How to Fix Recliner Chair Springs?

Fixing Recliner Chair Springs

For those who know what a blessing a good reclining chair can be, the thought of it not working properly can be devastating.

One moment you have the most comfortable thing to lounge in a while doing nothing and anything, and the next, you are left feeling lost and having to use the couch.

The most common issue that happens in the case of recliner chairs is faulty springs. However, there are ways in which you can fix this problem by yourself and with no professional help. The following article will guide you on how to fix recliner chair springs, among other tips on chair maintenance.

How to Know My Recliner Springs Are Faulty

It’s pretty obvious when a recliner chair’s springs have given out, and you can know this because the seat will start sinking.

The springs are located under the seat and help you keep your chair firm or soft, depending on your preference. When the springs start to go bad, the seat will sag, and it will not be as comfortable or supportive as it used to be.

But it is not the end of the world because, as you will see, there are a lot of things you can do to try to fix your recliner’s springs so that it’s back to normal. In fact, replacing the springs every so often is a normal part of maintaining a recliner.

How to Fix Recliner Chair Springs

One or more of your recliner chair’s springs may be broken if the seat begins to sink, but the steps outlined below can help you fix this issue.

Position the Recliner Properly

In order for you to fix the springs of your chair, you need to turn it upside down. The springs are located under the recliner’s seat, on the structure of the chair.

If you have an electric recliner, then make sure you unplug it before starting the fixing process. Your chair’s footrest should also not be extended as it can get in the way when you try to turn your chair upside down.

Locate the Springs

Once you are able to see the chair’s metal structure, try to see if the springs are broken or not. This will be easy to spot if you have experienced a noticeable sinking of your recliner’s seat.

Release the Spring Locking Clamp

The springs of your reclining chair are attached to its metal frame with the help of clamps that lock it into place. But you can easily pop open these clamps to remove any broken springs you see.

You might face some difficulty taking off the spring but rocking the clamp back and forth a few times should loosen the spring enough that you can just take it off. If not, you can always use a tool, such as pliers, to pry the spring off.

Replace the Broken Spring/s with New Ones

This is the main part of fixing your recliner’s springs. Make sure you have bought the right type of springs which will go with your recliner. There only are two types of springs for reclining chairs: zigzag springs (for under the seat) and recoil springs (for the reclining mechanism).

You can consult the user’s manual of your chair to see which springs will be most suitable.

Fix the new spring onto the metal frame of your chair, locking it down under each end of the clamp. This task is much easier if you are using a zigzag spring.

But a recoil one can be tough to stretch and keep stretched while you lock it down, so be prepared for a lot of resistance.

The good thing is that you will only need to replace zigzag spring/s to stop your recliner seat from sinking. And installing this sort of spring, stretched between both ends of the clamps, is quite easy, especially with the help of a pair of pliers.

Be careful as the spring might fly out of your grip and injure you or anyone near you.

Test Your Repaired Recliner Chair

Once the spring is in place, turn your recliner upright again and test it out to see if it is back to normal or not.

First, press the seat down firmly with your palms. Then, sit on your chair and see how the repair feels. If you have done everything right then, it should feel as comfortable as it was on day 1.

And if not, then you might have to turn it over again and reinstall the spring. If your efforts do fail, then feel free to get the help of a professional.

But a sinking seat on a recliner chair is not hard to fix at all, as you have seen and should work just fine if you follow the proper instructions, such as the ones detailed above.

Final Words

The process of how to fix recliner chair springs is simple if you follow a detailed guide and keep a few things in mind while you work.

So, if your recliner’s seat starts to sink, you know now that you don’t have to throw it out and can easily repair it at home.

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