How to Fix a Recliner Chair Back?

Take Apart A Recliner Chair

A good recliner chair can be your best friend after a long and hard day at work. There is nothing like relaxing in your trustee recliner and just letting all your aches and tensions go away. But when this little piece of heaven doesn’t work correctly, it can be a very infuriating feeling.

Problems with the recliner back are the most common problems faced by people. So this begs the question, how to fix a recliner chair back? Well, we aim to answer just that.

So sit back and relax (in your regular chair until we can get that recliner fixed) and let us guide you through our step-by-step guide on fixing a recliner chair back.

How Does a Recliner Chair Work? 

Before we move on to fixing a recliner chair, we should first try to know a little more about the recliner chair.  A recliner chair is like any sofa, but its unique feature is that it can recline backward so that you can sit in a much more comfortable posture.

There are different kinds of recliners, and even though their functions are the same, they operate in slightly different ways. For example, the ones that use levers in the back need to be pulled to recline. Whereas the power recliner chairs will lean backward just at the push of a button.

Possible Problems in the Recliner Chair Back 

While the back of the chair is undoubtedly an integral part of the reclining mechanism, its role essentially boils down to being the backrest and taking the position in which its user needs it to be. The reclining mechanism is handled by the cables and framework set up on the bottom of the chair.

So if the chair doesn’t recline properly, i.e., doesn’t move as it’s supposed to, then the problem is likely with the reclining mechanism. For solving this, we believe it is better to get professional assistance instead of trying yourself.

Besides that, if the recliner chair back feels flimsy or frail, then the problems might come down to the locking brackets in the chair. Fortunately, that is something you can fix yourself. And we will show you exactly how.

Fixing the Recliner Chair Back 

We will divide the process into three parts for ease of understanding. By following this guide accordingly, you can quickly get your chair fixed.

Step-1: Removing the Recliner Chair Back 

Before you can work to fix the issue, you have to remove the back first. Abide by the following steps to do it properly. You might need a flat screwdriver in this process.

Recliners have to lock brackets in their lower back that keeps the recliner back firmly in place. Usually, these are levers on both sides of the end. You have to push these levers up to unlock the locking brackets.

But these generally cannot be seen easily because of all the padding on the surface of the recliner. That is why we suggested using a flat screwdriver. You can use it to push these levers up and unlock the brackets.

After that, gently pull the back upwards. You should start by gently moving it sideways and allow it to ascend gradually. When it has come adequately off of the locking brackets, remove them altogether.

Step-2: Fixing the Main Issue

As we have discussed, you should look for professional assistance if there is a reclining mechanism. Usually, this means there have been issues in the internal framework and the cable might need replacing. That is something better handled by a professional.

But sometimes, the problem can quite simply be some loose bolts or levers or locking brackets. If that is the case, follow these steps to fix this issue.

  • First, you should remove all the bolts and the two lacking brackets from both sides.
  • Then, you should reinstall them but make it much tighter this time. This should stop the back from being flimsy and frail.

Step-3: Reinstalling the Recliner Chair Back 

Reinstalling the back is just as simple as removing the back is. But you should be careful about a few delicate things to get it exactly right. Otherwise, you might keep wondering why the back feels weird even after you supposedly installed it correctly.

At first, you need to position the back properly. In this case, you have to position it directly above the locking brackets. Make sure you have appropriately located the brackets and line the back directly above them.

Gradually, lower the back down and make sure the back completely aligns with the locking brackets. This is the delicate part that we mentioned. If this isn’t done correctly, the end might be leaning sideways or may even appear flimsy yet again. So it is imperative to get this part done very carefully.

After you have correctly inserted the back, you have to make sure that the connection between the chair and the back is robust. For that, try gently moving the back of the chair sideways.

If the chair moves very quickly, that means the connection isn’t robust enough, and the back isn’t properly aligned with the locking brackets. In that case, you should remove the back again and try to repeat the process.

Finally, you have to lock the levers tightly. If you do not lock the levers, there is absolutely no point in aligning the back properly. For this, you should use the flat screwdriver from before to push the lever down. Thus, your recliner back is now robust and stable.

Final Words 

Problems like the ones we discussed in the article can put a dent in your overall mood, and so it is better to get them fixed as soon as possible. We hope this article helped you get a clear idea of for fixing a recliner chair back.

Now all you have to do is follow every step of our step-by-step guide thoroughly. In that way, you will have your lovely recliner fixed, and you can sit back and relax (this time in your fixed recliner chair) and let the chair drain all your aches and worries away.

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