Are Zero Gravity Chairs Better for your Health than Standard Recliners?

You will never believe the benefits that come from using a zero gravity chair instead of a standard recliner, such as the health benefits. A lot of people have the misconception that a zero gravity chair is not comfortable to sit in and that recliners are better. 

This is not true in the long run though. Yes, you will have to get used to the way it feels to sit in a zero gravity chair because it feels different. There are many benefits though that makes it all worth it.

Zero Gravity Chair

The idea behind a zero gravity chair came from NASA, who was trying to figure out a way to help protect their astronauts every time they were sent into space. The first several times astronauts were sent into space, they would come back with joint and muscle problems.

NASA found a way for the astronaut suite to help them and help prevent any of the damage from happening. These techniques that were developed by NASA has been picked up by chair makers to create furniture that is better for a person’s body.


These chairs take the position of the seats that astronauts sit in while being launched into space and uses it for the shape while the chair is reclining. These chairs are made to distribute the weight of the body evenly so that there is less stress on certain parts of the body.

This is by the chair lifting the legs so that the body is in a position called the Trendelenburg. This position helps a person’s vein valves to allow blood to move more freely to the heart in a much smoother manner.

Health Benefits

As a person ages, their muscle mass tends to weaken, and they suffer from bone density reduction. There is a lot of stress that is put on an older body, but they can also be put onto a younger body.

A zero gravity chair helps to improve many health factors that can a person, in the long run, live a more healthy and active life.

Bone Density

The bones in a person’s body are replenished through the process of absorbing calcium and phosphate. As a person gets older, their body has trouble processing these to help the bones.

 A zero gravity chair puts the body into a position and has the proper support to help relieve some of the pressure given to the body from gravity.

Muscles Relaxation

The way that a zero gravity chair positions a person’s body, the muscles are supported in a way that allows them to fully relax. This means the tension that builds in a person’s legs has a chance to release and allow the muscles a chance to heal.


A person’s blood circulation is greatly increased when the valves that are found in their veins are open as much as possible. The zero gravity chair helps to alleviate the legs into a position that allows the circulation to run better, and many benefits come from better circulation.

The first thing is that the heart’s right atrium can receive old blood faster, and this old blood is containing carbon dioxide and toxins that need to be processed. With this atrium receiving the blood faster, the right ventricle does not have to work as hard to pump blood back to the lings, which is used for reoxygenation.

Better circulation can help prevent blood from pooling if the person is prone to edema or ulcers in their legs. It also helps to push oxygen around the body better to help organs work.


A person’s lungs work properly because of several different parts of their body working properly. One of the major parts that helps the lings function is the diaphragm, which is a muscle that is larger and helps a person’s chest expand as they breathe.

With the position that the body is forced into when using a zero gravity chair, the diaphragm can get the most expansion possible and improves the amount of oxygen being pushed through the body.

Final Thoughts

 You always have to make the choice that is right for you, and some people will always say that they cannot stand to sit in a zero gravity chair. There are a lot of benefits though that comes from sitting in a zero gravity chair, and they far outweigh any benefits that come from a normal recliner. We use these chairs

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