, which are neither so heavy nor light, making it easy for you to take along on a trip.

Though it mimics the look of painted wood, maintaining it is pretty painless. All you need is water, soap, and a soft-bristle brush to clean it up.


  • POLYWOOD lumber for making it long-lasting
  • Eco-friendly due to using recycled materials
  • Offers maximum back support by the contoured shape
  • Wide arms for extra convenience
  • Provides ease of maintenance


  • Back could have been made slightly taller

5. Lifetime Faux 60064 Wood Adirondack Chair 

There’s nothing like a traditional Adirondack chair that can add up the instant charm and impressive comfort to your yard. That’s why we bring you Faux 60064 Adirondack chair from Lifetime.

This type of chair is mostly kept outside, where it has to face a lot of intense weather conditions damaging it. However, with this chair, you can have the peace of mind that it’s going to survive a long time, as it is made of weather-resistant polystyrene.

Plus, this chair is UV-protected to ensure that the solar disk can’t take away its color. Not only that, but it also doesn’t peel, chip, or crack even though it provides the appearance of real wood.

Faux 60064 comes with a wide contoured seat, tall reclined back along with wide flat arms. All these features are put into it only to provide you the support you desire while relaxing.

Whether you leave it outside on a dusty or stormy day, nothing is going to ruin the beauty of your chair; thanks for making it stain-resistant. And when it gets dirty, you can clean it effortlessly by using simple soap and water. In this way, it’ll get back its new look in no time.

Weighing 37.4 pounds, this chair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. As a result, you can stop worrying about breaking it up if an overweight person sits in.


  • Ensures durability by the polystyrene
  • UV-protected to prevent fading of the color
  • Delivers utmost back support by the contoured seat
  • Stain-resistant to keep the chair good looking for a long time
  • 300 pounds weight capacity support big person


  • Much heavier

6. Highwood AD-CHL1-TFE Hamilton Adirondack Chair

If you’re a fashionable person looking for classy furniture, then you need more than a basic Adirondack chair. That’s the reason we hand over you the AD-CHL1-TFE Hamilton chair from Highwood.

Do you desire of having a genuine wood chair, but the horrible maintenance process scares you off? Then, here is the good news. With this chair, you’re going to get the most practical look like natural wood yet without the hassle of maintenance, thanks to the high-quality poly lumber.

Plus, the materials of this chair have the potential to repel dust and dirt. Not only that, but it also doesn’t absorb moisture. As a result, you can wave away the worry of painting and staining it over time.

Besides, it’s a reclining chair offering you multiple options so that you can adjust the angle of your chair at your exact position. It also has a curved back for delivering you with the most possible comfort you need.

The important fact to mention about this Hamilton Adirondack chair from Highwood is that it has been tested per ASTM F1858-98 (2008). And it has passed with distinction as outdoor plastic reclining furniture.

Moreover, there may time come when you’ll need to rearrange your patio or yard. Since it’s a foldable chair, you can fold it at that time to easily move it or store it at your chosen place.

With a wide seat of 20-inches, this chair has the capacity to handle weight up to 400 pounds. And it has been assembled by using durable hardware of 304-grade stainless steel. So, it’s going to hold up pretty strongly!


  • Provides natural wood finish by the high-quality poly lumber
  • Weatherproof owing to dust and dirt repellent
  • Three reclining options to offer versatility
  • Provides maximum comfort by the curved back
  • Folds easily for giving the ease of portability


  • Requires drilling for safe assembly


The combination of comfort, elegancy as well as style is what everyone craves whether it’s a chair or other things. This AD420AR Adirondack chair from POLYWOOD has got all the things that will make you fall in love.

Now, it’s a durable chair that has been made by using all-weather lumber so that it can hold up to snowy winters, hot sun, etc. That’s not all, this lumber is not subject to crack, peel, rot, or chip. So, keep the chair outside without taking a slight bit of stress!

Besides, the POLYWOOD lumber is made of a blend of plastics consisting of recycled milk jugs along with detergent bottles. Thus, it proves to be an eco-friendly chair that you can boast.

As it stands, AD420AR integrates a contoured seat as well as a modern back style that features sleek profiles and straight lines. All of them will make sure that you can achieve the comfort expected from an Adirondack chair.

Further, this chair comes with a curved waterfall design on the front. This not only adds up style to the chair but also going to give the posterior of your knees extra comfort.

Moreover, you won’t need to do go through the hassle of waterproofing or painting it, thanks to the UV protectant. And when you come to see that your favorite chair is all wrapped up with dirt, you can wipe it up with water, soap, and a gentle bristle brush.

You’re going to get clear instructions along with marine-grade hardware so that you can do the assembly within a snap.


