Which Landmark of the Hip Bone Can Be Felt on a Hard Chair?

Sitting on a chair for a prolonged time is never recommended. And if the chair is not that much comfortable, you might just end up with having back pain after sitting on it for a while. That is why most of the physicians recommend taking a break every thirty minutes.

With that said, the question “which landmark of the hip bone can be felt on a hard chair” gets asked quite often. By now, you might have scoured up the entire internet for the answer.

Well, you have just stumbled upon the right source in the end. We are here to answer that, and alongside, we will also suggest some ways to make your sitting experience a bit comfortable on a hard chair.

Hip Bone Can Be Felt on a Hard Chair

Which Landmark of the Hip Bone Can Be Felt on a Hard Chair?

When we sit on a chair, the entire weight is distributed to the chair. And the part of our body that distributes all of that weight to the chair is the ischial tuberosities. The term “ischial tuberosities” is an anatomical term. It actually stands for the v-shaped bone that we have on the lower pelvis region.

As we mentioned, the v-shaped area of the lower pelvis region is the part of the body that usually distributes the entire body weight to the chair. And if you have sat on a hard chair and wondered what part of the hip bone you are feeling, it is the ischial tuberosities or the v-shaped region of your lower pelvis.

Ways to Make a Hard Chair Comfortable

Sitting on a hard chair can be quite uncomfortable. And when it comes to sitting for a prolonged time, you might have back pain and lower pelvic pain over time. However, there are some ways that you can follow to make the sitting experience a bit comfortable for hard chairs. They are:

Fix the Posture

Most of the comfort-related issues that come with a chair can be easily solved by just fixing the sitting posture. With that said, the first thing that you have to consider for fixing the posture is the height of the chair.

Most of the chairs will come with a height adjustability mechanism. Set it to such a height that your knees bend at a direct 90 degrees.

After fixing the angle of your knees, you will have to make sure that your knees are at the same level or are slightly below your ischial tuberosities, which is the hips in other words.

Now that your knees are fixed, you will have to work on your back. If the chair that you are sitting on does not have proper back support, we would recommend you to get one of the externally attachable ones from the market. You will be able to attach them to any chair, and those will allow you to rest your back at a curved angle.

By resting your back at a slightly curved angle, the possibilities of having back pain willbe minimal.

Add a Chair Pillow

If the seating area of the chair is not that comfortable, you can opt for a chair pillow. It is quite easy to make, and the ones that are out in the market are quite affordable too. By adding one of these, you can alleviate the comfort level substantially for your hard chair.

Add Armrest Pads

Our arms roughly comprise 10 percent of our entire body weight. And most of the chairs will come with an armrest. However, not all of them will have a cushion on top of the armrest. If the one that you have does not come with one, you can easily add them.

Final Words

We would like to conclude here by hoping that we were able to appropriately answer the question of which landmark of the hip bone can be felt on a hard chair.

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