6 Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids in 2021

Best Kids Bean Bag Chair

Come on! You know they are kids, and if they don't make a mess, who will? But we admit that it literally hurts when you see your kid ruining your beautiful furniture with liquids and stains all over. But that doesn’t mean you can’t let them have a seat on your chairs.

Want an idea? Why don’t you get them the bean bag chairs? Not any random bean bags but the best bean bag chair for kids. You know that kids love comfy places. But if you get them something like that, they'll always look for it whenever they feel like sitting down.

Plus, as they’re easy to clean, unlike your expensive furniture, you won’t have to go through a ton of hassles to clean them up. Now the question is, which one will be perfect for your kid. Well, just scroll down a bit, and you'll get them all right there.

6 Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids

Won’t it be unfair if we get you just one or two options where you won’t have much of a scope to go for a comparison? Don’t worry; we’ve got you the top 6 bean bag chairs that you might love to grab for your kid. Want to check them out? Here comes the first one –

1. Posh Beanbags- Bean Bag Chair For Kids 

Kids are colorful, and we don't think even a single person in this world will disagree with that. This means, when you're bringing something like a bean bag chair for your kid, you need it to be colorful as they are. Why don't you give the BLG-BP053 from Posh Beanbags a shot then?

When you’re asking for a bean bag chair that not only will make your kid fall in love with it but also last for a long time, then this is it. Thanks to its durable and super soft bean bag that is stuffed with polystyrene beans of higher quality.

As a cherry on the top, the removable cover made of polyester blend has made it super easy to clean. All you'll have to do is just take it off, give it a wash, and it'll be clean as new.

But we often see bean bags with a humongous size, and kids feel uncomfortable to use them. Thankfully, the makers of this one have their share of attention to kids as well and have given it a perfect size of 38” x 38” x 27”. But that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten to keep a variety for people of all ages.

So, where you want to put it then? Bedroom, playroom, or somewhere else? Because it can fit anywhere perfectly without ruining your interior. By the way, if you think the cover doesn’t suit your room color, then you’ve got a ton of variety in colors and patterns there. Just pick and put on it.


  • Can last for a long time
  • Comes in sizes for all age
  • Suits perfectly almost anywhere
  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Has variety in covers


  • A little less stiffness would’ve been better

2. Sofa Sack - Plush, Ultra Soft Kid Bean Bag Chair

The next one on our list is as appealing as actual furniture yet fills up every expectation of having a good bean bag chair. Yup, you’ve guessed it right. It’s the AMZBB-3SK-CS13 from Sofa Sack we’re talking about.

There’s no way to deny that bean bag chairs are a pure source of comfort, especially when you’re planning to get it for your kid. So, team Sofa Sack has shown no miserliness in turning this piece into a pile of softness without violating the simplicity. It looks like using memory foam within was actually a good move.

In case you need to change its location more frequently as your kid doesn’t stay too long in one place, you’re free to move this lightweight piece around. Now, you decide where you want to see it. And suitability to your décor? You just put it there, and the next moment you'll feel like it was made for the spot.

Worrying about the durability? When a chair has the velvet, passion suede encasement where the strength has been maximized with double stitching, there’s no scope for running short on durability. Not only your kid, but even if you use it on a regular basis, it'll still stand strong as always.

And don’t think your kid or you’ll have any problem with napping, sitting, and lounging on it. Its spacious 36” X 36” X 24” dimension ain’t going to let you have any problem there, at least.


  • Highly comfortable and soft
  • Compatible with any décor
  • Strong construction enhances durability
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Spacious enough for both kids and adults


  • More clear washing instructions would’ve been better

3. Creative QT Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

What are you planning to do about that scattered pile of stuffed toys lying on your kid’s floor? After all, it’s you who’ll have to deal with the mess. Why don’t you just turn it into a bean bag chair? Want to know how? Just bring the SYNCHKG110314 from the Creative QT, and it'll do the rest.

We don’t know where team Creative QT got this idea, they literally have hit two birds with one stone. This bean bag chair is basically a storage bag that you can fill up with all your kid’s stuffed animals and make it your kid’s next sitting place.