  • All-weather lumber for longevity
  • Blend of recycled plastics to make eco-friendly
  • Offers sleek look by the modern back style
  • Curved waterfall design for supporting back of the knees
  • Easy to assemble by the clear instruction


  • Looks pretty flimsy

Factor to Consider Before Buying the Right Adirondack Chair

So, since you’ve been reading our Adirondack chairs, have you decided which one you’re going to pick? We’d suggest you not to rush. Rather you should take a look at our handy buying guide so that you can consider the most important factors while buying.

WE believe that by the end, you’ll be able to make your mind about the right product for you without any drip of doubts.


You need to look in the first hand that what materials have been used to make the chair. Generally, you’ll see that wood, plastics, and mock woods are used for making Adirondack chairs.


The Adirondack chairs made of wood are the most expensive and boasts a natural as well as a beautiful look. They are considered as the most high-quality chairs.

Apart from that, the main drawback of this kind of chair is that it’s not eco-friendly. Most importantly, this is not durable materials. It can’t withstand different weather conditions.


Nowadays Adirondack chairs are manufactured using some sort of all-weather plastics. The benefits of these materials are quite a few.

They don’t cost as much as wood. And since they are made of plastics, they don’t split, crack, or rot; thereby, they are last for a long time. So, you won’t have to go through a lot of maintenance trouble with them. And most importantly, they are recyclable plastics that make them eco-friendly.

Mock Woods

This type of material is quite durable and has the ability to survive harsh weather conditions. As a result, you can keep them outside with the peace of mind knowing that they won’t be peeling or cracking so easily.

And they also quite affordable. The best thing is that they display genuine wood appearance, which is pretty amazing.

Weight Capacity

Imagine you’re sitting in your coolest-looking chair, and suddenly it breaks down! What an embarrassing and dangerous situation that can be, right? Not only can you get injured, but also you won’t be getting the value for your money.

That’s why you need to figure the weight capacity of the chair you’re planning to buy. Because if you put more pressure than the weight limit, then the structure and the lifespan will get hampered.

Usually, all the standard Adirondack chair has the capacity to hold 250 lbs. of weight. And as the size of the chair increase, the holding capacity also increases. That means tall chairs can hold from 300 to 800 lbs. of weight pretty easily.

Seat Height

Another important factor to look at while choosing a chair is the seat height. It actually relates to your comfort while sitting. You should get a chair that is sufficiently high to provide support to your legs as well as knees, at the same time allows your feet to touch the ground easily.

Now see, if the height is too short, your legs won’t be able to touch the chair with bent knees. Therefore, you’ll lose support.

On the other hand, if the height is too high, your legs will swing resulting in forcing pressure on the posterior of your knees. Now that’s going to become painful after a short while.


After ensuring the comfort level, you should also look at the weight of the chair because it’ll give you the advantage of portability.

Now if you plan to keep your chair on your deck or patio, then it won’t be a big deal. But if you plan to take your chair over a picnic spot or sports game or just take it inside your home, then the weight of your chair is going to play a crucial role.


This factor is kind of interconnected with the portability. Because if you can’t fold your chair, how you’re going to carry it?

By having a foldable Adirondack chair, you can carry it to the beach even on a trip, which will offer you great comfort. Besides, a folded down chair will give you the idea of how much space it’s going to take while storing.

Type of Adirondack Chair

Basically, an Adirondack chair is used for lounging outdoor. This type of chai has an angled seat with an angled back along with wide armrests. The legs of this chair are straight at the front, and the rear legs are bent at an angle for supporting the angled seat.

Traditional Adirondack chair

These types of chairs are favorite to the people because of their large space. They also allow people to sit in it at a slightly inclined position. But sitting in it for a long time may feel uncomfortable. It is advisable to spend a few hours on it.

Faux Wood Adirondack Chairs

These faux chairs are made of Polystyrene so that it can withstand any weather conditions without issues. Whether it’s heavy raining or snowing, they can survive with a vibrant look for several seasons.

Most importantly they are cost-effective. And because of these reasons, these types of chairs are great for use as patio furniture.

Adirondack Chairs with Ottomans

People who want lounging on sunny days love these kinds of chairs. With these chairs, you can put up your feet and spend a few hours laying in the sun pretty comfortably. You can spend a couple of hours sitting in this chair, but these are better if you consider it for normal sitting.

Wicker Adirondack Chairs

A certain group of people like chairs made of wicker. Though many have doubts that it doesn’t have much enduringness, it’s not that weak at all. Rather a good wicker chair can have the ability to withstand a good amount of weight.

The thing that bothers people about these types of chairs is that they are kind of tricky when it comes to cleaning. Other than that, you can enjoy a wicker chair.

Two-Person Adirondack Chair

These types of chairs are not often seen in people’s backyard. But this is a great option for a couple that wants to spend a romantic evening by closely sitting together. Well, you can have one of these chairs in your collection as two people can seat in it at once.

