Are Zero Gravity Chairs Good for Your Back?

Are Zero Gravity Chairs Good for Your Back

The answer to the question – “Are zero gravity chairs good for your back or not?” depends on what you want out of your chairs. But there are countless people out there who don't know whether these chairs are actually as beneficial as they claim.

This informative article specifically caters to those looking for a solution to unbearable backaches from stress. Zero gravity chair manufacturers happen to have declared a war against back pains. So, let's find out how much of it is accurate and whether you should get one for your back or not.

What Are Zero Gravity Chairs? 

Remember those cushioned recliners from the early 2000s? Zero gravity chairs are just those with a severe upgrade of ergonomics and comfort. These chairs have grown widely popular because of their therapeutic approach to a soothing experience.


Did you know that the concept of zero gravity chairs was actually invented by NASA? They got the inspiration for the idea from how an astronaut's body floats in zero gravity, hence the name.

After months of careful research, they concluded that the natural posture of a human body is not straight, rather quite far from it. This is why they developed a chart that showed the regular bends of a human body with exact angles. When you materialize this information, you get the best zero gravity chairs for back pain.


Zero gravity chairs came into being when manufacturing companies started to use this as a guideline for making comfortable chairs. As a result, today, they are one of the most highly sought after comfort-recliners for users from all demographics.

If the pull of gravity stopped working on your body, it would instantly come to a shape similar to sitting while leaning back. The ordinary recliners out there in the market do not offer this natural posture, which is why manufacturers structured this chair to mimic our neutral body posture.

A chair's structure is almost always the first thing to consider when determining whether it's a proper gravity chair or not. So the ergonomic construction of these chairs became one thing that helps them stand out from ordinary cushioned couches. That, too, while offering the same level of comfort if not better.

Materials and Design

As far as design is concerned, they come in a wide variety of looks and functions. Almost all the variants of zero gravity chairs out there come in comfortable leather padding to ensure a proper body hosting.

Apart from their exterior (sufficing for the comfort department), these chairs also have a very sturdy metal skeletal structure. The purpose of concrete construction is to allow the chair to take as much weight as the user wants to distribute across it.


The purpose of owning a zero gravity chair ranges from bold interior enhancement to therapy and comfort. It serves as part and parcel of countless Americans in modern times. Not to mention that they have won the hearts of both the aged and the young!

Today, a person walking into a furniture store is somehow bound to stand in front of the zero-gravity section because of the promises these products make. The best part is that they have lived up to their words through actions and made their users proud. This thing acts as a rapid therapy for back pain and lumbar adjustments.

It's an instant favorite for its users because of the therapeutic values. But people from all around the world consider it a great addition to their hall room or garden patio set as well. Thanks to modern designs and bold color combos.

Can You Benefit from Zero Gravity Chairs? 

If you're into a job that requires hours of working while sitting on a chair, then you will surely benefit from zero gravity chairs. However, that doesn't mean that it specifically caters to users with desk jobs only. 

These chairs will verily profit you even if you're a middle-aged man/woman who's looking for a comfortable resting chair for those afternoon naps. Stay with us until the end for a better insight into the easement that this thing offers.         

Pain Relief

The ergonomic structure of the chair allows users to relive necessary pressure off of their back. This makes the chairs a favorite to all the users with lumbar pain and misalignments. Since the neutral body position is meant to serve users with relaxation, it dissipates the stored pressure after a long day of work.

Back Muscle Relaxation

Apart from pain relief, these chairs are ergonomically designed to provide a proper resting position to your lumbar. So when you sit on this chair and lean back, your head barely reaches your knees' level. This ensures your back muscles relax and let go of the stress that it has been storing since the beginning of the day.

Back muscle relaxation is the single most therapeutic approach of these chairs. Relaxed muscle leads to a comfortable sleep. Which connects all the dots together and makes zero Gravity chairs the perfect companion for people with lumbar issues.

Improved Blood Circulation

Since your body will always be in a neutral position, you can stop worrying about improper blood flows. It reduces the chances of coagulation in the rigid parts of your body. Improved blood flow leads to better oxygenation of the body. In other words, your heart can now pump blood better, leading to perfect health.

The Perfect Alignment

The thing is that your back is not perfectly aligned when you're lying flat on the bed. Yes, that's true that it is not the ideal body position for relaxation. But we fail to realize that and end up wondering why our back hurts so much.

Misalignment of the vertebra is a common issue among people with back pain. When you recline on a zero gravity chair, your head is slight under your knee level. This neutral body position ensures the perfect alignment for your lumbar.

For Frequent Use

Earlier in the article, we've talked about how the chairs are constructed to withstand a lot of weight. The reason for that particular approach is to let the users enjoy using it whenever and as long as they want.

Most of the zero gravity chairs come equipped with headrests, coffee holders, and a kick-back system. Compile all these features, and you get a piece of genuinely luxurious patio furniture for your home that also deals with your stress.

The Optimal Recline 

The zero gravity chairs mark themselves as unique from their closely related cousin, recliners, in a couple of ways. Firstly, they do not recline all the way, offering a bare bed for you to sleep on. Instead, the more you will lean back, the more bent your knees will get.

Some chairs also come with adjustable reclines so that you can fine-tune it to your preference. On the other hand, some will again come with a locking feature to keep it from returning to the default position every time you move. Remember that the locking quality will cost you slightly more.

Get Your Very First Zero Gravity Chair Today!

Don't buy a zero gravity chair just because you think it's trendy. If that's the case, then the chances are that you won't be even using it. But if you are looking for luxury therapeutic patio furniture that doesn't cost as much, then these are just the right thing for you.

Walk up to 10 chair enthusiasts and ask," Are zero gravity chairs good for your back?", Seven out of ten of them will tell you yes. One might deny, but the other two will always tell you that they never noticed because they always fell asleep too fast. Use our article as a tutorial before you go chair hunting!

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