How to Clean a Nursery Glider? The Ultimate Guide

Cleaning a Nursery Glider

Your nursery glider has to be clean at all times. Some areas become dirty because you use it all the time. The nursery glider is where you sit as you nurse a baby.

The place becomes soiled with breast milk and oil over time. Therefore, it has to be cleaned from time to time. These stains must be washed out to keep the baby room spotless for hygienic reasons. Also, most of the gliders are brightly colored. If the dirt is left for a long time, it becomes difficult to clean it off.

Perhaps you are confused about how to clean a nursery glider. Here are some ways to clean a nursery glider.

Buy the Right Supply

Cleaning the nursery glider requires some specific items that include dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, clean wiping towel, and a sprayer. You will also need a steamer or upholstery vacuum cleaner. If you use the wrong detergent, you may end up damaging the upholstery.

Vacuum cleaning the Cushions

If the cushion cover is removable, you can clean separately. The cushion has to be vacuum cleaned clean the dirt in the fillings. However, if there is a small stain, you do not have to clean the whole cushion. You can use the nozzle to target a small area.

Cleaning the armrest with towels

The armrest gets stubborn stains because of the oils and milk spillage in the nursery. Or even poop. You might be required to clean the armrest frequently even when you are busy.

The easiest way to is to use clean towels to wipe off the fresh stains. Do not allow the dirt to dry off on the fabric. It would help if you kept wiping towels in the nursey for fast and easy cleaning. You can also use baby wipes in place of cloth.

Having a Stain Remover

Cleaning your nursery glider involved stubborn stain. It would help if you had a stain remover on standby. Every time you are cleaning your nursery glider, you should use it to remove the persevering dirt. You can buy one from a local convenience store.

But you can also make one at home by mixing hydrogen peroxide dishwashing liquid. Every time you spot a stain, you can wash it off before it becomes stubborn. You can mix it with the detergent to make the cleaning process easy.

Use a steam cleaner

If you have not washed the glider for some time, then you have to clean it thoroughly. A steam cleaner can effectively wash the upholstery and cushions because it removes even dry stains and cleans the glider's hidden areas. It can sterilize the glider all way around. It would be best if you allowed the cushions to dry appropriately before placing them on the glider.

Professional Cleaner

Cleaning the nursery glider at home is easy, and you can do it frequently. However, if the cushions are too soiled or messy, you have to take them for dry cleaning. Professional cleaners have advanced cleaning tools and can use effective commercial cleaning detergents that you cannot use at home.

Enzyme Cleaner

Allowing a stain to dry makes it to difficult to clean it off. The enzyme cleaner is a solution that you can apply to fresh dirt to prevent stubbornness. This is a handy product in your nursery. When you are busy with the baby, stains have to wait a little longer.

But the enzyme cleaner softens milk stains so that you wash them effortlessly. You use this enzyme solution to soak the cushion cover or wipe off the surface with a clean cloth.

Tips for cleaning a nursery glider

  • If the nursery is too busy, you can have a slipcover over the glider for easier cleaning
  • As you clean the nursery glider, avoid harsh detergents that wear off the upholstery
  • Dab liquids to prevent the cushion from absorbing it
  • Whenever you wash it, make sure that you allow it to dry to avoid mold
  • Clean the glider as frequently as needed
  • Do not use products that can harm the baby's skin
  • Avoid scented detergents which can be too strong for the baby
  • Make sure that the detergent you use is right for the glider's fabric
  • Pay attention to the areas that are prone to dirt, such as the armrest and the cushions


The glider has to be clean at all times. The cushions should not be wet or dump because the nursery will be moldy or dump. If the glider is not washed for a long time, it can become discolored, and you may have to replace it. If you want the glider you are using for your kids to last for generations, take good care of it.

When buying a nursery glider, the cleaning process should guide you. Search for a fabric that is easy to clean, water, and stain-resistant. Discolored upholstery makes a glider look old, and a nursery has to be spotlessly clean.

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