Children’s Adirondack Chairs

Everyone wants their space, whether it’s a kid or aged one. Well, that’s the reason for making these Adirondack chairs for kids. The design is the same except that it’s little in size so that the children can easily get in and out.

Keeping these types of chairs next to the big ones will really look cute, and your child will definitely appreciate it. So, if you have children, you must get one of these. They are affordable and gives a compliment to the patio.

Camping Adirondack Chair

These types of chairs are solely made for people who want to get comfort like Adirondack chairs. Though at first look it doesn’t look alike, the angled seat and back of the chair will tell that it’s been made in Adirondack style.

You can fold it up and put it in your car trunk and take to the camping. These chairs have carrying strap, making it easy for you to carry it wherever you want. And due to its lightweight, it won’t feel burdensome.

Wood Vs Plastic Adirondack Chairs

You already know that most of the Adirondack chairs are made of wood and plastic. Now look, every coin has two sides and every material has some advantages as well as disadvantages. So, let’s look at some of them of each material below.


Wooden chairs are a pretty quality product that offers a beautiful look. They can last for a long time on your patio if only taken good care of it.

Well, the sun can’t do notable harm to this kind of chair. Rather it gives a more aged and worn look that some people admire the most.

Besides, due to being made of wood, they are pretty heavy. Thereby, strong wind won’t be able to budge them unless there’s a tornado. Even you can paint them with whatever color you like.

However, if you’re planning to go on a trip, then don’t even think to carry it with you as they are really heavy. Great exposure to water can do heavy damage to the wooden Adirondack chairs such as degrading or losing color.

In addition, the most vital problem with this type of chair is the high price. There are even some chairs made from rare and exotic woods that cost over a thousand dollars!


Adirondack chairs made from plastic on the other hand, equally have their own pros and cons.

They cost very little when compared to the wooden chair. Due to made of a single plastic mold, the time and labor required to make one piece is almost nothing. These types of chairs are pretty light in weight. And owing to that, they are pretty easy to carry around and store.

On the contrary, the lightweight can become a serious drawback if there’s a strong wind. Such wind can blow away the chair like a feather, damaging not only itself but also other items around.

Usually, Adirondack chairs are left outside. As a result, they have to face different crazy weather conditions, and the main problem for a plastic chair is the heat. The temperature on a sunny day can exceed 120 whereas at night it cools down.

This fluctuation of temperature causes the chair to be brittle, which results in snapping of an arm, leg, or back when sitting.

At the same time, this weathering effect also reduces the weight limits of plastic chairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Adirondack chairs so popular?

Well, it’s because these chairs come with unique design, provide comfort, and, most importantly, they are long-lasting.

Unlike lawn chairs, these chairs are quite designed differently. Most importantly the armrests of Adirondack chairs are wider, offering a comfy place for your arms.

How to stain Adirondack chairs?

The process of staining Adirondack chairs is pretty simple — steps are given below;

  • Prepare the chair by cleaning, drying, and removing the dust
  • Open the can and use a stir stick to stir the stain slowly
  • Dip a synthetic bristle brush and coat the half-length of the brush
  • Using a sweep motion, pull the brush throughout each board
  • As soon as the brush gets empty, tip-off drips by running across the edges at a 45-degree angle
  • Work in the gaps at first and then stain over a flat surface
  • After finishing the coat, let it dry for 24 hours.

What is the best material for Adirondack chairs?

Teak is considered one of the best materials for Adirondack chairs. It is better than oak, pine, wicker, or bamboo, as these kinds of wood can’t withstand weather and need a lot of maintenance.

Are wood or plastic Adirondack chairs better?

If you’re in search of a durable as well as a classic chair, you should go for a wooden Adirondack. Likewise, if you want that is affordable, offers ease of maintenance along with durability, you should get a plastic one.

Why are Adirondack chairs so expensive?

The Adirondack chairs that are so expensive because most of the time, offer plenty of advantages. They require low maintenance, survive long regardless of weather conditions, and of course, they are very comfortable.

Are Adirondack chairs bad for your back?

Adirondack chairs have reclined nature, which is a good thing for your back. Its unique design will take off the pressure from your lower back, allowing you to lean back in an upright position. But you might face some issues while getting in and out from these chairs, as they are pretty low to the ground.

Are Adirondack chairs weatherproof?

Not all of the Adirondack chairs are weatherproof. But some manufacturers produce chairs with weather-resistant wood or plastic to add up more durability than the real ones. Plus, it’s UV protected, which translates to no cracking, peeling, or chipping over time.

Final Verdict

Finally, you’re at the end of your quest for the best Adirondack chairs. We believe that you can now pick your preferred one pretty easily from our models.

Now even if you’re on the fence, you can pick the POLYWOOD AD5030WH Adirondack Classic folding chair. It’s got a marvelous look and style. Not only that it’s weatherproof and resist stain for ensuring durability, you’ll also get the convenience of carrying it painlessly.

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