But the makers ain’t going to get you just a bag to put your kid’s toys in. As it’s meant to be a bean bag chair, they’ve got it the soft yet strong material that has made the construction highly durable. Plus, the solid handle and heavy-duty zipper will make it a purchase of yours that you won’t have to regret even in years.

And want to know the diameter? Once you finish off filling it up, you'll get to a huge diameter of around 38 inches. Plus, you won’t have to throw your child’s precious memories away. You can just save them in there as long as you want. When it gets dirty, just get things out and simply wash it.


  • The durability level is significantly high
  • Highly convenient to wash
  • Can store lots of stuffed toys
  • Equipped with heavy-duty handle and zipper
  • 38” (approx.) of huge diameter


  • Can’t put any hard toys in it

4. WEKAPO Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

What did you think? You’ll look for a bean bag to slip in your kid's toys, and we won't hit you with another option there? Well, the toy storage bean bag is back, and this time, team WEKAPO has taken the liberty to bring it on.

But you’re free to use it not only to put your kid’s toys in but also the pile of unused pillows or towels that are bothering you. Once you’re done with it, the next thing will be watching your kid relax on this perfect bean bag. And don’t worry about running short on space as with its 38” size that won’t be an issue.

By the way, you might be wondering how many toys can it actually take in. Well, the last time we checked, 100 stuffed toys of different sizes got into it with ease. Thanks to its 48" YKK ZIPPER that has taken out the restrictions on toy size there. On top of that, the fabric handle eased up moving it around to a huge extent.

But will it be able to hold so many stuff within properly? We don’t think it’ll be a problem for its comfortable and strong cotton canvas that’s backed by reinforced seams.

Plus, the solid stitching all over makes sure you’re getting a stronger construction there. And as the fabric is 100% cotton, washing it will be easy as pie for you.


  • Made of durable fabric
  • Can accommodate at least 100 toys
  • Easy to clean up with a wash
  • Comes in a generous size
  • Easy to move with fabric handle


  • Not for hard toys

5. Leachco Pillay Plush Sling-Style Lounger

Have you ever thought of getting your kid a perfect place to take a quick nap? Well, if you haven't, then why don't you give it a shot with the 13950Sling-Style Lounger from Leachco?

If you’re feeling like this one can’t keep up with your kid’s growing weight, then let us tell you something first. As this super-comfy lounger is perfect for three years old kids and above, it can easily handle their weight. Actually, when your kid sits on it, it'll stretch itself to get your child enough space and comfort.

And once it gets a bit dirty, just use that zipper and get the filler out of the cover. Then when you put it in the machine for a wash, this 100% Polyester made cover will come out like a new one.

In case your kid doesn’t like the Latte color, you’ve got the gray one as an option there that we believe he/she can’t help loving.

Plus, it goes with any décor perfectly too. Even when your kid acts stubborn to take it along with his/her next trip, you won’t have to face any hassle to carry this lightweight bean sack around.


  • Stretches on the basis of weight
  • Perfect for 3-year olds and above
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Easy to remove the cover anytime
  • Convenient to carry in tours


  • Doesn’t have too many varieties in colors

6. Jorbest Stuffed Animal Storage Kirds Bean Bag Chair

Won’t you love teaching your kid a bit more about organizing their things? Well, we’ve got an idea to make that a bit more interesting, and we call it the Bean Bag Chair from Jorbest. Want to know how?

This bean bag chair is something that you can simply turn into a storehouse of your kid’s stuffed toys. If your kid is a fan of small plush toys, then you can easily slip in 195 of them in it. But that doesn’t mean the number is any smaller for medium stuffed animals as you can put at least 110 of them in there.

Now comes the material part. After all, ain’t it what determines everything from durability to quality? Its cotton made canvas is not only soft but also strong enough to be with your kid for a very long time. And fading? With this quality, you won’t be seeing anything like that for sure.

