How to Take Apart a Massage Chair?

Take Apart a Massage Chair

There are many reasons that you may need to take apart your massage chair, but it's hard to know how to do it safely and quickly. Massage chairs are automated, and so they need electricity to run. For that reason, it may not be safe to take apart this chair with no instruction.

Don't fear, if you are at a loss as to where to start, this guide will teach you how to take apart your chair safely, so you can do any maintenance you need to do quickly and safely.

A guide to apart a massage chair

If you don't know what brand or type of massage chair that you own, this will be a general guide that is likely to help you. If you are aware of what brand of machine you have, it would be a good idea to find the instructional manual for your massage chair.

If you don't have to manual, there are several manuals available online as PDFs for free. You can find a manual for infinity massage chairs here, You can find a manual for Osaki OS 4000 chairs here: This instructional manual contains general information from both of these manuals, in addition to other sources.

Determine what you need to remove

If you are disassembling your chair to move it to a different location in your house, you may only need to disassemble the arms and the speakers. If you are disassembling for maintenance reasons, removing the armrests and the speakers should allow you the space to reach the rest of the machine and fix any problems you may find. Here is a general guide on how to disassemble the arms and speakers of a massage chair.

Disassembling the arms

The first and easiest thing to remove is the airbags: they are not attached, pull them straight up, and they should pop out. For the rest of the disassembly, you will need a screwdriver.

Next, unzip the cover and push back the cushion of the seat to reveal the screws that secure the armrest in place. In most models, there are two screws here. Unscrew the screws, being sure to place them in a safe place for later, when you reassemble the arms of the chair.

Then, carefully disconnected the LED harness and the air hoses that are connected to the armrest. Depending on the type of chair you have, there could be a power cord, a LED wire harness, or an air hose. If you are prone to forget where these items reattach, take a photo to jog your memory in the future when you are going to reassemble the arm of your chair.

Then, press the release tab on the inner part of the armrest, next to the cushion. Pull up on the armrest to disconnect and remove.

Disassembling the speakers

To disassemble the speakers, unzip the zipper around the base of the speaker, and push back the cushioning around it. There will be one screw that secures the speaker in place. Unscrew the screw and place it in a safe place for later.

Next, tilt the speaker back and prop it off the prong that secures the speaker at the back. Then, it will be simple to disconnect the air hose and press the button then release the wire harness.

If you are moving your chair from one room to another, this is likely the only part of the chair you will have to remove. Without the speakers and the armrest, you will be able to roll the chair through a regularly sized doorway. Once you have pushed your chair into the next room, you can start to reassemble the chair.

Helpful Tips

If a part is stuck or unable to move, do not force it. Either it is not supposed to move, or a part of the machine is stuck and could break

If your chair gets waterlogged, do not try to take it apart

The number of screws can vary depending on the machine, brand and model. If you cannot find a screw, it might not be there.

Make sure you take note of what attaches where so you can easily put the machine back together later

Make a note of what kind of screws you take out of the chair so you can easily replace them if they get lost.


Now it will be quick, easy and maybe even fun to take apart your chair for transportation or maintenance. Above all, remember to be safe when it comes to working with electrified appliances and putting them together and taking them apart.

Safety should always come first. In addition, it's vital to take care when taking apart expensive equipment. If you have a manual for the chair you own, make sure to follow those instructions over these, as they are specific to the machine you are using.

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