7 Best Standing Desk Chair Reviews 2021

The Best Standing Desk Chair For this Year

Come on! You know we can’t deny that standing desks add extra appeal to the office environment. But that isn’t what we’re here to talk about. We’re here to have a word on the ‘Oops’ moment of the standing desks.

Didn’t get it? Well, we meant the desk chair that makes you feel like a dwarf in front of the table though you’re not. But getting any random one still can’t get you the feeling of being on the top until you’re bringing the best standing desk chair in.

To be honest, we were thinking exactly the same thing you’re thinking right now – how to find that chair? Well, we went through some deep research and came up with a list, a list that’s waiting with your next finest desk chair.

List of 7 Best Standing Desk Chair Reviews

We didn’t want to make it harder for you than it already is. So, thought of making it as short as possible with the top 7 desk chairs that can easily make the level even between you and your desk. Let’s start with the first one then?

1. SMUGCHAIR Drafting Standing Desk Drafting Chair

Looking for the ‘comfort king’ as your next chair for your standing desk? Well, we think we’ve got a clear match there. It’s the Drafting Chair from SMUGCHAIR.

As we picked the word ‘comfort’ first, you better have a glance over its super-comfy padded seat made of thick sponge and mesh back. Just sit once on it, and you won’t find the difference between it and a pile of feathers. Plus, the mesh back makes sure that you ain’t getting any problem with the air circulation.

And the height? What number do you need there when you can go for anything between 25.2” to 33.9”? But don’t think the seat is the only part that you can alter the height of. Count its height-adjustable foot pedal in that list too.

Now the question is, what if you need to make a move to the other corner of the table? If you want the answer, then just check the smooth casters in the bottom, and you’ll get it. You don’t even need to worry if you’ve put on some extra weight lately. That shouldn’t be a problem for its 230 lbs carrying capacity.

But what has literally made us amazed was its integrated lumbar cushion. If you’ve got a history of back pain, then you can be sure that it won’t happen with this one. On top of that, when need to check out who’s standing in the back, just let its 360° swiveling seat get that done for you.


  • Comes with comfortable padded seat
  • Solid castors eased up the maneuverability
  • Easy to adjust the height up to 33.9”
  • Can hold weight up to 230 lbs
  • Mesh back ensures proper air circulation


  • Arms can’t be adjusted

2. Office Star Sculptured Vinyl Seat and Back

The next one on our list is theDC517V Drafting Chair from Office Star. A piece of perfection like this is impossible to finish describing, and you’ll understand that more easily just with a glance at it.

It’s tough to get a premium feeling on the look when it comes to desk chairs. But we bet the Nylon and Vinyl construction of the DC517Vain’t going to let that happen in its case. No matter how your interior looks like, the comfortable vinyl back and seat with an elegant design will blend in like it was made for your desk.

And are you worried about the adjustment part? Just relax and let the pneumatic seat handle that for you. Pick anything between 23” to 33,” and the height adjustment mechanism will fix the position on that in seconds.

In case you don’t like where the footrest currently is, you can change its position as that’s height-adjustable too.

But ain’t these chairs come with issues on durability? But we don’t think you’ll have to think twice about it once you check out its heavy-duty nylon base. Besides, the dual-wheel carpet casters will make sure that you’re having nothing but perfect smoothness and efficiency on the maneuverability.


  • Made of highly durable material
  • Height Can be adjusted in seconds
  • Easy to move with dual-wheel carpet casters
  • Comes with adjustable footrest
  • Has an elegant and compatible design


  • Don’t have any armrest

3. SMUGDESK Standing Desk Drafting Chair with Armrest

Sometimes some small changes are more than enough to make one’s creation perfect. Looks like SMUGDESK has taken that seriously and came up with the SYNCHKG102642Drafting Chair.

Like as always, team SMUGDESK didn’t forget to focus on flexibility. As a result, you’re going to get a completely comfortable padded seat that you can adjust between 25.2” to 33.9”. Do you still think any desk can be too high for you now?

But the makers didn’t limit the adjustment just within the seat but gave the foot ring a touch of that too where all you need to do is just rotate a knob. And guess what? Team SMUGDESK didn’t make the same mistake as their competitors and got you the full freedom to adjust the armrest too.