Plus, its durable YKK zipper creates enough space to put any small to medium-sized toys in it with ease. And after zipping it up again, no one even will be able to detect its existence there. Besides, the durable handle makes it even easier so that your kid can drag it anywhere.

What we can’t help appreciating about team Jorbest is they’ve paid attention to the safety part here as well. By getting the bean bag sofa feet, they’ve eliminated the chance of your kid getting hurt while running around. By the way, it’s machine washable too.


  • Can accommodate a good number of toys
  • Made of solid and durable material
  • Comes with durable YKK zipper
  • The sofa feet made it safer
  • Washable in washing machines


  • Not good for accomodating giant stuffed toys

How to Pick the Right Kids Bean Bag Chair?

Don’t go with the simple design of bean bag chairs that makes you feel like you can just check the size out and bring one in. Because this way, you might need to put the hand again in your pocket in no time as there’s a chance of ending up with the wrong one.

So, what you need to do then? Well, you’ve got two options here. The first one we’ve said already above, which we guess you clearly don’t want. But the second one is knowing how to pick the right one and choosing accordingly. So, how to pull that off? Let's check it out.


You want the best bean bag chair for kids with maximum quality, firmness, and compression? Then focus first on the materials because that’s what can get you all of them. There’s a ton variety of materials that are used for chair’s stuffing.

You can go for anything like polystyrene beads, bead beans, Styrofoam as they all are good. But if you’re more into keeping things a bit more eco-friendly, then a bean bag with recycled polystyrene is indeed a better choice. 

Note: We have a list of best bean bag filler and buying guide. Check out. 


Call it a cover on your bean bag chair or a cover on your hassles – the meaning won’t be any different. Because a chair without cover is more prone to external damages and stains.

So, if you don’t want to have your days of struggle with them, then it’s better to choose one with a cover. Moreover, as the covers are what makes a bean bag visually appealing, check out if you’ve got the chance of choosing one with different colors and patterns or not.

One more thing! The material of cover also needs to be of good quality. Otherwise, you might’ve to change them more often than you’re expecting. If you still feel like you need to dig a bit deeper about this, then you can just check this video out.


Ain’t it quite obvious that too big bean bag chairs will be nothing but a hassle for your kid? Then grab something that he/she can easily handle. Bringing something too big will do nothing but kill their excitement of having a bean bag, and we bet you don't want that.

As there’s a variety of sizes, choose the one that suits the size and age of your kid. Picking one with a too small size might increase the risk of them getting hurt unintentionally.


You’re buying this for your kid, right? So, there’s a high chance that it won’t be you who’ll be roaming with it from one room to another. That’s why it has to be of a weight that your kid can move in case they want it in their playroom rather than the bedroom.


Let your kid lead you on this one. Show and ask them what kind of shape they’d like to have for hanging around. But don’t think your duty is done there. You’ll need to check out the level of safety it delivers in the first place. It’s your kid, so you can’t compromise on that, at least.

Ease of Cleaning

Come on! Who are we kidding? We all know that kids ain’t going to let it stay clean for a long time. So, it’s better if you can get a best bean bag chair that you can clean up easily. A lot of them come with removable covers. So, try to choose one like that as they’re more convenient to clean up.

But if you’re planning to get a chair without a cover, then make sure it comes with clear instructions on the cleaning. As the wrong method of cleaning can damage the surface, it’s important to have some clarity there. So, don’t underestimate the importance of knowing how to clean or maintain a bean bag chair.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Bean Bags

What we love about bean bag chairs is they often don’t ask for any hard labor to get back on the ‘cleaned’ phase. But if you don’t do it right, no matter how good the chair is, it still won’t last enough for sure.

Now the problem is, we can’t suggest one single way of cleaning them as they come in a ton of variety. So, you like it or not, you’ll have to do it in the way it’s meant to be. Let’s check out then how can you clean and maintain your bean bag without breaking much of a sweat.

Cleaning Removable Cotton Covers

Pull the filler out first after unzipping the cover. Once the filler is out, put the cover in a container or trash bag. Now, use some cloth cleaning detergent and put it in the washing machine. Once it’s done, get it dry and keep the heat level at medium there. Now put the filler back in.

