Is It Bad to Use Phone While Lying Down?

Smartphones have now become an essential item in our lives. From using it for communication to using it for entertainment, they always seem to be in our hands. It has gone to the point that it is now quite impossible to go through a day without using it.

With all that said, many health-related concerns arise when it comes to using a smartphone. One of the questions that most ask is, “is it bad to use phone while lying down?”

And we are here to answer that to you. We are going to do that by outlining the detrimental effects a smartphone has on your health.

Is that bad to Use Phone While Lying Down

Mentally Draining

One of the reasons behind having a smartphone is to allow us to be more productive and to make every little task of our lives easier. They are here to provide us quick access to the necessary information that might take ages to reach us. In fact, you are likely reading this article with your smartphone.

With that said, when we are talking about using a smartphone while lying down, it is mostly before sleeping or during bedtime. And at that moment, releasing dopamine and serotonin is the last thing the brain would want to do.

The brain has to do all that to let your day go by easily. Would not it be wise to give it a rest before you temporarily shut yourself off?

By constantly checking on the smartphone, you are demanding your brain to remain active before bedtime. This habit of keeping your brain active can eventually result in having sleep disorders.

And without an adequate amount of sleep, the brain will lose its efficiency over time. You might have to face memory loss, mental fatigue, and other things in the future.

Melatonin Suppression

The screen that most of the smartphones utilize highly depends on blue light to show you different colors and all. This blue light is not only bad for your eyes, but it can also impact your brains.

And when you are lying down, the lights are probably off, and when there are no surrounding lights, the intensity of the blue light increases substantially.

In one research, it was seen that the melatonin is highly suppressed when the brain is exposed to blue light for a prolonged time. And if you did not know what melatonin is, it is the hormone that controls your sleep cycle. If it gets suppressed to a substantial amount, you will have insomnia, which is not a good thing to have.

Aside from insomnia, without an adequate amount of sleep, you will have a tough time in the case of going through the day. Your productivity will have a serious impact, and you will feel tired throughout the entire day. Alongside that, you will also notice that you will not be able to focus on anything effectively.

Emotionally Draining

Suppose you are scrolling through your newsfeed late at night. While scrolling through, you see something that is quite depressing or something that got you upset.

Even though you might not feel it, having this type of emotion right before sleeping is quite harmful. It will trigger a response that will make it quite difficult for you to fall asleep.

One of the experts says that checking on your phone before sleeping can lead to emotional distractions. These distractions will eventually fuel up your anxiety, which is not that much of a good thing, is it?

Even if you do not scroll through the newsfeed of social media, having the phone around will urge you to check up on your emails and messages. This urge can inevitably lead up to the lack of sleep. And we have already mentioned several times what lack of sleep can do in your daily life.


To conclude, the answer to the question is it bad to use phone while lying down would be yes. It is bad to use the phone while lying down before bedtime and when there is not enough surrounding light.

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