Now comes the durability part. Well, this chair ain’t going to pull you back from using it roughly. Take a peek at its heavy-duty 360° rotatable design backed by a durable nylon base, and you’ll understand why we’ve said that. And we think itsdurable and smooth casters were a pure plus point for its easy maneuverability.

By the way, if you’re expecting that this chair has nothing to for your back pain, then we guess you haven’t noticed the integrated lumbar cushion. Now, rather than making your back suffer more, you can simply lean back and relax.


  • Comes with a heavy-duty design
  • Convenient height adjusting system
  • Both foot ring and armrest height is adjustable
  • Lumbar support reduces the chances of back pain
  • Smooth casters eased up the maneuverability


  • Foot ring lock has scope for improvement

4. Boss Office Products Ergonomic Standing Desk Chair

You can call it a bit more ‘traditional’ based on its look. But the truth is, the features B1616-BK from Boss Office Products got in its arsenal can easily make it surpass any regular chair you’ve seen so far.

The first thing that makes it a pure example of comfort is the Contoured seat and back. So, in case the back-strain pissing you off lately, you can easily take a breath of relief on this one. Plus, the seat with pneumatic gaslift ensures all the height flexibility you need, even if you choose between 44.5” to 49.5”.

But won’t it feel uncomfortable if the armrests can’t even touch your elbows? Don’t worry; the makers have taken care of that too by getting it adjustable arms. There goes the ‘resting your arm’ part, but what about the feet? Well, look down, and you’ll see a solid chrome foot ring with a 20”diameter to hold your feet.

You might’ve seen most of the desk chairs don’t come in too many varieties in colors. As a result, you get it even if it doesn’t go with the interior. But you ain’t limited to a certain color anymore with this easy-to-assemble desk chair as you’ve got four different colors to pick from.

It was unexpected to see a desk chair with 275 lbs carrying capacity. But the B1616-BK has hit us with a surprise again right there. And you don’t need to take a headache on the stability as the huge 27” nylon base got your back there.


  • Both seat and armrest can be adjusted
  • Comes with a perfect sized foot ring
  • Available in four colors
  • Helps to relieve back strain
  • Spacious base ensures stability


  • Back support could’ve been better

5. Office Star Deluxe Standing Desk Chair

Guess who’s back in the game? It’s Office Star again and this time with their DC2990 Drafting Chair. You might be imagining what’s so special about this one. Well, it’s a piece of excellence, and we’re just about to tell you how.

When you look at something simple, knowing that it’s capable of so much more, the same feeling you’re going to get with theDC2990. You don’t believe that? Then you can have a look at its mesh seat and breathable screen back that has made it nothing but a perfect example of a desk chair.

Wait, probably you’ve missed the built-in lumbar support too. So, you can be sure that your back at least won’t disagree on getting this one. Plus, the back adjustment mechanism lets you be in any position that you find comfortable while working. Even if you need some adjustment on the footrest, you can have that as well.

And worrying if it fails to make you even to your tall standing desk? Do you really think, it’ll be a problem for DC2990 to pull that off with a pneumatic height adjustment that can take the height from 24.25” to 33.75”?

But no matter how cool features a chair is bringing, yet it’s not worth grabbing until it’s durable enough. Team Office Star didn’t forget about that too and got it a heavy-duty Nylon base. And the dual wheel carpet casters will give you a smoothness like rolling on lubricants.


  • Can adjust the height up to 33.75”
  • Durable Nylon base prolongs the life
  • Ensures smoothness on the rolling
  • Built-in lumbar support
  • Coms with a back adjustment mechanism


  • Don’t have any armrest

6. Learniture Adjustable-Height Active Learning Stool

Had enough with all those so-called ‘office-look’ chairs for your standing desk?It’s time to check out something exceptional, something a bit out of the box. You’ve guessed it right, it’s the LNT-RIA3052RD-SO from Learniture.

If you’ve tried tilting with your regular chair, then we’re quite sure that the next thing you saw was a chair lying on your floor. Surprisingly, that definitely isn’t going to be the case for this one as the range of motion here is impressively wide.

But don’t think the curved base going slip like a monkey on the grease. At least, it’s non-slip feature won’t let that happen. Don’t go on its lightweight design because this bad boy still can hold up to 265 lbs with ease. All you need to do is just seat on its super comfy seat made with vinyl-covered foam.