Cleaning Vinyl Bean Bags

Take a clean piece of cloth and dip it into warm and soapy water. Then wipe it clean. In case you see any stubborn spots on it, scrub them off with a toothbrush. But make sure it’s a soft-bristled one. Take another piece of clean cloth and wipe it dry.

Cleaning Suede-Covered Bean Bags

The best way to keep suede-covered bean bags is by brushing them on a regular basis. But if you see any dried stains on them, take a suede eraser and rub them off. You can use a damp terry cloth to do that too.

After that, take any metal suede brush and run it all over its cover in a circular motion. You’ll get protective sprays in the market made for its fabric. Bring one in and spray it all over.

Cleaning Velvet Bean Bags

Take a damp cloth and wipe the bean bag with it first. If you see any tough stain, take the mild soap solution and rub it off with the same cloth after dipping in the solution. Try a circular motion to make the stains disappear and let it dry all by itself.

Bean Bag Chairs and Child Safety

If you want a chair for your kid, then we don’t know how many of them can be as safe as bean bags. Because in the case of regular chairs, they’re usually made of solid materials like wood, plastic, or steel and come with a high risk of accidents there. But when it comes to bean bags, they don’t contain any hard materials.

That doesn’t mean they can’t possess any threat to your kid under certain circumstances, especially when you have a toddler at home. But it’s nothing impossible to keep kids safe with a bean bag. All you need to do is just follow some tips like –

  • Don’t leave your children unattended while using the bean bag.
  • It’s better not to let babies sleep in a bean bag as they can cause suffocation under certain postures. Always let your child sleep on a hard and flatter surface as it allows them to have the right posture. Let them take a nap on it only when they’re big enough.
  • Don’t put your baby on a bean bag for a long time if he or she doesn’t have a firm structure yet.
  • Check the bean bag on a regular basis for a leak. Because inhaling or swallowing any stuffing that comes out of it can cause serious health issues.
  • Teach your kid about the right posture of seating in a bean bag.
  • Educate the babysitters about it and instruct them properly about letting the kids use the chair.
  • Read the hazard labels thoroughly and try to follow any recommendations given there.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are bean bag chairs safe for toddlers?

Call it dangerous or what, if your kid is below 12 months of age, then don’t let him/her be on it. Plus, make sure that the cover is protected with locking zippers and durable linings. Having double stitching will be better to maximize safety.

Are bean bags good for health?

Bean bags are usually filled with stuffing that delivers the maximum flexibility one can get from a chair. As a result, they don't need to compromise with the sitting posture, unlike the regular chairs, which ultimately causes no health issues there. So you can say, along with being comfortable, they're healthy as well.

How long do bean bags last?

If the bean bag quality is good enough, then you can easily expect it to have a life of three years. But depending on the maintenance, it’s also possible to push the durability higher. As you know, if you care, it lasts.

Can I use a bean bag as a bed?

Yes, you can, but only when the bean bag is spacious enough. Otherwise, you'll have to restrict your posture while sleeping, and that might not be good for your health.

Final Words

To be honest, bean bags are fun, and even as an adult, you can’t deny that. Now think how much fun your kid will have if you get him/her one. But you can’t go for anything but the best bean bag chair for kids because the wrong one might not be what you’d like to have in your kid’s room.

So, which one should you get? If you want your child to have the plain and simple bean bag experience with maximum comfort, then pick something like the     BLG-BP053 from Posh Beanbags or AMZBB-3SK-CS13 from Sofa Sack.

On the other hand, if you want more of a place for your kid’s unused toys that can work as a bean bag too, then nothing can be better for that like Bean Bag Chair from Jorbest and WEKAPO or SYNCHKG110314 from Creative QT.

Now, the question is, is there nothing that your kid can have a nap on? Well, there is, and it's none other than the 13950Sling-Style Lounger from Leachco. As it can stretch with your kid’s weight, you won’t have to worry about him/her having a nice nap there. Now, you decide which one you want your child to have.

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