Stop a Recliner from Rocking in the Reclined Position

A Man Sitting On A Recliner Chair

Relaxing in a recliner is one of the greatest comforts we can give ourselves. Yet sometimes, recliners start functioning in ways that they normally do not function in, which can cause some distress. A typical example of this is a recliner that does not sop rocking, even in a reclined position.

If you have faced this situation yourself and are looking for a way to fix this, then look no further! This article will tell you how to stop a recliner from rocking in the reclined position and offer you a step-by-step guide that fixes all your worries. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Measure Away!

The first step that you need to take care of is to get some measurements. Generally, a recliner has a hinged box attached to its frame, which makes the recliner rock backwards and forwards. The main goal is to insert a wedge between this hinged box and the frame of the chair so that it does not rock once reclined.

To do this, you have to measure the distance between the frame of the chair and the hinged box. You also need to measure the length of the box.

Get Some Wood

The next step would be to get some wood. With the help of this wood, you will create the wedge that will be positioned between the recliner frame and the hinge box. It is best if the wood is a kind of thick hardwood. You need to cut it according to the height and length you measured in the first step.

There is no specified thickness, but it should be more than or equal to 1 inch. This will help you in the later steps when you need to mount it. Make sure that you use the correct tools such as a table saw or a scroll saw while cutting, in order to avoid any accidents.

Making a Hole

Measure ½ inches from each end of the woodblock you just cut, and drill a hole on top of it. It is best to use a 1/8 inch drill bit for this purpose.

Positioning the Block

This step is quite crucial, as it determines whether your recliner will keep rocking in a reclined position or not. So be sure to get this done as carefully as possible. For this step, you basically need to insert the block between the frame of the recliner and the hinge box.

And this is also the step to measure if there is any inconsistency with the shape of the block. If the block’s length or height is bigger or smaller than what it should be, it won’t work.

Therefore, you must check whether the block fits perfectly between the two frames. Test the chair while the block is inserted to make sure it does not recline at all.

Securing the Wedge

This is the last step, which will make sure you get the result you want. You just need to secure the previously positioned woodblock onto the hinged box now. Use a screwdriver and 2-inch screws for this purpose.


Beginning to rock in a chair that you sat in only to enjoy some stillness and peace is definitely not the most comfortable feeling on earth.

This is why we hope that you have gained some necessary knowledge about fixing problems like this all by yourself. So next time this happens, channel your inner mechanic, get some wood and screws out, and fix that thing forever.

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