At first glance, it might not look like an adjustable piece. But don’t underestimate the pneumatic gas lift that makes it go from 18.5” to 28” any time you want. On top of that, it’s easy as pie to adjust just within moments.

Just don’t count its backless design as a drawback yet. Because that’s what will help you out with strengthening your core muscles by letting you have a proper posture. Plus, it’s so lightweight that you’ll forget your struggles on mobility and storing that you had with your last chair.


  • Helps with proper seating posture
  • Comes with a non-slip base
  • Can carry up to 265 lbs
  • Range of motion is wide
  • Highly convenient to store


  • Small base affects the stability

7. Boss Office Products B16245-BK Spa Drafting Stool

It’s time to go for the wrap-up but with a name that you already know. Remember Boss Office Products? They’re back, and this time with the B16245-BKDrafting Stool.

Not too many of the chairs can let you hold your spine’s natural shape. But that’s what can simply not only boost your productivity up, also get you every bit of comfort you need in the seated position. Thanks to the ergonomic design of B16245-BK, as you won’t have to compromise any of them.

But another aspect that has hit full marks of this amazing chair its lucrativeness. We can’t thank enough for that is the chrome finish on its spacious base with a 25” diameter. But don’t think that team Boss Office Products has forgotten about the gas lift and foot ring. Check them out, you’ll see the same finish on them too.

Now it’s time to have a peek at its Caressoft vinyl. If anything has added an extra star on its durability, then this is it. Plus, it has also made the maintenance and cleaning so easy that the level of effort you’ll have to put there is nothing more than zero.

And the maneuverability? Let its dual-caster wheels deal with it. You don’t even need to move much from the seat, yet you can reach anywhere in the room just with a slight push.


  • Made of durable material
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Maneuverability is super smooth
  • Has a spacious 25” base
  • Comes with a lucrative chrome finish


  • A bit high for some people

How to Choose the Right Standing Desk Chair? 

Wish we could say that picking up the best chair to use with standing desk was as easy as picking a plain one. But things ain’t like that here. So, you need to dig a bit deeper here and understand what makes a standing chair perfect. Well, here’s the list. All you need to do is just match them and pick.


You can spend a ton of money on your next standing chair, yet it can be nothing but a waste just based on one missing point. Yup! You’ve guessed it right – the comfort.

When you’re sitting on a chair, it has to be padded enough to get you enough comfort. Anything closer to 1.5” of thickness will be perfect. Also, make sure that comfort isn’t too much for dropping the beat of your concentration.


It’s a chair after all. How hard can it be to install, right? Well, you’re right and wrong at the same time. Assembling a standing chair can be a hard nut to crack as well. But it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to complete the assembly. If it does, then you’re free to skip it.


Ain’t it the most common feature that we look for in almost everything? You’ll have to count it in here too. Check out the material first to get an idea about the durability level. There’s a wider variety of materials like Nylon, stainless steel, and high-grade plastic that can turn the chair into a sturdy piece of construction.


We don’t know how much you care about this, but choosing the wrong design can surely ruin the appeal of your interior. So, grab something that will not only keep that appeal intact but will enhance it a bit more.

Lumbar Support

It isn’t that easy to get rid of that back pain that you’ve developed over the years. But that doesn’t mean you’re standing chair will have to contribute to that as well. All you need to do is just check out if it’s got the lumber support or not.


There’s no way to deny that the lack of stability can simply ruin all ‘good’ in a standing desk chair. If you don’t want the same in your next one, then make sure the one you’re picking doesn’t come with a base below 18”.

But that’s only when you’re picking a chair, not a stool. If it’s a stool, then you can rely on something with a 12” base or more as you can balance that with your feet.

Foot Ring

Calling it one of the most essential features of the best standing desk chair won’t be anything wrong. Usually, standing chairs are designed in a way and with a height where it’s kind of impossible to create a comfortable sitting position with hanging feet.

So, having the right sized foot ring can help you out with that easily. Check out if the foot ring size is close to the size of the base or not. Because if it’s too small, then probably it’ll be as good as no foot ring.


If anything that you should prioritize more after comfort and durability, then this is it. But you’ll have to be careful if you want versatility in your chair because not everyone is going to be of the same size.

So, it has to be adjustable enough to keep up with you or anyone who sits on it. If you need some tips over there, just take a peek here.

Seat Size

Want to feel suffocated? Then stop looking at chairs that you can’t fit in with ease. So, you better ensure the spaciousness there. Plus, if you think that you won’t be the only one who’ll be using it, then try to pick something that’ll fit anyone with an average size and height.

But if you’re new with the whole standing desk chair thing, then let this video help you out to have some idea on adjusting to the problems there you might face with it.


Having this one or not is totally on your personal preference as not everyone is a fan of the armrest in standing chairs. But if you want that in your chair, then make sure that the armrests are adjustable.

Carrying Capacity

We bet you’ve seen or heard about falling down with a broken chair. So, if you don’t want the same for yourself, then you better check out what the chair is offering on its weight carrying segment. Don’t go for anything that can carry less than 250 lbs.

Benefits of Standing Desk Chair

We don’t know if you’re planning to buy a standing desk chair just because you need one for your desk or what. But the thing is, these chairs are capable of delivering so many of the benefits that you might regret not getting them earlier.

Lowering the Strain on Knees 

If you’ve already had your share of hassles with long time sitting, then you already know that it doesn’t show any mercy on your knee joints. But when you move to something like standing desk chairs, you don’t need to bent the knee completely or keep it straight either. So, you can have less strain on your knees with it.

Minimizing the Risk of Problems Related to Lower Limb Circulation 

The easiest way to make your lower leg swell is standing for a long time, which is also known as edema. As the blood and fluids can’t get pumped through your circulatory system properly that way, it ultimately leads to edema.

But with the standing desk chairs, your legs get the chance to flex and it doesn’t face any problem with the circulation as well.

Improving Overall Health

If you really want to give credit to something for restricting your internal fluid and blood flows, then blame your conventional position of sitting. But when you finally make the move to standing chairs or stools, you can simply break down all the restrictions there and get things back to normal.

Increasing Body Movement

When you’re sitting in a chair completely and leaving the whole weight over it, your body stops moving too much. But in the standing chairs or stools, they often don’t carry whole body weight, and you get the chance to balance some on your own. This way you make more movement than the regular seated position.

Expanding the Reach

If you’re sitting on a normal chair in front of the desk, you can be sure that you won’t be able to reach anything at the end of the desk. Ultimately, you’ll have to get up and grab it. But if you’re sitting on a standing desk chair, you don’t even need to make much of a move, but still, you can have a better reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most comfortable desk chair?

Well, it depends on what type of chair that you consider comfortable. Not everyone is a fan of vinyl chairs or lather surface. Some think it’s comfortable to use a fabric cover with extra pads. We’ve got a list of chairs that comes with a variety so that you can choose the best office chair for standing desk more easily.

Do chairs for standing desks offer lumbar support?

Not all of them come with lumbar support. But these days, most of the manufacturers have started to understand the importance of it for keeping the back pain away. So, now you can easily grab one of those chairs with lumbar support as there’s so many of them.

How long should you stand at a standing desk?

Just like sitting, standing for a long time can also be harmful. Actually, researchers say that standing for too long can cause health issues like cardiovascular disease. So to avoid things like that, it’s better to take a break after every two hours of continuous standing.

Is standing at a desk better than sitting?

They both have their own pros and cons. But the excessive practice of both is quite harmful. If sitting for a long can cause health issues, so can standing. Sitting for more than one hour and standing for more than two hours in a row can cause health issues gradually.

Should you use a standing desk all day?

Of course no, until you want the blood pulling issues in your leg. Plus, excessive standing leads to increase pressure in your veins along with increased oxidative stress. 

Is a standing desk good for your back?

If you’re asking for it to lower your back pain, then yes, it can be helpful. But that doesn’t mean standing will get you rid of it completely. As it reduces the pressure from your lower back and neck, it’ll also help you with improving your posture.

Final Words

Nobody asked you to stick to a single pattern to find out your best standing desk chair. From our review, you’ll get to see some useful variation that can literally change our definition of ideal chairs.

For example, if you’re more into completely functional chairs with perfect lumbar support, you can go for the one from SMUGCHAIR. But you’re in need to have the adjustable armrest along with that; then you’re free to pick one between SMUGDESK SYNCHKG102642 and Boss OfficeB1616-BK.

Now the question is, what if you need something a bit less official? Well, you’ve got the LarnitureLNT-RIA3052RD-SO and Boss Office B16245-BK with more of a stool vibe to fill that gap up. Now you decide which one you want by the side of your standing desk.

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